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The Silken Tassel by A.F. Khabardar

While in the early glimmerings of Spring
My little feet were dancing with the flowers,
I found a purse tied with a silken string
Hanging out from the hands of honeyed hours.

The treasure that it bore was not of earth,
And yet it had the stamp of human face;
I hid it in my heart: I knew its worth :
One coin could buy all beauty’s garner’d grace.

Since then I’ve walk’d the rainbow-paths of Life,
Amidst the orchards of the earth and sky ;
This purse has help’d to win the time-old strife.
And link’d the distant heaven and earth more nigh.

And now, I spread the carpet of my soul,
Before thy feet, and place this nazar poor--
The Silken Tassel of my purse unroll
And scatter its contents upon the floor !

The Silken Tassel is really such a poem which can outdo many a beautiful poem and we are forced to believe that the poet could grapple with such a dreamy piece even then as he wrote and published the collection in 1918 in which the present piece is included in. A Gujarati Parsi poet, he had the talent, the spark of genius in him which we could not feel it then. Ardeshir F. Khabardar went to Madras to live in was the man to be reckoned with a poetic bent of mind tuned to finer sensibilities. The title poem after which the book too has been named is reminiscent of his dreamy walks and glides, visionary lurking going for a each for beauty, art and fineness into the abode of Nature with the Spring fashioning the garden of love. Art is therein, beauty is therein. Only we should have the eyes to see it and admire.

How does it open the key to the heart of golden dreams? How does it his visionary mind? How does he take the dreamy leaps and visionary glides? How does it open the door of the mind? Love which is hidden in the heart, how to feel it? How the dreams go on nourishing us? The love of the heart with whom to share with. The joy of it? The ecstasy of living one can derive it from the world of Nature. Beauty is for to feel it. Beauty is a thing of taste and art and beauty are interrelated. Love is a feeling so passionate and impulsive with a yearning burning within with a craving for a bonding to make with.

The words used in the poem are so sweet to express them, so full of meaning, thought and idea. The dreamy space of his canvas is very vast and luring. It enchants us with an incantation of own and we feel drawn towards with a zeal from our within to read and go through the verses.

How is the dream of love which goes on hiding in his heart? In whom to confide in and repose with? The beauty of spring, how he feels it in the garden of fancy and imagination, in the world of flowers! Nature’s flowers, how to admire its nectar honey, dewy love? The flowers of love and dream, how to paint and colour them? The freshness of love, one can feel it in the dew-laden posies of the heart. Love cannot be love without dreams and dreams cannot be dreams without sympathy, affection, bonding and attachment. The scent of love fragrances with its idea of beauty and art, fancy and imagination taking wings and dreamy flights. The colour of dream is in its romanticism. The rainbow of dreams adorns our life and we need to be in the midst of arbors and bowers to feel the intrinsic bonding of mind and heart. Who is the princess walking in the garden of love? Who the floral mistress lying under the dew-laden starry nights talking to the flowers, the flowers of heart?


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