The 20th Anniversary of Anthony Ainley's Death

Today is the twentieth anniversary of the death of a talented British actor. His name was Anthony Ainley. He died on May 3, 2004 at the age of 71. He was best known for starring as Tremas and The Master on the sci fi tv show "Doctor Who". He starred as Tremas in his first episode and as The Master in the remaining nine episodes. For those who may not know, The Master is an evil Time Lord from a planet called Gallifrey.

The titles of the Doctor Who episodes that he starred in were "The Keeper of Traken", "Logopolis", "Castrovalva", "Time-Flight", "The King's Demons", "The Five Doctors", "Planet of Fire", "The Mark of The Rani", "The Trial of a Timelord" and "Survival". In addition to Survival being Ainley's final episode, it was also the final episode of the classic Doctor Who tv show.

Ainley never got married. He said that he hated the three rings of marriage. The engagement ring, the wedding ring and the bickering. In addition to starring in Doctor Who, he also starred in movies such as, Oh! What a Lovely War, You Only Live Twice, Inspector Clouseau, etc. He loved his role of The Master so much that he introduced himself as The Master when he answered his telephone. Ainley and I were both born on August the 20th. Ainley was a very talented man and he has been missed.


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