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Love by Kamala Das

Until I found you,
I wrote verse, drew pictures,
And, went out with friends
For walks…
Now that I love you,
Curled like an old mongrel
My life lies, content,
In you….

A man keeps writing poems, drawing images and pictures and love is as such, but the moment it gets satisfied it becomes content. That vagabond nature draws closer to and gets it transfixed. How long to idle away time, fritter it away? What can it the walks give if walked with love not? To wander aimlessly, lovelessly is not life, not at all.

If there is love, there is all, there is everything and if love is not, nothing is therein. There is a special charm of saying, I love you and they know it well who say it truly, I love you.

Now all those loitering and wanderings have turned in vain and it was foolish to keep wandering aimlessly. What could the company of friends give to?

Now after finding love, she is feeling it content. It is also a fact that love is but mutual affection. Contentment in love comes after one gets paired otherwise it keeps straying like a vagabond.

Love gives stability. Love sustains us. What life is it if one is lonely and alone? There must be someone to look after. There must be someone to give company to.

Unfulfilled aspirations seek for fulfillment is the thing and this is true in respect of it. When she was without a partner, she used to write poems, love-letters, she used to paint and draw the images just like an artist, a portrait-maker. But now the heart wants it not. Ideas come to the mind not.

It happens in love. There must be somebody to love. To be alone too is not good. This life of ours is strange. To be satisfied is to be detached with from creativity. Our aspirations too come to a halt when the things come to us in a plenty. If there is a shortage of, we shall like to yearn for procuring them. The other thing is this that if one is not a vagabond, one may not be able to develop.

Life without love and life with love, we think it about. What the minus and plus aspects of it? What can life give to if spent lovelessly? What can it if full of love, amorous love? How the changes to be marked and felt? The artist in the man will it develop if it culminates in marriage and wants to get fulfilled? The lover in the man will he pose romantically if he gets coupled, paired with?

The furnace of love, those who burn in can say it about, the furnace of art, only molten things designed and reshaped artistically can tell it about. The poetry of love one cannot express without loving, the poetry of love and its dreams.

When there was not someone as own, she used to walk for miles, she used to write poems and draw pictures and images. At that time friends and friendships used to mean. But now the heart is him. She has nowhere to go. What she had to get she has got it now.
Now two things are before us to brood over. How was it life when she was alone? How is it now?

Do men need love? Can one without love? What is love? Who loves whom? Who loves what? Is love the love of the body or the soul? If the body not loved, will love remain love? How the impact of, I love you, I like you? Why do relations break it?

Is love creative or destructive? Some get it destroyed by love. Some get it rebuilt through love. Some take to otherwise as for betrayal and infidelity in love. Many like not forgive and compromise with the situations of life. To be madly after, is also something. Try to love the body not, but the soul too. Have you loved anyone by heart and soul? Tell you swearing in the name of God.


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