Politics of our Country

Today, I am literally tired of watching movies, series or stories projecting the politicians and politicians alone as arch villains of peace. I remember once it was rich men, then it was businessmen and industrialists and now it is always a politician. But, even today the sufferers are virtuosos, poor, uneducated, under privileged and women.

We are proud about our democracy with a humongous, large population and claim that our election systems are still appreciated all over the world.

Does it not directly tell us that it is ‘the public’ who are responsible for promoting politicians? I am sure no other country all over the globe has these many numbers of political parties and contestants fighting bitterly for running the government.

The newspapers and the media cry hoarse of corruption and favoritism, nepotism, inequalities in this land but, not even indirectly, they directly promote all these through their magazines, films, reports, articles and discussions.

Corruption will prevail irrespective of politicians or not. It is something which is part of any human activity. Truly speaking, the public loathe honesty or integrity. They have no qualms when they have to bypass it if it is related to them. Look at the examples of bribery, over speeding, cheating, stealing, begging, damaging the public property, petty to serious fights, injuring others grievously even in minor fights, ill-treating, lying even for small things, shoplifting, hoarding, telling lies even for small things, I can keep on adding more and more. But, can you attribute all these to politics and politicians alone? Well, one may argue that all these ills’ originate from politics and there cannot be a better weird argument.

But, the same public and media shamelessly sing paeans on their leaders, showing servility to the powerful persons however mean or arrogant they are.

Like the proverb says, charity should begin at home. Balance of mind should start first in the individual’s mind about what they do and what they speak.

The supposedly God-fearing country which was once the place where great scientists, philosophers and intelligent scholars we see the majority of the population never hesitate to indulge in corruption and politics, favoritism or nepotism at their level.

Because each one of us is a shrouded politician in India.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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