Superman III - 40th Anniversary

Today (June 21st) is the 40th anniversary of when I watched Superman III in the movie theater. The movie was released on June 17, 1983 and I watched it four days later on June 21, 1983. I watched it at the Capri Four theater in Morristown, Tennessee. But at the time, it was the Capri Twin theater. When my family and I watched this movie, Capri was building two extra theaters.

I wanted to watch this movie even though I heard two critics giving it a bad review. When I was in the theater before the movie started, I was a little worried that I might hate the movie. But I watched it and I loved it. Dad hated it. He said that he should ask for a refund. But I liked and still like Superman III.

I can understand why certain people dislike it. I've heard people say that the villains were weak and the comedy was bad. Yes, the villains were weak. Ross Webster was tame when compared to Lex Luthor. In the original Superman movie, Lex Luthor was going to kill millions of people to make a fortune in real estate. In Superman III, Ross Webster tried to destroy Colombia's coffee crops and steal all of the world's oil. The worst thing that Webster did was when he tried to kill Superman. It was probably a mistake when Warner Bros. decided to turn Superman III into a Richard Pryor comedy.

I think Superman III is much better than Superman IV. Superman III made sense where as Superman IV did not. Also, it cost 39 million dollars to make Superman III. Because of the bad special effects, it only cost 17 million to make Superman IV. I liked Superman III when I watched it forty years ago and I still like it today.


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