Wars and Stars

I was an avid movie goer once. So also with the film music. I cherish the most melodic songs of those music directors and lyricists who are significantly recalled and recreated by a very successful online program Quarantine from Reality still. Obviously, music had been the hero or one of the heroes those days. 

I enjoyed the movies of Sivaji Ganesan’s which are mostly family (melo) dramas, MGR’s breezy entertainers, Sridhar’s romantic love stories, K Balachander’s movies with strong and at times controversial messages, and a host of directors who had experimented like Bharati Raja with his rural tales, Balu Mahendra for his eye for nature and love stories, Bhagyaraj with his slightly comical and sensual dramas, KS Gopalakrishnan’s verbose family themes, AC Trilok Chander, SP Muthuraman, A Bhimsingh, P Neelakantan and many more directors who had directed senior stars and also brought many new faces with important roles showcasing their talents. Stories and directors were the heroes. Heroines play significant parts in the success of movies. Music played a major role in the success of a movie and they have stood the test of time. 

True. There was lot of work for lachrymal glands, through family bonding, filial ties, love and sacrifice, martyr siblings etc. True. All subjects were beaten to death by a large chunk of really creative lot who worked to keep the viewers interest alive through acting, music, drama and above all love. Stunts were there but with restraint not to either create fear or to incite the flames of hatred in the viewer’s minds.

In comparison, in recent times, I am really appalled by the star-wars, gory tales, violence, bloodshed, perversity, faceless heroines, positively uncouth actors paraded in the name of films and entertainment. Tamil cinema scenario has gone topsy-turvy and churns out movies to suit the larger than life of the stars and their antics with a story which is just a flimsy thread to connect the antics of the stars. Hero worship culture picked up momentum some time back itself and it had reached the uncouth proportions today. 

The recent release war of two movies and the nonstop updates about the gore, violence, criticism, attacks and counter attacks are to say the least obnoxious. I have almost stopped watching Tamil movies in the theater since long and now I am totally convinced that is nothing but a sheer waste of time and a cruel test of one’s commonsense and tolerance. It is better for me not to comment on music and lyrics. 

During the recent release of films of two popular stars Vijay and Ajith there was pell-mell in the theaters with unimaginable crowds and fierce battles ending in the death of two youngsters. This type of ‘madness’, I am afraid is exclusive to Tamil Nadu and Tamil cinemas. 

It is obvious and very clear that ruthless politics, lack of creativity and bloated egos of the stars and the frenzied outbursts of the mindless mass of youngsters have come to stay.

Very unfortunate. 


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