Sanity in Entertainment: A Rare Commodity

I have been watching if not all, some of the present gen Hindi and Tamil movies once in a way to while away my leisure. Barring a few, most of them are either positively stupid or nauseatingly grotesque.

The computer graphics and a bundle of technicalities of filmmaking only help to create horror, gore, violence, mayhem, and insanity to the maximum.

If an opulent but sensitive filmmaker tries to use it for a drab period tale with grandeur most of the others try to cash on the modern techniques with either a wafer-thin or beaten storyline of good versus bad packing as much horror as possible to create maximum chilling effect eg. ‘Shaitaan’.

Every film uses a slender impossible storyline to build a three-hour taxing or terrifying narrative. Fear, gore, and violence seem to be the key ingredients to attract the viewers. The argument will come to that everyday news items and news channels are equally vying with each other to project disgusting sex, morbid brutality, and atrocious messages, in addition to the feature films and web series in the OTT thriving and making big business of it.

Family, individual goodness, sensible stories like ‘12th Fail’, or relationships like ‘Iruga Patru’ in Tamil are rare offerings and exceptions.

Even the novels written by popular authors have sunk into this style of stories. For example, Ashwin Sanghi’s recent novel ‘Razor Sharp’ is an impossible narrative on crime, murder, and crass beliefs. He was the one who had churned out a very sensible period to a present-day novel like ‘Sialkot Saga’.

No wonder the population has become either completely devoid of any sensitivity or emotion or has become immune to gore and horror to any extent in the garb of entertainment.

As a lone soul, I know that I can neither change society nor anyone who thrives in this business.

I understand today’s world ‘sanity’ has become a rare ‘commodity’ in every field. Best for me to either stop reading such books or switch off the television once the border lines are violated and crossed.


More by :  G Swaminathan

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