An Era of Excesses

I am afraid that we live in an era of excesses.

Maybe my statement sounds excessive; but, I am not incorrect.

See everything around us. Humans today like everything in excess.

Take the simplest of the simple things. I find a surfeit of ads supplying food be it pizza or a ‘marriage virundhu sappadu’ every thing is in abundance. If I open the newspapers in the morning I find full page ads glaring at me on real estate, jewelry, sale of two or four wheelers, watches, mobile phones, saris, men and women modern dresses, eatables, drinks and what not. This month in Chennai we see excess music programs cramped everyday in several avenues. Least said the better about movies; I find a new film released every week in not less than 50 to 60 theatres with many shows and also in OTT. Appreciation as well as criticism is also in excess. 

Every tourist spot we find people hanging around in excess. Well, if I say the ever burgeoning population many may find it cynical. Yet the statistics experts say soon India will overtake China in population, if not on anything else.  Social media is overused and loaded with messages, scandals, appreciation, fights and whatnot through twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp…the list may go endless.

Still the poverty is also claimed to be in excess and so also the money and properties confiscated from the politicians and individuals.

I prefer not to talk of the murders, rapes, fights, abuse, gore, violence, diseases, unnatural deaths, accidents…because they too are in gargantuan proportions.

Good or Bad, we have everything in excess. More than required or needed. Still we remain unhappy, dissatisfied, and yearn for something ‘more’ again.

True, needs only bring innovation. But, excess need?

I leave it to the choice of yours.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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