My Bonhomie with Boloji

Today, I am penning this article or write-up with great pride and satisfaction.

The reason is the great support given by the website where I have been regularly sharing my thoughts on various subjects with love, care, and credibility. I know that like me, there are several writers and socially conscious citizens who get the wonderful opportunity to share their comments, opinions, and reviews on a common platform through which they reach many readers.

Out of sheer curiosity and nostalgia, I just wanted to know from when I started sharing my articles on I remembered the article which I sent first to the website which was titled ‘Art & Artifice’ on 30 May 2010. So, I have been posting and sharing my views for the past 12 years on several subjects through Blogs, poetry, Analysis, Book Reviews, Cinema, Computing, Culture, Education, Festivals, Health, Individuality, Literary Shelf, Memoirs, Opinion, Parenting, People, Perspective, Places, Random Thoughts, Society, Travelogues and only one in a Workshop.

Boloji website normally encourages positive exchange of ideas. They promote genuine opinions on the article so that the writer becomes aware of the other views or appreciation.

Many times, I have shared my long association with Boloji with my friends and readers.

Above all, the wonderful friendly, and encouraging rapport I share with the editors Mr. Rajender Krishan (RK) and Ms. Aparna Chatterjee, who edits the poetry section. They are extremely supportive souls to many who want to write and share their views through a common platform.

I should also recall the poetry books published by RK and his magnanimity in allowing me to write a foreword also for his exceptionally engaging poetry book ‘Wanderer’.

I never fail to recommend ‘Boloji’ to my friends whenever they show immense inclination to write and share their views on different topics.

Since each writer is provided with a page for their details and the topics on which they have written under various sections, it is gratifying to both the writers as well as the readers.

I thank RKji and Aparna ji profusely for their services not only to me but to thousands of writers and readers.

Last but not least, a few years back I compiled my contributions in in the form of two books. I give them to my young friends to read if they show interest.


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