Increase your Computer's Heartbeat: Add RAM to it

Sometimes the speed of computer becomes so sluggish, that it becomes difficult to tolerate, and we start doing lots of action like rebooting computer or deleting extra folders, but always it does not work.

For slow computer to work fast we need speed and that means lots of RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory. It is a kind of memory used for holding program and data being executed.

When we start our computer and launch any application like browsing the Internet or writing any letter, the basic data required for running these applications and the operating system is loaded into RAM or sometimes just referred to as memory.

New PC when you buy from the market comes with standard amount of memory. The RAM that comes with the computer is the minimum amount requires to run what’s already installed on the system. More powerful programs or application consumes more RAM and due to multitasking nature of many system i.e. running more than one application at a time, consumption of RAM increases. Then there are pop-up programs that run constantly in the background so that you can access them instantly at any time. These programs are also nonstop RAM consumers.

Random Access Memory chips are large rectangular shaped and made with memory cells with support logic that reads and writes data, it is mounted directly onto the motherboard and transfers data by use of address and data buses. Each data bus consists of number of circuits.

RAM speed can be measure in different ways depending on the age of the computer. Older RAM is measured in nanoseconds also written as ns. One nanosecond is one-billionth of a second and is the measurement of access time to or from RAM.

Newer RAM is measured in megahertz and it matches the speed of motherboard to communicate with the processor. A higher RAM speed in megahertz means faster read and writes to the RAM chip.

Due to changing technologies in computer we need to add more software to our system, more powerful applications will be there and more programs will be there, everything will need their share of RAM. If you have less RAM in your system, every process will wait for their turn, which may take time so your system will be slow and you will be irritated.

In order to make your system fast you have to upgrade your system by adding more RAM, now if you finally decided to upgrade the system you would first have to find out what kind of RAM your computer uses. You would need to match its speed, the pin size and based on your system’s RAM you have to choose either tin or gold-based pin RAM. Once everything is done i.e. you got the right RAM, you have to take out old RAM from the socket and rock the new RAM in place of old RAM.

After upgrading your system you will see the satisfying changes in the speed, your system will be faster and in single click you will see your work done. RAM is the energy lifeblood of the computer operations.  


More by :  Ruchi Gupta

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