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Blue Angels

(Photo Courtesy: N. Ravi, Chism Beach Park, Bellevue)


Mid-morning…we were relaxing after an early lunch.

The quietude of this salubrious space was suddenly disturbed by a deafening roar above the condo. With apprehensions about the ensuing war, I wondered if the aircrafts were training for some mission...I continued with my writing tasks.

Again, the earthshattering sounds above our heads…

At that very second, it struck me – the Blue Angels!  

On one of our earlier holidays, a few suns earlier, we had gone along to one of the nearby parks to watch the breathtaking aerial performances by these incredible pilots over Lake Washington.

For the next five minutes, I stood transfixed on the balcony as I caught glimpses of the ‘Angels’ atop our roof, somersaulting, and zooming off across the blue sky, before the blink of an eye.

The ultimate joy when we got another opportunity to watch the live performance from the beach park is explicable in words.  As the US Navy Blue Angels thundered across the clear blue sky spread over the shiny bright waters, the multitude of people on the sandy beach and the grassy slopes gushed and effervesced - adrenaline rush all over! 

An experience for life......

(Photo Courtesy: N. Ravi, Chism Beach Park, Bellevue)


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