Is the Creation of a Second Capital in Belgaum Vastu Appropriate?

Is the creation of the second capital and construction of a Soudha structure in Belgaum appropriate as per Vastu? Is this step indicative of peace and tranquil or does it indicate a possible political earthquake in our State?

Several months back when the State Government announced the plans, the Media generally welcomed this move while some also described it a political gimmick. One leading newspaper called the move a blessing in disguise for the long-neglected North Karnataka, "if pursued sincerely".

His Excellency Sri T. N. Chaturvedi, former Governor of Karnataka, in his address, had expressed concern and anxiety at the growing law and order problems, politicalisation and casteism of Universities that did not contribute to academic excellence, abuse of power and transgression of ethics in public life, etc.

The 'Karnataka bundh' call given by several Kannada organizations earlier to oppose the Centre's stand on the Belgaum-Maharashtra boundary issue received fairly good support from the public with most offices and establishments apart from school and colleges closed on the day of bundh.

The government is to spend 240 crores for the construction of the Soudha in addition to several hundred crores for upgrading Belgaum's infrastructure. Though this is a well-intentioned project that aims at creating harmony and happiness for the residents of North Karnataka, it is necessary for the State Government to give some thought based on the Vastu aspects.

The Vastu Purusha Mandala which is the basis of a Vastu review identifies the Purusha's head to the northeast, the lower part of the body to the southwest and the arms to the northwest and southeast suggestive of thinking, strength or stability, and movement or instability respectively.

Belgaum is to the northwest of Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka and the present seat of power. The movement of the power zone on the southeast-northwest diagonal is not suggestive of peace and harmony in North Karnataka but may imbalance nature and its primary elements and contributes to disharmony and destabilization of the State Government.

It is a right move to develop the infrastructure of Belagam but instead of identifying it as a second capital, it would be in good if the State Government sets power bases in Mysore, Mangalore, Belgaum, Bijapur, Raichur and Bellary in that order. In fact, the first base at Mysore will be Vastu strength to the stability of State Government and its good intentions. The nabhi or the center of Karnataka is Davanagere. Nabhi is referred to as the place of awareness and base can be set up in Davanagere too. The Government's objective of giving the development programmes in North Karnataka a fillip for their betterment will follow a logical Vastu order and contribute considerably to harmony and happiness among all the people of Karnataka.

It is pertinent to note here that several natural calamities over a period of time have shown the disturbing power of northwest/southeast energies. The earthquakes of Seattle (northwest of USA) and Gujarat (northwest of India) in 2001, the earthquake of Indonesia (southeast of India) of 2004 resulting in the Tsunami traveling northwest to India and Sri Lanka and the earthquake of Pakistan in 2005 (northwest of India), which have contributed to colossal loss of life and property are indicative of the destructive strength of northwest/southeast energies.

While it is necessary that the development of the infrastructure of all cities and villages of Karnataka is necessary to give peace and happiness to the people, development based on natural laws of Vastu can contribute to the Government's good intentions.

The shape of Karnataka is also indicative of its importance in the nation. It is shaped like a baby in the mother's womb. It is therefore all the more necessary for the State Government to carefully plan the infrastructure based on sound Vastu guidelines and truly contribute to the development, care and happiness of the people.


More by :  Niranjan Babu Bangalore

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