The New Gen and the New Values of Life

I am not writing this with a bias toward the new generation of the population. But I write this how I have presumed their lifestyle, values, and the importance of money in life. 

Even though I do not directly deal with them nowadays the news about the new gen keeps reaching my ears and makes me think about their objectives, decisions, and values. In some cases, I have experienced direct interactions too.  

To be precise the new gen is practical, motivated, self-opinionated, and many times behave as absolute mercenaries. 

They are ready to sacrifice anything at the altar of Money. 

Why suddenly does the ‘Live-in’ relationship gain or slowly start gaining popularity? Because the commitments are nil in this; even if it is there, it is minimal and at any stage, in case, the pressure is piled on one, he/she can easily walk out. The expenses are shared, the house is shared, and preferences are also shared. 

Only if they want to have children there need to be a consensus between the two. Even then it is also the one who proposes and opts to have a child should take responsibility in case the relationship breaks. It would be invariably the mother and any father rarely accept the responsibility of the kid especially only if it is a male kid. The mother can and has to be the guardian morally, psychologically, and logically. 

I know a highly educated, well-employed girl hailing from a wealthy family who walked away from her love marriage. The marriage took place with a lot of opposition from the parents. Now the wife who divorced her husband accuses the husband of dalliance with other women. Of course, the reason cited for her rude actions and behavior is due to ‘bipolar disorder’, which I am not ready to believe. 

Most of the youngsters I have spoken to say directly or indirectly that they want full freedom, lots of money, and free sex of their choice. 

Surprisingly, at present even the parents are money-minded to the core; a boy who accepted this sexual preference to his parents has to shell out more funds to them because the parents feel that he has no family to take care of. 

In many cases, the children may or may not be the victims of suffering. Nevertheless, the kid growing up with a single parent is bound to develop his/her idea of life. I have heard from a schoolteacher of a popular school, in her school at least the sizeable percentage of children were taken care of by a single parent. This was a decade ago; now one can understand what the situation would be. 

In the present world, India or abroad ‘Money or Wealth’ decides everything, especially one’s life. Please believe me that I am not sitting on any value judgment. 

It is impossible to find fault with such values because ultimately ‘all values’ are subjective whether one accepts them or not.  


More by :  G Swaminathan

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