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Cosmic Rhythms by K.D. Sethna

Now cosmic rhythms are a laughter in my pulse,
For the heart stands back immense and knows no aim,
Cool core of a body of tortuous paths to power.
My blood is the singing attar of that Rose
Rooted in rest beyond all universe.
Seraphs are crossing my brain that is wonder-wide
Smiling to see even here an Eye like the sun,
And, where they halt, my love's touch breaks out wings.
All is perfection, thought and word and tune,
Because the Ineffable shines through each interspace.

Let us have a tryst with K.D. Sethna and his poetry. Let us have the draughts at the fountain springs of his poesy. A primary study of his poetry shows it that he is no less than the master had he pursued it seriously. The poetic style of K.D. Sethna tallies with the master’s because of the intellectual element. K.D. Sethna was as intellectual as was Sri Aurobindo. Whom did he not study? Shaw, Wells, Chesterton, Hardy and so on? But none took him to, none studied him as a poet into the courses of studies prescribed for the learners just restricting to Sarojini, Tagore, Aurobindo and so on.

A poet of yoga and from the yoga school of poetry, he takes the lotus flights of meditation, bliss and silence emanating from it. He tries to feel the blessedness of the moments.

The title of the poem is clear and indicative of the rhythms he tries to hear. How do they appear to be the sounds of the cosmos? How the mystic rhythms! The poet feels the cosmic rhythms, the currents of it passing through the veins.

Seraphs are crossing his brain and he is wonder-struck. They smile to see an Eye here like the sun. How to feel it the sun within you? His blood is the singing attar of that Rose which is beyond this universe rooted in rest. But it is his love which draws it close. What it is ineffable can be known only through the interspace. All is but perfection, thought, word and tune. How to feel it the harmony is the main thing, the symphony of cosmic rhythms.


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