Love Behind the Desk

Sweet, cute, and petite—a blend of them all without any traces of lipstick or eyeliners yet fresh as a lotus—this azure-eyed dame was none other than Miss Lipika. A longing to befriend Miss Lipika was strikingly noticeable in every male teacher at our school trying to pass by our class just to land a glance at her. Unaware of those furtive attempts, behind that pulchritude exterior, she was a dedicated primary-wing teacher who showed unwavering love and care to every student. Her warm and affectionate persona disarmed the most mischievous lot of students to behave attentively in her class of fifth graders.

Contrary to the rest of the class, which still looked up to her sincerely as an ideal teacher, Rohit was smitten by her ethereal beauty. It all started the day when Rohit bruised his legs in the playground during an interval. The moment she heard his cries, without caring for her unfinished lunch, she ran up to Rohit, scooped him up with her tender hands, and hugged him lovingly. As much as Rohit basked in the tender caress of Miss Lipika's hair against his forehead, he also felt a bit out of place as the dream lady unexpectedly took on the role he had once imagined, cradling this self-proclaimed hero. Throughout the walk up to the staff room where the first aid was kept, she cajoled him by playfully ruffling his hair. At that moment, amidst the hustle and bustle of the school corridors, time had slowed down for Rohit, and the world seemed to be fading away. The pain of bruises simply wafted out of the bottle, only to leave the genie of love behind.

This unforgettable serendipity left Rohit in a triangle of love between himself, Miss Lipika, and the male teachers-cum-suitors vying for her attention. Much like every hero who tries to whisk away their princesses from the prying eyes of the world, the skinny fifth grader began making conscious efforts to invite her full attention. He completed his homework on time and sometimes feigned illness to receive Miss Lipika’s warm hugs and sweet cheek pinches.

As Rohit weaved futuristic dreams of togetherness with Miss Lipika, fortune favored him a golden chance to steal a march against the uncalled-for male teachers. This was a steppingstone that enabled him to resolve the apparent love triangle once and for all.

It was a sunny afternoon when the final bells of the school chimed, and each of the students queued to step out of the school. Suddenly, a loud screeching sound captured everyone’s attention.

There she was, Miss Lipika, grappling with her scooter that skidded on the sandy road out of the school. Rohit, in this dire moment, hurtled towards the spot like a gallant knight with shining armor. While the bystanders pulled up the scooter, Rohit ran up to Miss Lipika and hugged her warmly.

“Are you okay, Miss Lipika?” He asked with concern in his voice.

"I'm fine, Rohit. Thank you for being so brave,” she said with a smile on her face.

As she stood up clumsily to thank others, Rohit planted his maiden kiss on her pink cheeks. Tears swelled up in her eyes as she picked Rohit up once again in her arms while others clapped.

"I love you, Miss Lipika,” he whispered in her ear. “I love you too, Rohit,” she whispered back.

That day, they cemented their love forever in their own ways!

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