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Kashiprasad Ghose: Song of the Boatmen to Ganga

Song of the Boatmen to Ganga is one of the poems extracted here from Kashiprasad Ghose’s The Shair and Other Poems which appeared in 1830. A student at Hindu College, Calcutta, Kashiprasad Ghose (1809-1874) attempts to write to make history, to be recorded in the annals of poetry. Ghose, an ardent learner of English language and literature and shows a flair for creative writing. A Hindustani shayar of English verse, Kashiprasad writing the poems, trying his best to start with the shair and the ghazal, whatever be it. An Indian remembered a Calcutta pictured along the Ganga is the matter of deliberation.

Golden, golden looks it the river, glistening and glowing under the light it keeps flowing and swaying. How gallantly goes it by, so majestic and lovely to look at! How the waters ripple! The bark, sailing vessel of the boatmen is on the waters, on the breast of hers, but she in the gait of hers! How swiftly keeps she is going! Just like a white-winged spirit she flows on traversing under the topaz-paved skies.

Gold river, gold river, your bosom is calm. But the breezes move on reinvigorating and refreshing. Under the serene skies, how does she appear to be! How landscape and scenic and picturesque is she at morn, sunrise and sunset!

Today we see the vast river flowing by from the Howrah Bridge and from here the scenic view can be taken, the panoramic one.

The sun plays with the ripples and the waves. The golden rays of the flashing sun, sometimes visible under the broad daylight, the vast river with unfathomable waters goes rushing towards. It is very picturesque to be by the river. Natural beauty get over reflected.

How do the boatmen go rowing over? How do they keep floating on the vast waters? A day of hectic activity so hazardous and adventurous ends up with the darkening of the eve, yet to change into the nighttime.

Gold river! gold river! how gallantly now
Our bark on thy bright breast is lifting her prow.
In the pride of her beauty how swiftly she flies :
Like a white-winged spirit thro’ topaz-paved skies.
Gold river! gold river! thy bosom is calm.
And o’er thee, the breezes are shedding their balm ;
And nature beholds her fair features portrayed.
In the glass of thy bosom — serenely displayed.
Gold river! gold river! the sun to thy waves.
Is fleeting to rest in thy cool, coral caves;
And thence, with his tiar of light, in the morn.
He will rise, and the skies with his glory adorn.
Gold river! gold river! how bright is the beam,
That lightens and crimsons thy soft-flowing stream ;
Whose waters beneath make a musical clashing.
Whose waves as they burst in their brightness are flashing.
Gold river! gold river! the moon will soon grace
The hall of the stars with her light-shedding face
The wandering planets will over thee throng;
And seraphs will waken their music and song.
Gold river! gold river! our brief course is done,
And safe in the city our home we have won!
And as to the bright sun now dropped from our view,
So, Ganga! we bid thee a cheerful adieu!
September 17, 1829.

How beautiful it is to see under the flood of sunlight! How beautiful it is to see under the moonlight and the starlight! It is lovely to see the barks sailing on the waters and the boatmen keep doing their work. Under the galaxy of the stars and the planets, the river goes on flowing. But when it grows dark, the boatmen return back to.


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