Cancer of a Different Kind

North and South poles are opposite and they attract each other. It is called magnetism. Our Earth rotates on the axis of these opposite poles. Positive and negative charges come together powerfully. It is called electricity. Pluses and minuses cancel beautifully to make a balanced equation. Male and female are opposite sexes with an inherent affinity for each other. It is the axle on which the wheel of creation revolves. It is the heart throb of Nature. It keeps life on Earth ticking on. It is an apparent law in Nature that opposites draw each other. It is the principle of fertility.

Man and woman were created in order to grow and multiply. If life must go on, if procreation must continue, if the Earth is to thrive with life and activity, the attraction and union of the opposite sexes is a must. The human being who is the king of the animal kingdom rightly understood this fact and has been behaving true to his natural instincts. As population increased, as civilization progressed, wise norms were formed for happy, healthy living. The institution of marriage was introduced and the quality of life became more refined, more dignified.

Just as a healthy body is invaded by dangerous diseases, the normal society has recently been attacked by a dangerous disease, namely, an improper, abnormal attraction of the same sexes. This unnatural behavior, however, is not new. Very rare and stray cases have been reported in all civilizations, but were always censured and checked.

Recently, especially in the fast developing western countries, the extreme advance of science and technology, the resultant wealth, luxury and prevalence of uninhibited pleasures seem to have triggered a craving for the extraordinary, for the sensational, for the outlandish ideas of living.

Unlimited freedom, un-reined youthful passions, utter lack of values have given birth to freakish, perverse trends. A culture of violence and defiance has been generated in this era of global communication by a general atmosphere of nonchalance. An unprecedented increase of wayward, precocious children has caused all sorts of weird, bizarre, unacceptable fashions and notions to come into existence.

Perhaps cloyed with excessive indulgence of all sensual pleasures or goaded by a sense of ennui and restlessness blatant homosexuality has gained a prominent place in today�s society. While lack of sufficient public condemnation of this vulgar abomination is tragic, condoning the act with legal support is like dealing a death blow to the dignity of the human race.

The marriage of the same sex is odious, to say the least. It is absurd. It makes no sense. It is an insult to Nature which designed sexuality otherwise. It is a stigma on human integrity. It makes endearing relations like father, mother, brother, sister, aunt and uncle false and meaningless. Genuine emotions of family attachment can never be expected to spring in such an artificial, unnatural environment. Sheer madness it is to opt for such a parody. Life without depth and meaning, functions without warmth and purpose can merely be a bestial existence.

It is a cruel irony that the legal system which should abolish such a practice is embracing it with its protection. Instead of administering clinical, psychological counseling to persons affected with such unnatural inclinations, instead of dissuading such unhealthy activities, the governments of many western countries have offered legal sanction to this enormity. It is a crying shame. It rings the death knell of decent, healthy, human society. It makes mockery of the noble purpose of creation. It renders the family concept meaningless.

A grave matter that should stir the conscience of the pillars of society has only served to add spice to best selling paperback novels. It deserves more serious thought than being the theme of fiction or sensational newspaper headlines. It is pathetic that what should be shunned as a social evil is welcomed with shameless favor by people, even those steeped in traditional family values of reserve and restraint. An Indian lady who has imbibed western culture had the audacity to make a film endorsing homosexuality and is showered with encomiums for her efforts.

This shows clearly that the practice of homosexuality parading under the name of marriage of the same sex is alike cancer- it spreads its deadly roots slowly, surely and stealthily. It is a grave danger to humanity, a global threat like AIDS. It needs to be faced boldly and effaced decisively. Let worldwide protests and vigorous campaigning open up all channels of therapy. Rise all sane, right-thinking, self-respecting men and women of the world to arrest this downward slide of the human race!  


More by :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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