The Choice is Ours

Comparisons are odious; agreed. But I cannot but compare the four films I watched in four Indian languages, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tamil not exactly in a random way but based on the views and reviews in recent times. All four are of different genres. I don’t want to name them and those who can understand fine; else just read and leave. 

The topics are quite frequent and popular ones except for one film. One is a love story of two young people with initial absurd encounters and silly scenes but ultimately boiled down to the problem after their marriage and in having a kid. The heads of the two families have diametrically opposite views but ultimately accept that ‘love and life’ are beyond the faith one follows. 

The other one is an opulent family drama, again a love story of a gregarious young man and a balanced modern girl. Here too the two families are opposite in every respect but how the treaty happen after the boy and the girl exchange their places. A lot of songs dance and nostalgia strewn through the movie because of the popularity of the stars. 

The third one is a very serious emotional drama as it deals with a major social issue that has been a controversial subject by the public and media since a few years back; but today it is talked about loudly as well as in hushed tones since still it is a social taboo. A finely written and directed social as well as family drama with minimum theatrics. The film is being spoken about once again because of the stars. 

The fourth one is an unabashed, purposeless, violent saga on screen. How a quiet and loving family is ruined by the past of the protagonist is staged with an extra dollop of gore and violence to the point of being nauseous. The message is clear because of the box office collection that the public feels more thrilled and enjoys the frames with blood spills and mayhem.  Less said the better on the extraordinary scope deployed through modern facilities like VFX and a host of other technical wizardry.   

No doubt that films are the best medium to propagate good as well as evil in a country like India. So, it is the public’s choice to choose what they want. I don’t have to tell which one, if you are a regular television buff, new paper reader, or social media follower. 

Because always the Choice is Ours. 


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