The Great Indian Kitchen (Tamil)

Honestly, this film is an insult on the women and their abject servility in India. I am not sure that how many houses, sorry, homes have such women who subject themselves to such humiliation and disgrace; at the same time, I cannot forget or overlook the comments made by some of my misogynist husbands during different times of my life.

I don’t say being a diligent cook and housekeeper is an expression of servility. Honestly speaking it demands a lot of patience, tolerance and labor. Yes. If it is acknowledged with dignity and grace it carries a different sense of pride and honor, to be honest.

True, in India women have been subjugated for long and still in some families this crime may be going on. Those victims also silently accept this because of any of the following reasons or combined; lack of education, fear, poor upbringing and especially absolute absence of self-esteem such insults and humiliations could become part of their married lives.

The way the heroine walks out of the house to me was as crude as the way she was treated. So justified one can say. Probably, that is the way such men folk can be made to realize their misdemeanors. But, we always claim India is the one only country where the ‘culture’ is ‘superior’ in the whole world since time immemorial and ‘family and women’ are respected with great reverence. But no. The penultimate shot was the same young man shown wooing one soft and homely looking young wife and says the same love dialogue he spoke to his first wife. The greater horror is that he is shown as a school teacher.

This indicates that still there are suckers and slaves among families and women folk in this holy country who can be brought into the family through matrimony.

I am not sure whether the message of this movie will reach out to either such insolent men or idiot women.

After all, in India, films are mainly made either for entertainment or to expose criminal acts most of the time.

Post Script: In fact, I haven’t read anything about the movie and I watched this with an expectation of knowing about some really exotic mouth-watering Indian (vegetarian) delicacies and how they play a great role in our lives. Received a rude shock!


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