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Call me old; call me antediluvian; call me regressive. But, after watching some serials fully and partially and some for fifteen minutes or half an hour, I have come to the conclusion the OTT platforms today provide more space for newcomers showing promise and also many perverts with viciousness. Today I tried to see a series titled ‘Crash Course’ which is supposed to deal with the growing youngsters with aspirations to join engineering in IITs and on the Coaching Centers offering the training. After seeing a couple of episodes, I felt that I shouldn’t envy people who have children with such dreams and the dismal social conditions. The atrocities of such centers in selling education is simply incredible. Most of the kids were shown as nothing short of brats and maniacs. Just shocking!

Yes. To be factual, after I started watching some of the episodes of a series, and some movies from thirty minutes to three episodes at the maximum, I invariably felt disgusted and switched them off.

Even if your read the brief synopsis of a film or series they only talk about all antisocial activities; murder, violence, kidnapping, sex, drug peddling, addiction and insanity. Pray, I am already flooded with the murders and rape cases from kids to old ladies in the newspapers and channels every day; these undoubtedly add more pain to the brain.

Is there a total lack of subjects to deal with human life? Are humans born to be stalkers, assaulters, murderers or rapists with some blah-blah reasons which are convincing only to those wonderful writers and makers.

Those who keep reading my posts may raise the question that when you like James Hadley Chase thrillers and Sydney Sheldon novels why criticize these thrillers and crime tales. There is a lot of difference between the written and visual medium. Further, I can vouch even now that the murders in Chase novels’ (Recently, I completed a book titled ‘A Can of Worms’ by Chase) I couldn’t find such mindless murders or violence. But, they have some logic or reasoning in them and the murders are not these many. Everyone knows that visuals create greater impact than reading.

Well, honestly speaking I am thoroughly cheesed off by the creative talents of Gen X, Y, Z or whatever.  OK. I find satisfaction in watching something old, which I relished and something I truly enjoyed.

Sounds like a Moron? No problem. I am better being a Moron than being an admirer of these psychopath tales and dramas.


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