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Krishna by Kamala Das

I cannot see beyond it.
Your darkness blinds me,
Your love words shut out the wise world's din.
            –– Only the Soul Knows How to Sing

Your body is my prison, what does it mean here? The poetess means to say in Parmatman lies the Atman, the love of Atman, as Atman cannot be imagined in the absence of Parmatman, the bonding in between the two is inseparable. Can the body be separated from the soul? So is the heart in which dwells it the Lord. And the Lover of the Soul is God. Your darkness blinds me, it means that she knows it not the dark side of the Creation, the dark secrets of life and the world. The other layer of meaning may hint it that His dark complexion is unfathomable which she is madly in love with. She cannot guess His powers. She cannot the myths of darkness. She cannot tell why He is Shyam, Ghanashyam even. Only one that she knows or can say it is this that she is madly in love with. Why to fear if He is with? But people feel it not what love is. You are Shyam, Ghanashyam, how beautiful is it to see Your bluish face! But when it darkens, clouds seem to be darkening and lurking around and pensive reflection takes it over the heart, I fear it, fear it to go outside. People understand it not what it the binding of love. I is but Atman and You is but Parmatman, the relationship in between Atman and Parmatman indelible. My origin are You, my end too You.

Your body is my prison, how to do the self-talk without the body, as the heart is in the body wherein dwells is it the Lord-God, is it not? You are my Love, the Love of the Heart. You are Shyam, Ghanashyam.

Those who are wise think themselves they know it all, but they know it not. They are but the foolish people so hypocritical and egoistic.

Krishna as a poem is a love poem wherein she lays it bare her heart, wherein she speaks her mind and love, how the emotions and feelings going within. What has she borne? What has she undergone? How to say the feelings of her heart? To whom to say to if she says it not to Krishna? But who a lover of the soul? All are but the lover of the body. Who takes care of loving the heart and the soul?

You are Krishna, my Krishna. Where to go leaving You? How to live without You? You are my love; You are my heart and soul. Even though it has been written by a modern poetess, the poem is no doubt a piece of classical love poetry. The devotional element is so strong in it. Krishnalila, Raaslila, Premlila and it all, forms the base of the work. The Temple of Heart is the meeting place of the mind and the soul. She wants to be coloured in His colour, the bluish hue what it is reflected into the shadows of the mountains and the dark clouds lurking. Prem, bhakti is the thing that forms the crux of this poem, Krishnaprem. A small poem it reminds us of Surdas and Mirabai.

Your face, your image, how to be picture it? Where do You keep fluting? Your love-talks with Radha, the world knows it. You kept asking, ‘Why is Radha fair?’

A glaring example of classical love poetry, it is devotional in form and content. It is a poem of Krishnaprem and Krishnabhakti. The message is, I am but in love. Where do you search Me? I am by you, by you.


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