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Bride of the Fire by Maharishi Aurobindo

Bride of the Fire by Aurobindo is about the Mystic Glow reddening us, the Spark of Divinity to be felt in us. How to go for the Metaphysical Rose? The Earthly Rose not, the Rose Divine, how to feel it the essence of it, is the thing to come to realization. Where the Fire? How to feel the spark of it?

Bride of The Fire, clasp me now close, what does the poet mean by it? Who clasps whom? Who the bride of fire? Does the poet ask the fire to purge him? What the relationship of fire with the spirit? How the Spark of Divinity in us? How the Glow Divine connecting us, the Radiance radiating us? He has shed it the bloom of the earthly rose. He has slain it desire.

Beauty of the Light, surround you, my life. He has sacrificed longing and has parted from grief. He can bear it its delight.

Image of ecstasy, he feels it its sweet kiss. The marvellous image dances before the eyes.

Voice of Infinity, sound you in my heart which is the Call of the One he keeps waiting for. Stamp you your radiance in me, is the thing the poet is saying it here in this poem. How to feel the sun in you, the Greater Sun, and its radiance in you?

Fire will mingle with fire. The glow will with the glow. Whose fire is in us? Whose glow? Whose Mystic Glow? Mystic Fire? Under the ashes lie in the embers sleeping, but these need to be fanned for a spark.

The poem reminds us of George Herbert’s Virtue in which he speaks of the world turning to coal and then only chiefly lives it.

The poem also reminds us of Kabir: 

Ghunghat ke pata khol re,
Tohe piya milenge 

Open you the door of your veil,
You will get your lover. 

It means, Open you the door of your heart, You will meet your lover.

Another doha of Kabir explains it best:

Lali Mere Laal Ki, Jit Dekhoon Tit Laal
Lali Dekhan Mein Gayee, Mein Bhi Ho Gayee Laal

While going for in search of the Red, I too get it Red and the more I see the Redness the more get I drenched with Redness, merging with finally with the Divine whose existence you will feel it in you.

Bride of the Fire, clasp me now close, — 
Bride of the Fire! 
I have shed the bloom of the earthly rose,
I have slain desire.

Beauty of the Light, surround my life, —
Beauty of the Light! 
I have sacrificed longing and parted from grief
I can bear thy delight. 

Image of ecstasy, thrill and enlace, —
Image of bliss!
I would see only thy marvellous face,
Feel only thy kiss.

Voice of Infinity, sound in my heart
— Call of the One! 
Stamp there thy radiance, never to part,
O living Sun.

The Soul is a part of the Greater Soul, the Mind of the Over Mind, the Self of the Greater Self, and it is just for to be felt. Such a thing it is in the Gita. The Greater Sun, how to feel it within you?

We do not know where Aurobindo has got the idea from. We do not know if he is under Kabir or not.


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