Dignity or Disgrace?


The one thing which doesn’t threaten Indians is its ever burgeoning population; all other acts are dreadfully presented, analyzed, discussed and lambasted with great fervor.

But, not only our ever active netas to the ever advising philosophers and pundits not speak even one word against the ever growing population of human sardine, vehicular traffic, real estate boom, show of ornate and expensive jewelry shops or the relentless crowd in each and every place.

Even the beggars are now more healthier looking (some with kids also) and intoxicated accost one from traffic junctions to most unlikely places.

The scientists and socially conscious lot argue it as the ‘demographic dividend’ for the world.

True. It has been reported that Indians are the next major migrating population to other countries preceded by China.

Is this really a matter of credit or pride?

Even those who had migrated to the less noble foreign countries long, long ago are not interested to return to the ‘Parukkulle Nalla Naadu’ or the noble ‘Saare jahan se achcha Hindustan hamara’ at any stage or even during the later part of lives.

When I either open the newspapers or watch the television I am always assaulted by crowd, crowd and crowd. Be it a fish market, or a movie hall, an expensive mall, or an extravagant and posh hotel or now the more frequent temple festivities, tourist spots….

One is shown, crowd, crowd and crowd only anywhere and everywhere next to crime.

Honestly, the manpower in India is only beneficial in increasing the same further. No wonder with this uncontrolled population surge, crimes are more and criminals are at large.

We can be proud of living in the largest ‘democratic’ country. But, our population is absolutely insensitive also. That is not a matter of ‘dignity’; but, in my opinion, it is a matter of sheer ‘disgrace’.

*OMG, By the time I wanted to post this I got a fantastic message. It goes like this. 

According to UN estimates, India's population is 142.86 crore against China's 142.57 crore. This is the first time that India has topped the UN list of most populous countries since it started collecting population data in 1950(5 hours ago)


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