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An autobiography by Esther Mary Lyons 

I am the author of the autobiography Unwanted.

I was born in Calcutta in 1940. My mother was from the village Latonah, in Bihar, Bhagalpur Dist. My father was an American Jesuit priest. He was not given dispensation by the Patna Mission to leave the priesthood and marry my mother, even though he had two daughters from her. He disappeared in 1946 and we were brought up in poverty and shame by our dear Mother. She never abandoned us and was a great mother to the two of us.

We were brought up as Anglo-Indians in Allahabad. In 1965 I visited USA and managed to find my father in Denver, Colorado. He was living with an American woman and had the dispensation from the Jesuits to do so. He had a mine in his backyard from where he was able to supply Beryllium Ore to the Atomic Power Station nearby. Later he died as a Jesuit priest and was given the funeral in Denver as one of the greatest Jesuit missionary of his time. He left a will for his "wife" giving the American lady, over a million dollars in cash and two properties which she gave all to the Missions in India and in the USA before she died but nothing for us. Mother Teresa received US $60,000. I was able to get his CIA file through the freedom of information. It said that he was working with the US Govt while he was a Jesuit priest in India in the 1930s and 1940s.

He had the dispensation from Patna and Allahabad Catholic Church to do so, and he supplied Beryllium Ore from the sands of Travancore and Bihar by shipping it to USA. But the church did not give him the dispensation and permission to father his two daughters born in India of an Indian woman! We were best forgotten!!

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Esther Mary Lyons
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Comment Esther,Esther,...Esther
What a surprise.I am Jacinta& Rita's Aunt from Calcutta.Hope you remember me.
To day I was trying to see the history of Latonah Catholic Church in the net & found your name.
How are you keeping? I am happy to connect with you again .

Now it is too late to write further.Will catch up on receiving your reply.
Bye for now.

Mabel Samuel(nee Meiselbach).

Mabel Samuel
11-Sep-2013 13:29 PM

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