Lingering Melodies by Music Director Roshan

I know I am crazy; sometimes, I hum a song (film or classical or some light one) and start thinking about it. Like its origin, lyricist, music director, singer, movie, picturization etc. etc.

The recent instance was the very popular song from the film Taj Mahal (1963) ‘Jo wada kiya woh nibhana padega’. An evergreen super hit duet sung by legendary Lata and Rafi. The song was penned by Sahir Ludiyanvi and set to the immortal music by Roshan. The picturization with Pradeep Kumar and Bina Rai was nothing extraordinary, but the song stood out with its melody and lyrics.

They brought me many more songs to my mind. That was the time I started listening to Hindi film songs and I asked my college mate Syed Talibuddin one day about this song with perfectly incorrect blabber as my Hindi acquaintance was next to nothing. He laughed and corrected me and explained the meaning also.

Rest is history. I became a great aficionado of Hindi film music. The present gen youth may know Hrithik Roshan but I very much doubt whether they know that his grandfather was once a popular music director who had only a short life span.

I tried to recall many of his songs through the net and I cannot but feel happy that there were many favorites of mine were set to tune by Roshan.

Here, are some I share. Maybe you know or maybe not. If not please do listen, they are equally melodic and memorable for their tune and lyrics.

- ‘Rahe na rahe hum’ from ‘Mamta’ (1966) lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri and sung by Lata. 

- ‘Dil jo na keha saka’ from ‘Bheegi Raat’ (1965) lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri and sung by Lata and Rafi as independent versions on two occasions. 

- ‘Zindagi bar nahin bhoolegi woh barasaat ki raat’, from ‘Barsaat ki Raat’ (1960) again by Lata and Rafi, lyrics by Sahir. 

- ‘Khyalon mein kisi ke’ from ‘Bawre Nain’ (1950) sung by Mukesh and Geeta Dutt.

No doubt there are many more; but the above songs still linger in my mind. Interested? Search and listen through a click of the mouse. BTW, Roshan’s son Rajesh Roshan also had given some lovely melodies as a music composer.  


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