The Enigmatic India and its Ever-developing Claim

If anyone says today ‘India is reeling in penury and struggling without money to meet the basic needs,’ I cannot but either laugh or feel angry and frustrated. 

The population boom, I can’t speak for other countries in the world, but this ‘holy land’ keeps increasing in geometric proportions. On one side the government speaks with pride about the ever-swelling mass and on the other hand laments on how to educate and feed them. 

It is nothing but blatant pretending. Because the innumerable welfare plans of the governments to appease the public for votes, and the great philanthropist’s welfare schemes take care of them substantially. That apart, in states like Tamil Nadu where the film heroes who are considered demi-gods provide biryani (the South Indians’ favorite dish!) is supplied every day.

The pomp and pageantry of the marriages and other functions go beyond everyone’s imagination. The food items supplied there are something to be wondered. The unlimited, high-calorie food is savored as well as wasted beyond one’s imagination. 

The jewelry shops keep opening every day in every city and suburb. The expensive real estate, jewelry, and watch ads (the minimum price is Rs.1lakh) keep appearing in newspapers for full-page ad nauseum

In most of the middle-class homes, the sons and daughters are employed or settled in foreign lands (especially the USA and Dubai) and earn millions. Their investments in cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata are mindboggling. In my recent visit to Kolkata and Hyderabad, I was stunned by the never-ending stretch of multi-storied buildings all along the route from the airport to the city. 

Even small functions say, ‘baby shower’, (honestly, was it there in Indian culture earlier?) are celebrated in expensive hotels. 

The crowd thronging the festivities, tourist spots, or even beaches are overflowing with human sardines. The airports have become like local bus-stands and railway stations resemble fish markets. Fish markets and business areas and always full of thick floating population swarms. 

Can we consider ourselves as a ‘poor’ or ‘developing’ country still? 

Yes. It is still done. I am sure it will continue forever. Either we pretend to be oblivious to these scenarios or audacious enough to use the words ‘poor’ and ‘developing’ without qualms. 

Please watch around and decide whether what I have written is real or a fake narrative!


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