4 Tips to Make Your Customers Return

Repeat business is decidedly more important than new business in most sectors, but how do you ensure that your customers return? There are quite a few effective and proven strategies to improve your chances of seeing repeat customers and we are about to discuss a few of them next.

Launch Customer Incentive Programs

Customer incentive programs have the highest success rate as far as customer retention is concerned. In fact, you can actually offer MasterCard gift cards for customers and employees alike. While the redeemable gift cards act as motivators for employees, they also give your customers one more reason to keep coming back. You ensure repeat business from them, and they get rewarded for showing brand loyalty. It is the ideal win-win scenario.

Offer Exchange Programs

Exchange programs for customers work best when you have a retail business. For example, a lot of the large supermarkets and hypermarkets will offer decent exchange discounts on new electronic products if the customer has older electronics that they also bought from the same retailer. 
Not only does it improve sales for the new product, but it also ensures that the customer will be returning down the line as well. They will return to get more out of their next purchase in electronics, after what they just bought becomes old enough to exchange it for a decent discount.

Provide Genuine Aftersales Service

The promise of an aftersales service that the customer finds lacking soon after is a surefire way to lose reputation and repeat customers. However, when you genuinely provide aftersales support that matches what you promised, you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers. People are more likely to come back for a repeat purchase if they know and trust a place of business. On providing high quality aftersales service, you will cement your establishment as such.

Take Care to Address Negative Experiences

Not all negative experiences can be attended to and that’s seldom an issue. The idea is to make an effort towards addressing every negative experience as best as possible. Most of them can be turned into a positive experience with little to moderate effort. When you take that initiative to solve problems and resolve issues that can be resolved within reason, your business gains a good reputation.

You create repeat customers in places where most businesses would lose them permanently. Even when certain issues cannot be resolved, the effort counts and it’s noted by others, especially in today’s highly connected world. The importance of a repeat customer is not just in the business they bring. If a customer returns to you time and again, they are likely doing so because they like any one or more aspects of your business.

Therefore, they act as promotional ambassadors on your behalf by spreading their positive experience via word of mouth, blog posts, reviews, and more. From a marketing perspective as well, stats show that maintaining long-term customers is actually cheaper than converting new ones.


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