A New Heart for New Year 2023

“And now we welcome the New Year,
Full of the things that have never been.”

Like each year, this year 2022 itself is at its end paving the way to ecstatically welcome New Year 2023. Commonly, the advent of new things in life allows us for its warm welcome. Obviously, behind this, there are our wishes to get all things helpful according to our purpose. It means we all prepare ourselves for whatever unknown is being offered by the advent of new things in our life.

In this fashion New Year too has lots to propose, and for that, we have to wait with courage, enthusiasm and patience. So we welcome the New Year 2023 with all prayers and good wishes to be proved splendid for us.  But this occasion is a fusion of joy and sorrow for thinkers and for all who are accustomed to assessing the past year both retrospectively and introspectively. The deficit in the passing year pushes us to set new goals and formulate new strategies to convert our dream into reality this New Year.

Clearly, it can be felt that the passing year 2022 is departing with a message to us and New Year 2023 arrives with all hope and hope itself is life. The future can be well shaped in the light of our past.  So, I invite everyone to welcome this New Year 2023 with a new heart for all its unknown novelty. All days and months of New Year each are new with its hidden opportunities. We have to be resilient and not to waste any opportunity to utilize for our growth and success with all possible plans. We wish that this New Year 2023 may bring good luck to all of us and incubate a happy meaningful life.  But there is a condition; its newness will be floated before us when we proceed to welcome the approaching New Year with a spirit of curiosity and enthusiasm.  These will be reflected in our new plans, some new ideas, and some new controlling methods to overcome the obstacles lying in the way of growth and success in the year 2023. It can be said that this welcome is from both sides- the giver and the receiver. The New Year 2023 too welcomes us with all latent ample opportunities holding in its hands for us challenging us to make those sufficed and satisfying. So to grab all the opportunities we need a new heart throbbing to have all that have never been.

The enthusiasm for New Year is visible all around. All celebrate it in their way. Our youth are seen indulging in their celebration. But the goal-oriented youth are seen making resolutions for the year which will be seen in the deposit in the empty account of their endeavours and make them rewarded proportionally. The departing of the passing year compels the focused ones for an honest retrospection. It shows us where and how we missed opportunities and teaches how to correct those. Consequently, we stand up with new objectives and better plans to convert our dream into reality welcoming warmly the New Year in our own way. Sometimes our celebrations are trendy, sometimes it throws glimpses of the different cultural fervour of welcoming a new year.  The more civilized society, the more sophisticated celebration.  But all welcome the New Year with a new heart. Thus new things are welcomed and passing one gets an adieu. Both arrival and departure are interrelated. In someone’s departure comes someone’s rise. Man is the greatest creation of the creator. If this creation does not recognize its power and value, nothing can be brought into the light. As far as we cast our sight, we find, each and everything directly associated with us, in the world is by us and for us. We are at its centre, which means that it serves humanity. It is none but our necessity, aspiration, and determination to convert our huge desires into reality which invokes for assimilation of newness in our objectives and strategies. Apart from that nothing is new and everything is as usual. Very frankly it can be pointed out that if we move further without any change then it will not be new at all. Like other years it too consists of all four seasons and all same day and night and others. We have to keep our inner spirit intact and keep believing that we have to carve newly some portion of our identity during this corporal journey. Every year we are just inserting a new chapter of the year in our life book and its making is in our hands. How dexterously we are writing its pages, it manifests our passion and goal. Thus, it is a hope that we all will definitely try to pen a magnificent chapter this year with new zeal and enthusiasm.

With all, we cannot fail to record the other approach to life which advocates its dependency of human beings on the Supreme power to escape from the horrible or undesired consequences of our deeds. It forces us to believe that 100% of things cannot run on our planned track. Some part is designed by our destiny which is formed based on our fair and foul deeds. We get its advantage and disadvantage at the right time. When we were supported by something not planned from our side, we felt lucky. Here we allow us to consider the existence of God. It is our spiritual belief which pushes us to proceed in life with a good mind, and good fear. Needless to say, our unbridled wishes are tamed by this. On the contrary, we cannot ignore the opposite idea of extreme optimism, basically who don’t believe in God, instead of they believe in themselves and give the line- MAN IS MAKER OF HIS DESTINY, truly promoting human beings to utilize opportunities to their fullest. Most of the popular distinguished persons are seen to be atheists who have made a lasting impression in their life. They always accepted the responsibility for their right and wrong deeds and moved ahead to make them right as required in all ways. Their destiny allowed them to formulate the optimistic idea, and the percentage of their success convinced them to mend the wrong things into right. For that, they put their best efforts and those efforts bear fruits. This way it may be pointed out that one should not stop to see good and do good without caring much about the consequence. If we do a good deed with all good heart, surely its result will be good and our stars will be indulged in helping to make things good. Both ideas (pessimism and optimism) help in making a balance in the universe, nothing is wrong. So, we should hold this idea that change is not possible without a change in ideas and strategies. New things always be welcomed with a new heart and spirit. The best creation of the universe cannot sit idle on destiny. So, do with all your heart whatever you want, and leave no stone unturned as the past never revives itself.

With the line of Tennyson – the old order changeth yielding place to new, I wish to wrap up my thought on this topic. Life gets charged from only hope and this hope lies in the future. Our future is coming new days and years, so very carefully we have to handle it. New Year after the previous year is likewise day with light after night each. Both are inseparable and valuable. The former has created value for us and the latter is to pose ample opportunity. Thus, “for last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.”

Wish you all a splendid New Year 2023 to all!

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Comment Very good article, moving forward in a sustainable life with a new source of inspiration in the new year.

31-Dec-2022 20:50 PM

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