Harbingers of an Inevitable Disaster

Those who read this lengthy write-up may feel that it is just another regular lamentation, emotional outburst and jealous barrage of abuse by a frustrated old man in this society.

Perhaps, it is.

Those who feel so should also understand that one cannot think of everything happening in the society with full of positivity. All acts of men do have a significant negative side too along with the favorable positive points.

Some of the strong observations I made about the present-day persons are that they feel extremely proud of themselves irrespective of their credentials. The major contributor to that is the ubiquitous and well-paying software profession. Apart from the fat salary, they get a lot of fringe benefits for purchases and entertainment. These have undoubtedly bloated the ego of those immature guys and gals to no end. Well, they argue the job many times turns strenuous and galling. For that matter, which job is not tough or testing? All jobs have their good and bad sides. Working in the engineering industries is no joke and the dangers there arising because of negligence or arrogance of the engineers or operators can turn disastrous not only to them but to the entire ambiance. The argument here will be that software jobs also have the same bane. But can never be compared to the hazards posed by processing industries which satisfy the basic needs of the humans.

So these guys, who in reality are doing a ‘white collared job’ assume a lot of pride and impertinence. Fringe benefits like foreign assignments, leave travel concessions, loans, bonus etc. add more fuel to this superiority fire. By thirty they get married and buy a house, flat and at least two vehicles and think that they are the brightest intellectuals in this world. Evey behavior rancid with hubris to the outside world and within the family could be seen very clearly.

With this type of extraordinary money circulation these software companies have created and promoted a lot of supporting industries like food, textile, fashion, cosmetics, vehicles, travels, pubs and hotels thrive like anything. Their outside behavior with all these to say the least positively uncouth and highly despicable.

The real estate boom because of them and the money centered politics in India and the greed of the individual house owners had touched new heights. Nowadays, any part of Chennai, even the most elite areas of Wallace Gardens, Poes Garden and also once considered as a slum of Brahmins, West Mambalam has gone for a sea change.

The other day when I went through the roads there I was stunned by the flats which are constructed with least space (in some places no space at all!) with several floors. It made me wonder how people live and breathe in those ‘modern hovels’?

All roads irrespective of residences or otherwise full of cheap to expensive merchandise and glittering shops of gold and diamonds.

These cannot be termed as ‘development’; these are signs of ‘gross indiscipline and frenzied growth’. Read any newspaper or watch news channel. They report more gruesome murders of even parents by children and families by professional gangs for wealth.

The increase in population in this ‘holy’ country cannot be stopped at any point. It will continue to increase in geometric proportion only. Now according to the report ‘India now crowned as the Highly Populated Country’ in the whole world even surpassing China. I am sorry it is not at all a matter to be proud of, but Indians will. They conveniently forget that China is the size of the US in area and India is not even one fifth of that.

Now I have come to a very logical conclusion. Those who read this may consider me as ‘crazy’, ‘mad’ or ‘weird’. But, I am not bothered. Many times truth or soothsaying may sound ‘crazy’ or ‘absurd’. But, ‘time’ and ‘actions’ will prove even those as ‘real’ at one juncture.

Like uncontrollable floods, dreadful earthquakes or blazing forest fires, India’s unchecked ever increasing human sardine is going to be the cause of its total collapse.

In addition, there are popular sayings that ‘Amrit (Nectar), when in excess, can turn poison’. The popular Thirukkural in Tamil warns ‘Even the gentle peacock’s plume can break the axle of the Cart is loaded heavily.’

Less said the better about Indian politics and politicians as every Indian politician’s singular goal is to get power by luring these greedy ever growing population and amassing illegal wealth. 

Nature is bound to take its own course for annihilation.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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