Antique Record Changer

I bought a record changer on ebay. It's an antique that was made in 1957. It was made by Columbia and it's automatic. It's so old that it has vacuum tubes. The difference between vacuum tubes and solid state is that solid state electronics produce instant sound, whereas electronics with vacuum tubes take fifteen or more seconds for the tubes to warm up to produce sound.

My record changer works great except for one thing. The speed switch is screwed up. This record player is supposed to play 16, 33, 45 and 78 RPM records. But when the speed switch is set to 16, the wheel doesn't spin at all. When the speed switch is set to 33, the wheel spins 16 RPMs. When the switch is set to 45, the wheel spins 33 RPMs. When the switch is set to 78, the wheel spins 45 RPMs. This record player no longer plays 78 RPM records, but that's okay. I bought it to mostly play 45 RPM records.

This record player can play a stack of records. It can play up to fifteen records at a time. This record player didn't include a 45 RPM adapter. But I already had a 45 RPM adapter, and it works perfectly on my phonograph.

This record changer has a feeler. A feeler helps the record player to determine the size of records. It can determine whether a record is 7, 10 or 12 inches. The feeler is a button that's located on the wheel or beside of the wheel. On my record changer, the feeler is located beside of the wheel.

As it turned out, I was the only person who bid on my record player. I paid $55.00 for it, plus shipping and tax. Even though the speed switch doesn't work perfectly, I still like and enjoy my antique record changer.


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