Cynicism and Senior Citizens

The conclusion that I came to recently is that with ageing many people become cynical. Sounds harsh? Yes. But, true.

I have been moving with people of several age groups for a few years before and during my service also I had to interact with people of varying types, ages, positions, and mindsets. In such a spectrum, while talking to them one could easily sense the other person’s feelings about life or any other matters.

One of my friends even when young, couldn’t see anything good in anyone he met for reasons best known because his comments would be invariably dry or critical. I feel he was mentally very much old at that time itself as I very rarely come across any youthful cheer or positivity in any of his talks or acts!) With aging many prefer to questions that could be delicate and embarrassing considering age as an advantage. Sweeping statements in the name of being frank, arrogant repartees in the form of worldly wisdom, or most stupid responses due to a total lack of tact and communication skills.

Even those who had been quite friendly and courteous when young, unfortunately, turn into people to be avoided discreetly if not openly because of their behavior. Health issues are invariably a major contributor to this, no doubt. Remember. all these are irrespective of their financial status.

Anyway, we still do find some seniors who are quite happy, jovial, friendly, and positive.

Since my life outside the country is almost next to nothing, I cannot say anything about foreigners. But, Indians, I know in the evening of their lives invariably turn suspicious, or positively cynical (oxymoron!). One cannot find fault with the family since in most cases the children are grown up and will have their own families outside India or within the country or even within the city in different places.

One should just conclude the conversation or leave the place with a polite excuse. 

Nevertheless,  at times, I am afraid that I too may slowly join the bandwagon of that ‘cynical senior citizen’ clan. ?

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