Emerging Technologies for Parents

In every stage of our life we are benefited by technologies, either it is childhood or old age everybody in this world is taking advantage of technologies. Lets talk about very important stage of our life as a parent. All these emerging technologies have made parenting so easy. In this era of nuclear families we cannot always go to experienced person like mother or mother-in-law, to seek solution and remedies for parenting struggles. But still we can get e-solution to our problem from the members of parenting groups and there are many online experts available to give answer to your queries, simply you have to e-mail them questions and you will get the answer. How convenient it is.  

Having a child is mixture of thrilling as well as nerve-wracking experience for new parents. When infant is under the protection shield for nine months of pregnancy, we have full surveillance on them, but what after they are brought home from hospital?
Then also we don’t have to worry, again because of emerging technology. Well I am talking about Baby Monitor or sometimes it is known as Baby Alarm. Idea behind baby monitor is that you can have the ability to move around the house or your backyard and still you can have watch over your baby by listening or viewing your baby. In this way you can be with your baby all the time without being physically present with her. You can monitor when your baby is getting up from sleep, you can listen your crying baby or simply you can watch your baby when he or she is sleeping.

Baby monitor mainly falls into three main categories. There are audio baby monitor, they are very basic type. It alerts the parents if the baby starts to cry or becomes uncomfortable.

Second type is an Audio-Visual baby monitor, they are one step further as they let the parents see and hear baby.

Third type is the sensor baby monitor also known as respiratory baby monitor, it adds more features by alerting parents when baby’s breathing becomes uneven or it stops.

Baby monitor normally consist of transmitter that is equipped with a microphone and receiver equipped with a speaker unit. The transmitter is placed near the baby and the parent keeps receiver unit. Usually these monitors are portable and mobile, so that you can carry it in your pocket as you do your daily chores around the house.
Depending on your requirement of range you can choose between different baby monitors that are available in market.

Isn’t it parenting made easy, because of Baby Monitor again because of technology?

There are countless products available in market for easy parenting, one among them now day’s parents are using is Bedwetting alarm.

Sometimes when children are in deep sleep, they urinate in the bed, which is very embarrassing to them and if not handled sensitively, it can have psychological effects, such as making them feel ashamed of fearful.

A bedwetting alarm is an electronic device based on moisture detection system, which is use to alert children that they are in the process of urination whilst asleep this is known as nocturnal enuresis. This is a two unit device consist of a pad and a alarm box, pad is placed under the top sheet of user’s bed and alarm is kept at the place where user can get out of the bed when alarm sounds to deactivate it. It consists of an open pad which closes upon contact with moisture and activates the alarm box, in this process user wakes up and stops urinating and gets out of the bed to switch off the alarm.

Great technology to keep bed dry and don’t let your child to feel embarrassed for bedwetting.

As a parent we are always worried about our child unless and until they’re within eyesight, making matters worse are the headlines filled with stories of child abductions, bus hijacking and all.

To make life easy several companies are marketing child-protection products, some may require surgical implementation while other are wearable.

Child locator works on enhanced GPS technology. It consist of two units, base unit which is carried by parents and can be easily put in purse or pocket, and other unit is supposed to be with kid which is usually in the form which can be easily wearable by child. Most companies give it as a form of bracelet so that it will be fun to wear and require no interaction from child. With the help of combination of two units we can keep track of our child. 


Some of the technologies which are available in market are expensive and they are not for everyone, but still we are grateful to these technologies which made this hostile world more comfortable and little less hostile for the most vulnerable of us.


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