Planning the Care for Your Elderly Parents

Caring for elderly parents can be physically draining and mentally exhausting as well. Their needs and requirements can change, and when you are juggling this on top of your own commitments and responsibilities, it can feel challenging, even on the best of days. To ensure they always get the care and support they need, you need to begin planning and preparing for the future, as you will not be able to accommodate all their needs eventually.

Looking at Their Needs and Requirements

Start by looking at how they are now. What support are they getting, or where do they need assistance? Do they need help getting to the bathroom or washing? Do they need support in preparing healthy meals? Their needs and requirements can change, so try and plan ahead. They might not need help to get around at the moment as their mobility may be Ok, but are they steady on their feet all the time? Monitoring your parents and communicating with them about their needs and requirements will allow you to strengthen your bond and plan care together where you can.

Senior Living Communities

You may feel that your parents need a bit of extra support and care, and this may not be something you can provide them with. Senior living communities can support your parents while still fostering independent living. Coral Gables senior living provides residents with modern facilities and amenities, allowing them to enjoy their independence but get help where needed without necessarily relying on you for it. This is what you want. A lot of communities have extra support and help on hand. As your parents' needs and requirements change, they need additional support, so keep this in mind.

In-Home Care

As part of your plan, you may wish to provide your parents with in-home care. This can vary, and it could include getting their support at mealtimes, perhaps helping with the preparation and cooking of meals. Or it could involve personal care support, assisting them in the morning, or getting them ready for bed. In-home care can allow them to stay in their home for as long as possible, and it can allow them to get tailored support and care. This type of care is also the same type that you might receive in a senior living community. 

Reassessing Their Needs Regularly

Planning your parents' care is crucial, but you must remember that their needs will change. So, you must regularly assess how they are feeling and how they are coping. If they need extra support, then get it for them. Be aware that it may be difficult for them to accept care and support (and even ask for it at times). Within your plan, learn how to approach them and learn which style of communication works best for them.

Getting Funding and Financing in Place

All care has a cost attached to it, so you must think about how you will fund or finance the care you are planning. Will you have to look at selling your parent's assets to support them, such as selling their home, to move them into assisted living? Or will you look at seeking funding from the local government? You may also find that their care will be funded through their personal savings.


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