An Enigma called India

The following things really surprise me:

  • When handwriting has completely taken a back seat and everything is done online through computers, a large variety of pens from cheapest to the costliest are advertised in the market
  • When music is just at the press of a button in your mobile phone or in the PC, we still see articles saying market is there for ‘vinyl discs and turn tables’
  • When food and snacks are available at every corner we do have still delivery boys busy on the roads and in the hotels
  • Films can now be seen in your home itself within a month. But, still we have movies released in theaters with as many shows as possible. Less said the better about the early morning specials shows and the ensuing brouhaha.
  • When most of the flats in the city and suburbs are locked and vacant, every day there are ads screaming at you to buy flats at all possible and impossible locations.
  • Though the price of Gold and Diamond keeps increasing to sky rocketing values, we could see full page ads for gorgeous and pompous jewelry ads in all newspapers.
  • Modern torn jeans and garish and psychedelic color shirts and T-shirts are the rage among the youth, we could still see shops which are stacked with traditional silk, synthetic and cotton clothing.
  • When many of the transactions could be made through mobile phone connectivity, we still find people waiting in queues endlessly for paying their bills or other activities.
  • When vehicular traffic has touched its nadir in the metros, there is hardly any space for anyone to walk there are hundreds of street side food, sale of materials from fruit to dresses, and all and sundry.
  • Even after taking the boarding pass and none can occupy the seat, travelers are in great urgency to enter the flight as well as get out.
  • Even after thousands of colleges and schools in every state we hear a lot of the population still remain illiterates and denied education.
  • The highest claim of honesty is the best policy and culture is the great root of India, everyday media could never stop unraveling scams and hordes of currency and gold among individuals and families.

India is not only thickly populated in the whole world but also a paradox to the entire universe!


More by :  G Swaminathan

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