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If we will go back few years from now and compare the world at that time and what it is now, we will see we have come a long way in short span of time. Lets go back before 1980s when Internet was a new concept and very few people were aware of these triplet WWW i.e. World Wide Web, nobody would have thought at that time, these Ws are going to rule the world in future.

The Internet has revolutionized the computer and communications in the world like nothing before. Initially started as ARPANET and grew into the Internet, is one of the most successful examples of the benefits of sustained investment and commitment to research and development of information infrastructure.

Because of Internet we are so near to our parents and relatives, in spite of being so far geographically. Sometimes it’s the open heart and we write long mails and sometimes it’s only few lines of doing good, but there is a hope in every mail that there is a sign of life, and there is a contact.

Technology is changing at very fast speed, suppose you are out of this technological world for about 90 days, you are far behind all the technological developments.

Lets take a look into the growth of computing hardware, initially the computer was a room size box using all the punch cards then gradually size decreased and now it has become so light and small that it can sit on our lap as laptop or notebook or tablet PC. Time is not far when technological advances will one day allow computers to be implanted in the human body -- and could help the blinds to see and the deaf to hear.

Isn’t it so great, if we can talk to our computer? Technological advancements are taking place in this field as well, companies are working to produce more effective Voice Recognition Software for computers.

There are many people in this world who cannot use keyboard or mouse due to some reason they lost full use of hands, reason can be anything like spinal cord injury, orthopedic trauma, carpal tunnel, muscle weakness or anything else. In that case they simply have to talk to computer and get its response. Like to open file they simply have to say “Open File” or to close it “Close File”, whatever they want to type regardless of whether they have a disability, they simply have to speak and computer will automatically type for them. New research in this field is going on, where a small chip can be implant in brain of human which will enable paralyzed human to operate computer or even play games just by thinking about it. Now the thoughts can control a computer, a television, fan, light…or anything you can think of.

Many people in this world are very much benefited by digital technologies, hearing impaired people are no longer different than the people those who can hear, hearing impaired people can hear by wearing strong digital hearing aids, and they can also use telephone with closed captioning, they can read a phone conversation as a listen to it.

Sometimes hearing aids are not effective in providing effective communication, in that case ABI (Auditory Brainstem Implant) can be very effective to the patient, ABI is an audio brain stem implant, which directly sends audio signals to the brain. Part of this device is hardwired directly into the brain stem and small device about the size of a small radio is carried into the patient pocket.

As violence and conflicts are part of human life through out the history. Use of technology to make weapons, fighter jets and devices has changed the conventional wars. Military is using smart bombs, which seeks target and destroy it. These bombs can be operated by computers in the aircraft and guided towards the target, which enabled military to target enemies only. Use of unmanned systems including the robot aircrafts to attack target significantly reduces the risk to human life. Scientist are working on schemes is to build a shield to defend countries from enemy ballistic missiles.

Science and Technologies has changed the way of life human has lived in the past and it will be changing the future, which now can be imagined or seen in the movies.    


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