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Lakshmi, the Lotus-Born by Sarojini Naidu

Lakshmi, the Lotus-Born by Sarojini Naidu is a Lakshmi Puja special which she penned long ago on the Lakshmi Puja Day in 1915 and the poem has been taken from her collection named The Broken Wing. Sarojini in writing the poem has taken the help of mythology when she says that she rises like a pearl from the ocean. O Lotus-born, Deity, let your bounty and blessing be with us as because we cannot help without your luck and bounty. Whose assets are in the form of gems and jewels and stones? What are the reasons for our prosperity?

Come, you come in with your footfall, Lakshmi. Come into the household of ours. Come you, Lakshmi. Your blessing we can see it in the pitcher full of corns, the fields full of sheaves. Let you bless us with the shower of your auspicious corns. Your serene face, calm composure and comely poise speak it all.

Let Lakshmi be the guardian of our stock and resource. She is the source of all, our financial, military, developmental and economic realms. If her blessing is with us, only then prosperity will come to us. For her blessings the hearth burns. Her blessing can be seen in the boon and bliss available with us. How can we extinguish the fire of hunger if food is not available to us? How can think of happiness if the stomach is not full? The granaries, the livestock, the farmhouses, the crops, the treasuries, all seek her grace, mercy and kindness directly or indirectly and we adore her. Whose agricultural farms show a good fortune? Whose bounty and blessing is in the form of a good harvest?

We bow before our land and seek her favor to keep its glory intact. If she keeps blessing, things will automatically sail through. Let Lakshmi be, Saraswati be. Let our prayers be directed to her as we cannot without her blessing.

Lakshmi, the Lotus-Born: Goddess of Fortune

Thou who didst rise like a pearl from the ocean,
Whose beauty surpasseth the splendour of morn !
Lo! We invoke thee with eager devotion,
Hearken, O Lotus-born !
Come ! with sweet eyelids and fingers caressing,
With footfalls auspicious our thresholds adorn,
And grant us the showers and the sheaves of thy blessing,
Hearken, O Lotus-born !
Prosper our cradles and kindred and cattle,
And cherish our hearth-fires and coffers and corn,
O watch o’er our seasons of peace and of battle,
Hearken, O Lotus-born !
For our dear Land do we offer oblation,
O keep thou her glory unsullied, unshorn,
And guard the invincible hope of our nation,
Hearken, O Lotus-born !

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