Revenge ... and More Jokes


Once a friend asked Diogenes, the Greek philosopher, "What do you think must I do to take revenge on my enemies?"

"Become more virtuous than they are,"was the answer.

New Secretary Appointed

When Smith walked into his friend"s office, he found him sitting at his desk, looking very depressed.

"Hello, old man" said Smith, "What's up?"

"Its my wife" replied the other sadly, She has hired a new secretary for me."

"Nothing wrong in that. Is she blonde or brunette?"

Reply, "She is Bald'.

Whisky is Your Worst Enemy

"Pairick", said the priest, ``Whisky is your worst enemy".

"But Father" said Pat, "It was only last Sunday you were telling us to love our enemies".

"Yes" said the priest, "but I didn't say anything about swallowing it.

Ref; Ashok V. Kishorani, Sansar Sahitya Mandal, Bombay,1961.

Repairs for Profit.

A man stopped at the jeweller's to look at some of the watches that had been widely advertised as selling at a very low cost price. Interested he entered the shop.

He said, "If you are selling these below the cost price, where does your profit come in?"

"Oh", replied the jeweller, "we make our profit repairing them".

Ref: Wit and Wisdom, Sansar Sahitya Mandal, Bombay,1961.


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