Unhealthy Smog in NYC

June 6 and June 7, 2023, recorded the worst air quality in NYC.

Smoke originating from the wildfires burning in Canada drifted towards the New York City, creating worst quality of air ever experienced by me.

The air quality level was reading at a deadly and hazardous 484 on June 7, 2023, making it the worst count in the world.  The reading of 484 marked 1000% increase over what is considered a safe air quality level.

The morning sun appeared angrily different.  
The familiar outdoors looked alien.
The images tell the story. 

While the NYS Dept of Environmental Conversation issued health advisory one could not help but wonder on the effects of the pollutants released by wildfires into the atmosphere.  These pollutants enter the lungs and cause health issues such as asthma and bronchitis.  

Wildfires are caused due to rising temperatures and extended periods of drought in a region.  

The clouds of smoke kept hiding the Sun and whenever it emerged, it appeared angry. 

Images (c) Rajender Krishan


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