Baffling Truth

‘What do you think of this?’  Corporate chief Prashnath asked, showing them a picture.   Along with the senior Managers, he was relaxing in the air-conditioned lounge one summer afternoon after an elaborate lunch meet.

Pat came the reply, from pragmatic Partha – GDP!  ‘It changes each quarter as the business cycle moves on.  As the picture reveals, it has been moving from recession towards inflation. The inflation rate is on the ascent. These growing ‘asset bubbles’ must be watched continually.  We are all aware that the price of gold has skyrocketed in recent times, just as real estate has…Constant monitoring is advisable…’

Prashnath let out a meaningful smile.

Analytical Anand pitched in: ‘Excuse, me! To me, it is GDA!  In other words, an ‘innovative public-private partnership model’ to improve the socio-economic conditions. Individual’s and partner’s competencies, strengths interests, and objectives ought to be considered before getting into such a partnership. Elaborate  researching will pave the way for symbiotic collaborations…’

Prashnath grinned when he realized how serious the discussion was. ‘Well,’ he said to himself:’ Let me enjoy it for a while.’

Philosophically inclined Prakash gently remarked: ‘It is nothing but Growth, Desire, and Attachment.  To achieve, covet all!  The dark clouds are growing larger, engulfing all.’  

‘Yes!’ Saurabh, the strategic planner.  ‘’The small clouds grow larger and larger, just as water vapour in the clouds. When the clouds can no longer hold water vapour, they burst and come down as rain.’

Serene Shreedhar quietly quipped: ‘They seem to be passing clouds – This too shall pass!’

Linguist Laxman butted in: ‘You bet,  it’s an aura where dreams take flight with induced intoxication to satiate desires, which may not have been possible otherwise.’

Partha and Anand were not ones to give up easily.  They did not believe in such effeminate remarks, they represented candor and masculinity. As Partha opened his ‘moustached’ mouth, Prashnath stepped in- ‘I wish we could continue this for a while… Well! It’s about time to leave.’

 Let me first thank you all for voicing out all your thoughts and opinions.’ While I appreciate your views, let me tell you gentlemen, you’ve all been proved wrong.

 It’s just a splash of paint that fell on the art paper. And my 4-year-old grandson Gauresh Deepak Prashnath holds the copyright of the picture.

Tailpiece: We see what we wish to see!  The ‘divine mystery’ – as the individual’s nature changes, the attitude of the world changes too…


More by :  Hema Ravi

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