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Vastu: Directional Influences on Human Affairs

The book, under review, dwells on some of the topics dealt by the author in articles that have appeared in The Astrological Magazine but they have been so restructured and with such deftness as to ensure continuity and easy comprehension. Various aspects of the subject have been dealt with in twelve absorbing chapters. Dwelling on orientation and topography, the book explains how the ancient Vastu rules and regulations for temple and building orientation are based on scientific concepts of harnessing creative solar energies. Discussing the importance of soil evaluation and foundation, the book proceeds to compare the importance of shikaras with those of pyramids. A discussion on the primary elements and the important temples associated with them makes for absorbing reading.

The volume, turning to the needs of the modern world, devotes a chapter to useful hints for construction and internal arrangement of corporate houses. Vastu basics to be incorporated in old age homes, a most relevant topic, are structured with care and focus on ensuring the mental and physical welfare of senior citizens.
Apartment culture has, of late, taken over the modern world, not only in metros but also in all towns. The author has taken pains to adapt Vastu guidelines to them, without either losing sight of the needs of modern homes and their attendant constraints or sacrificing the ancient essential rules, both for buying and constructing purposes.

Colors matter a lot for ensuring both mental and physical health according to modern therapists. The volume under review delves into the subject with incisive insight and comes up with practical prescriptions. Taking the thread from the ancient principles for fortification and security, natural and artificial, for protecting towns and palaces, the author makes them user-friendly so as to cater to modern needs.

The author has exerted himself in trying to understand and assimilate much valuable information from different ancient texts. In the process, he exhibits his skill in adapting them to the ever-growing needs of modern society. The chapters on cosmo-terrestrial energies and natural calamities are a feast to the intellect. The last chapter carries briefly vital and important Vastu principles. It is heartening to note from the preface that the Ramana Maharshi Centre for Learning at Bangalore is making use of Vastu guidelines for its commemorative building for the 125th birthday of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

The style is lucid and the book can be read and understood at one go. The author deserves all accolades for his efforts. The get up, with profuse illustrations and pictures, is attractive. 

Vastu Directional Influences on Human Affairs by Niranjan Babu Bangalore
UBS Publishers’ Distributors Pvt Ltd. Bangalore 560 009


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