Vastu and Building Formulae

There has been extensive boom in the construction of housing, industrial, commercial buildings in big cities . Because of the complexity in the architecture and construction methods, there has been lot of confusion about the proper application of Vastu Shastra based building formulae. Appropriate application of various Vastu based formulae is possible when one clearly understands the concepts and significations embedded in the Vastu based formulae.

I have indicated in my earlier articles and in books the importance of the building formulae referred to as Ayadi Shadvarga by the ancient masters of wisdom.

Ayadi is a group of six formulae Aya, Vyaya, Yoni, Rksha, Vara and Tithi that are used to determine the dimensional conformance of a building. The six formulae are divided in to three sets and each set consists of two formulae. A specific set of formulae is used to work out the length, breadth and height of the building or the structure. The length and breadth are the outer measurements of the foundation (bhumilamba) or its base (adhistana). The height of the building is considered to be from the bottom of the foundation or the bottom of the base to the topmost point of the building. The remainder obtained by using these formulae determines the gain or loss accruing, the constellation compatibility and the lunar and solar days that conduce to one's well being.

Vastu Shastra clearly emphasizes the importance of orienting the constructions to the cardinal directional. Therefore, the orientation of the building to be one of the four cardinal directions (north, east, south or west). As far as possible, buildings facing angular directions are to be avoided. But in rare situations, if the site is oriented in the angular directions, the orientation (or Yoni) formulae can be worked out in such a way so that the remainder is 1. The ancient masters were aware of the power of monsoon winds and other energies (physical and metaphysical). These energies were also considered in the orientation and construction of the buildings.

The unit of measurement used is generally the Kisku Hasta that equals 24 angulas. The hasta conversion is done diversely in different regions. One school of thought equates a hasta to two feet and nine inches and an angula to 1 3/8th inch. Another school of thought equates a hasta to 72 cm (28.3 inches) and an angula to 3 cm (1.2 inches). Here, the hasta is measured from the shoulder to the tip of the middle finger.

A third school of thought, which this writer follows, equates a hasta to 18 inches (and an angula to 0.75 inches) Here, hasta is the length of the arm from the bottom of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. The Ayadi Shadvarga is calculating by taking any of the standardized hasta measurements or using the actual hasta length of either the master, his/her spouse, eldest son or the architect (or contractor) designing the house.

Further research on the definition or usage of the Hasta measurement is needed to specifically determine whether 18 inches, 2.75 feet, 72 cm or the actual arm length from the elbow (or the shoulder) to the tip of the middle finger is appropriate. This scribe generally uses the 18-inch Hasta, based on measuring the distance from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.

Manasara recommends working out nine different lengths and breadths and five heights for a building. The Yoni formula defining the breadth measurement very clearly reinforces the importance of proper orientation. Most religious buildings, palaces, cities, villages and roads of ancient India and many other parts of the world faced the cardinal directions. In fact, the Giza and Great pyramids of Egypt are oriented to the north.

The table below summarizes the six formulae.



Remainder of

Length x 8




Remainder of

Breadth x 9


Rksha (Nakshatra)


Remainder of

Length x 8




Remainder of

Breadth x 3




Remainder of

Height x 9




Remainder of

Height x 9


Table 1

Vastu regulates the primary elements in an enclosure with reference to its length, breadth and height. By having the dimensions worked out using the Ayadi formulae, the residents can, to a certain extent, experience material and spiritual awareness. Living in such spaces can contribute harmony with the gross (sthoola) and subtle (sookshma) energies leading to both physical and metaphysical well being of the individual(s).

Aya, also known as aadhayam, means income and Vyaya means loss or expenditure. When these formulae are applied Aya should be greater than Vyaya (Ayam Adhikyam, Vyayam Hinam) in order that the dimensions worked out positively energizes the structure or building.

The Yoni and Rksha (Nakshatra) formulae are applied for finding the breadth of the building. The Yoni formula should be worked out to always get an odd remainder.

The1, 3, 5 and 7 remainders are referred to as Dhwaja, Simha, Vrshabha and Gaja indicating the directions East, South, West and North, respectively. Generally orientation to any direction can have the Dhwaja Yoni worked out.
The Yoni can be calculated, for sites not oriented to the cardinal directions, based on the following table.

Angular Orientation

Cardinal Direction



















Table 2

The Rksha (or Nakshatra) formula should be worked out such that the remainder indicates a constellation that is compatible to the master's (or spouse's) constellation.

The height of the building can be fixed based on the Vara and Tithi formulae. After calculating the negative or paisacha zones of the site, the proposed length of the available space is converted into hasta and then the formulae applied. An example, utilizing the various formulae, is given below:

Consider a site measuring 45 feet by 63 feet. We first find the paisacha or non-habitable area by dividing each side into nine parts. On the 63 feet side, the paisacha works out to 7 feet each on either side giving us 49 feet of Vastu approved land for construction. On the other side of 45 feet, the non-habitable area works out to 5 feet on either side and we have 35 feet of Vastu compatible land for construction.

The Ayadi table given in the end of the article is worked out equating a hasta to 1.5 feet or 18'. The formulae can be applied to both rooms (inner) and buildings (outer).

Let us now look at the Aya and Rksha (E and F) columns to arrive at the proper length. Aya for 49 feet works out to 9 and Rksha works out to 18 (Jyeshta). If we need a smaller measurement we can accordingly trace a dimension that gives higher figure of Aya and a compatible figure of Rksha.

Divide the 27 constellations into three sets of nine each and count the nakshatra obtained from your nakshatra. The count as per following table indicates the compatibility or otherwise.

Count from your nakshatra

Referred to as







Wealth and Prosperity



Danger, Loss, Accidents









Realization of Ambitions








Parama Mitra

Very Favorable

Table 3

Let us now arrive at the proper breadth dimension by referring to columns G and H. Locate the nearest measurement to 35 and check on its compatible Vyaya and Yoni. The table indicates dimensions 32.5 and 32.25 showing the Yoni as 1 and Vyaya as 5 & 4 respectively.

On similar lines the height of the building can also be identified from the table. Where normal foundation is used, the height from its base can be considered and for pillar foundation, the height from the bottom of its base over which the building is constructed can be considered. The height is with reference to the highest point of the building be it the overhead tank or the skylight of the building. The columns to be referred to are I and J.

The dimensions of length, breadth and height can be worked out for residential and business buildings, layouts, religious buildings, swimming pools and underground and overhead water tanks too.

It would be indeed be a contribution to the people if city developers and builders allot sites to the public with the dimensions worked out on at least three formulae, viz., Aya, Vyaya and Yoni.



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Comment Dear Sir,

Please clarify me that, I can take Aya size as 39x27 ( East to west 39' and North to south 27'


12-Jan-2021 09:18 AM

Comment Sir
My birth time to how is different between area calculations of the house and business building area

How is I learn about this case
Please support to me
I want to business block calculations

My birth time with nakatha is denata
So house use best is siyawasa

But my astrology gave to me for business block to pusha nakatha

Why,how is changed
Please tell to me

03-Dec-2020 08:21 AM

Comment Hlo sir my site is west. Pls suggest me aaya for 29,33 is good or not and my site size is 12mtrs-52fts. Pls rply sir thanku

Kamal goyal
01-Nov-2020 03:17 AM

Comment Good Evening,

Namastea is there any difference in calculation of


22-Apr-2020 09:25 AM

Comment North to South 21foot.3inch & East to West 14.foot 3 inch.this covered with tiles.12foot.4 Inch South to North. 7 foot 5 Inch East to sites background.north side
Door .also back side door.font road north side.tiles sloop is north use me office .

18-Apr-2020 05:11 AM

Comment Is there any relationship between the north facing site( North side road) and the direction you get in Aaydi calculations? since the calculated direction may not match the real direction of the sitei

G L Raju
21-Mar-2020 04:03 AM

Comment I want build new house please tell the ayas

20-Mar-2020 21:43 PM

Comment I have site West face
North South 29.6
East West 49.3
Kindly work out & give me the best ayya setup.wirh all detail
Kindly main door where to put.

20-Feb-2020 11:12 AM

Comment I am karaveerappa Vaddatti and I have plot in Chandpur with dimension of East to west (40)* North to south (30)=1200.

Can you please help me to provide aya for to construct house.

Thanks and Best Regards,

23-Oct-2019 04:45 AM

Comment Constrct in my own agriculture land. 25*33 aaya narth facethis dimensions good bad narth south 33 feet east west 25feet aaya. is good or bad please suggest sir

22-Aug-2019 02:42 AM

Comment I'm dr.rekha. my nakshatra is vishaka. My husband is Dr.Shreeshail. his nakshatra is bharani. We plan to build a house on 40×60 plot which is east facing .which direction shud be the entrance for best results?what's the aaya?

rekha Ramappa
16-Jul-2019 12:51 PM

Comment Sir I purchased 30 X 50 site west facing ,now I suppose to build 2 bed room house.Please give me suggestions regarding Aya&vastu.

16-May-2019 23:59 PM

Comment Sir,I purchased 40*60 sight east facing ,now I suppose to build 2 bed room house.Please give me suggestions regarding Aya&vastu.

Shashikumar Basappa Malali
12-May-2019 02:47 AM

Comment 30 × 40 west face. Date of birth 22/06/1985

Mahesh damodar
13-Mar-2019 22:19 PM

Comment How do you people think, someone will give all the details /answers pertaining to your questions without fee.

Kindly if you are serious about aya and vaastu, i suggest you to meet him directly or any other vaastu experts

28-Jan-2019 05:30 AM

Comment Sir aya is calculated insidewall or outside wall for house please suggest me (site east facing 56*30)

14-Dec-2018 23:41 PM

Comment Dear sir

my land is south facing 30x39 measurement,

East to West = 39 feet

North to South = 30 feet

Please suggest suitable aya

02-Dec-2018 21:59 PM

Comment my house planing is build 21x27,or 22x26, please vrushabha aya and vyaya nakshtra good tel me sir

10-Nov-2018 02:17 AM

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04-Nov-2016 05:53 AM

Comment Our site size is east west 40 feet, south north 46 feet. road on east and north side. In east face road gath is their. We required size of aaya for our site. what is the solution for road gath.This site in the name of jagannatha and Vanitha (wife).

27-Oct-2016 02:53 AM

Comment Dear Sir, My nakshatra is Purvashada 3rd or 4th Padam may be. I am living in south east corner house. One thing is our house agneyam corner wall is just a little bit having with curve. It will be any effect ? Please tell me sir.

20-Oct-2016 04:24 AM

Comment Dear sir.
i have a site 42 East west x 18 North south.Please recommend me a good aaya. road is at East side.



Byraiah IN
14-Oct-2016 02:46 AM

Comment Hi Sir

We are planning to buy a house which is west facing & the main door is towards north & the house number is 422 . My Husband DOB is 10/07/1976 & my DOB is 12/03/1979 . sir kindly suggest can we buy this house or is there any complications if we get into that house & also please suggest which facing will be ideal for our DOB .

Murthy : 10/07/1976 at 12PM
Chandravathy : 12/03/1979 at 4.30AM

22-Sep-2016 03:36 AM

Comment Hi sir,

We are taking north west direction facing house. Can please let me know whether that is good for my raasi and date of birth.

Date of birth - 03/31/1985
Name - srilatha lingineni
Raasi - karkataka raasi , pushyami nakshtram


20-Sep-2016 23:05 PM

Comment MY name is Anandasatyan reddy, s/o V. Balakrishnan reddy.Iwant to purchase 1500sq foot house.House facing is East face.
I am living in Gandhidham Gujarat.
My son name is Lakshithnath reddy- Age is 4years Bharani Nakshathram

My Rasi is Kanya& Nakshathram is Chithirai first patham. is it ok or not

House no is :12

please I need your advice

09-Aug-2016 03:48 AM

Comment iam planning to construct a home in coimbatore. my site is with 35*55 size. in what facing iam to construct. iam uthrada nakshatra.35 sq ft with road facing and length with 55 sq ft.

24-Jul-2016 03:57 AM

Comment Dear sir,

I am planning to construct house in 60 40 site east facing .
Pls suggest me appropriate aaya .

Indu Mani
08-Jul-2016 07:08 AM

Comment sir gud evening my name is nagaraju my date of birth is 21.05.1975 i have to construct residental house which road face house is suitable as per my date of birth. , i have 30'x40' easte phase road plot, i have to construct this plot for individual house, so give me your advise sir

06-Jul-2016 11:05 AM

Comment My name is THADI SAMSON and my DOB is 10-11-1971 at 3.10 p.m. at PORT BLAIR, ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS and I wish to know my nakshatram, and which facing apartment or residence is suitable for me ..

03-Jun-2016 01:10 AM

Comment hello sir,
I have one doubt my husband name is Krishna Durga Prabhakar
nakshatram : Mula
Date of birth : 12 January 1983
Time : 1.50 to 2 PM
Birth Place : Palakollu (west Godavari dt.)
My name : Radha Ramani Kumari
Nakshatram : chitta -3 padam
DOB : 18th feb 1987
Time : 9 pm approxemately
Birth place : Narsapuram (west Godavari dt.)

can you please tell me which Direction facing house is good for us to live.

25-May-2016 03:18 AM

Comment I T..suma my DOB is 6/4/1969.ANURADHA NAKSHTRA,VRSCHIK RASHI.



17-May-2016 06:45 AM

Comment now my old house size is length 42' (W-E), breadth 38' (N-S), front is south side. but a new plot has just its south, i want to built a building . will be that suitable for me ?

nihar ranjan mallik
14-Apr-2016 08:03 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

My Name B.Hemesh babu pushya nakshatra-3 , karkataka rasi have site 18x60. north facing. which entrance facing entrance is good for me.

Thanks and regards,

18-Dec-2015 01:37 AM

Comment Dear sir,

My Name is satish kumar born on 22th september 1977,time 19.45 at miryalaguda,AP,India please let me know which face of house will be suitable to me

Thanking you


Satish kumar

satish kuamr
12-Nov-2015 02:32 AM

Comment Dear Guruji,
There are two flats, flat no. 503 is in the SW facing direction door & other flat no 604 which is in the SE facing direction door. My date of birth is 22-09-1978. So can you please suggest me which one is favourable for me.
Thanks & Regards,

03-Nov-2015 11:12 AM

Comment Respected Sir,

Kindly guide me for new construction of ground floor. My land is 19x35 square feet .
Land is east to west (corner plot). How to built new house roos, kitchen, toilets, bathroom, steps, water tank, entrance etc.

Thanking you

Mr. Sanjay Wankhede, Burhanpur (M.P.)
30-Oct-2015 02:23 AM

Comment My name is M VENKATESULU . 36 years. Planning to buy a 2 BHK flat Facing east situated on 1 acre non agricultural it suitable for me as per the name. Please advise.

30-Sep-2015 09:35 AM

Comment My name is Amila . Planning to build a house in 26'-3"x55'-2" site Facing west, birth time 1742, 05/09/1985,in colombo sri lanka,can u advise about house planning

22-Sep-2015 03:26 AM

Comment Sir,
what type of dimensions are good according to vastu is it square or rectangular

31-Aug-2015 05:16 AM

Comment Dear Sir,
Please provide your bank details to pay 1000/- for consultancy.

Mrs. Archana Shailendra Kamat
07-Aug-2015 01:28 AM

Comment Sir,
We have a land and its south part is fully downwards. so we want to build new house ( on the place of old house wich is facing towards north. bt its south part is fully down) facing towards east. so plese give me some guidence about this,.
Thanking you sir

03-Aug-2015 02:51 AM

Comment My Star is Sathayam and Rasi Kumbha.
Please advise me which direction main door should face as per the Vastu?

Kind regards,
B. Suresh

B Suresh
02-Aug-2015 05:30 AM

Comment I sought the help of this chap that came with a hefty price tag. The money was paid in advance and I had no idea what I would get in return. The advice I got was sketchy at best and basically not useful. Every time you speak to this chap, he makes it look like he is a globe trotter with huge demand for his services. He gives this impression that he is a superior person and the advice is really on a take it or leave it basis. There was no professional courtesy or accountability to what essentially is a sale contract entered by him when he takes some one's money. He needs to remember that he is not giving any thing away free, and that what he is dishing out by the way of ayadi calculation is a formulae available on the net. People go to some one in the hope that they will add value by studying horoscopes properly and giving a usable solution. He can't do this.

I don't know how this guy sleeps at night being such a religious person with illustrious background. This is making most of B.V. Raman's name at best! Before paying him, make sure what he is going to provide in return. Ask for an invoice!

Bad Experience
19-Jul-2015 01:49 AM

Comment My name is Vinod Yadav. 34 years. Planning to build a house in 30x40 site Facing west situated. Sir, please send the vastu to build a home

16-Jul-2015 01:00 AM

Comment Sir
By Profession, I am an Advocate. Recently I shifted to an office west facing, exactly on 8th day my father expired who was healthy, please advice me whether its a coincidence or I have to vacate the office and suggest me the best directions for relocating the office if necessary. My D.O.B is 06-02-1977, born at 11:50 a.m, at Bangalore, Karnataka State


14-Jul-2015 14:50 PM

Comment Dear Sir,

My name is chandru P, My date of birth is 25/06/1973 and timing is morning 05.50am. My rashi is Meena rashi, revathi nakshtra. as we had constructed house 1 year ago my house main door and site north facing 30*40 2 bed rood, 1 kitchen 1 hall one coman bath room and one attached bath room and car parking, i am facing finance problem from 1 year can you please suggest me please

chandru P
02-Jul-2015 02:29 AM

Comment Hi sir,
I have 30*40 site, East facing(on East 15 Feet Road), and also has North side 10 feet Road. I want to know which side the main door will be?

26-Jun-2015 00:44 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

My name is Renukeshwara HM, My date of birth is 10/11/1977 and timing is morning 11.45am. My rashi is tula rashi, swathi nakshtra. Sir i want to buy a residential plot. please tell me which facing site is good for my rashi. please tell me sir.

Renukeshwara Hm
11-Jun-2015 04:02 AM

Comment sir my house is south facing 30x40 measurement, constructed area is east / west 30 feet and north south 30 feet dimensions sir this aaya is correct or not so please mail me sir

08-Jun-2015 05:22 AM

Comment we having a site 20X34 feet what is tha good aya dimention to bulit a sanskrit pathashala

30-May-2015 07:49 AM

Comment Hello Sir,

My name is Preethi, Kanya rashi, Hastha nakshatra, born 4/Mar/1980 and my husban name is Sunl Kumar, Mithuna rashi, Aridra nakshatra, born - 3/4/1971

Please advise which site phasing would suited for our janama nakshtra


07-May-2015 07:33 AM

Comment My Sun sign is Dhanus and Rasi is Purvashada.
which main door direction suites me

Deepak JC
24-Apr-2015 06:36 AM

Comment Dear sir,
My name is Kumaran.
My Raasi is Kumba, Poorattathi natchathram, Meena laknam.
My wife name is Sathyabama, Simma raasi, Pooram Natchathram.

I am planning to buy a flat in Chennai. Kindly advise which face main door entrance is suitable for me?

29-Mar-2015 00:55 AM

Comment My name is Balaji ,my date of birth is 29-12-1978, Born in India,Planning to build a house in 30x60 site Facing West in Tamilnadu, near ponneri,chennai,
30 x 60. East west 60. North south 30. Please recommend me a good aaya.
Road is at west side frontage 30 width.
i need to park car.
I born in 'Moola' Nakshatra,(Dhanu Raasi)
My wife Jayanthi. Rohini Nakshatra (Rishabam Raashi) Which Entrance is preferable and
which direction suite me the most.
Please advise.

23-Mar-2015 21:43 PM

Comment My name is Ravishankar and my birth star is "Magha" Pls ensure me which facing houses are suitable for me?
Kindly reply soon.

Ravi shankar
15-Dec-2014 00:27 AM

Comment Vastu consultation by Vastu Moorthy

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1)Rs.1000/- NEFT transfer
2) Your Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Time of Birth, your birth star and raashi if you know it.
3) same details for your wife if married.
4) Any house floor plans if you have already made it, email me a soft Copy clearly showing North direction on the floor plan.
5) Does your site face East, West, North or South.
6) Is there a East by road and by roads in other directions ?

Here is what you get:
1) Corrections for floor plan.
2) Best aayam or dimensions that will suit you.
3) A report describing your suitable aayaam.
4) 1 month of email/phone support answering your queries.

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May God bless one and all.


08-Dec-2014 08:51 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

My name is H B Suchindra Rao, and my Wife name is M Sangeetha Pundir, both are belong to Kumbha Rashi, we want to shift to another house, but the house is in south face and it is triangle, please tell us wheather it is good to move us to that house.

Suchindra Rao

H B Suchindra Rao
23-Nov-2014 09:13 AM

Comment dear sir my space is as follows;
in this aera im running my office past 1years but no improve ment lot of unwanted expenses ,loss of business how can i convert this area for bussiness by modify
pl reply

22-Nov-2014 00:52 AM

Comment i want to learn get directions on plan for design home ,exactly in measurement like from center at how much distance feet we get direction/subdirections,

08-Nov-2014 05:27 AM

Comment @Bhemappa: For smaller sites working out the six formulae will not be practical. We suggest that you keep the paisacha all around free - 1 foot 8 inches on either side of the width and 4 feet 6 inches on either side of the length. With the foundation length at 29 feet and the width at 12 feet 4 inches, the aya (gain) and yoni (orientation) work out fine.
@Praveen For flats it is necessary that you look into the ventilation from the north, east and south primarily, rather than just the main door (which most of the time is closed) and there is no ventilation on that side.

Niranjan Babu
26-Oct-2014 04:25 AM

Comment Sir
I am Nagendra Rao M, I have land, This land i have to plan to construct South west corner and Dimension house by 27 x 23=621sft (Ease to west by 23 & north to south by 27 ) and south side road, please provide Aaya ( I want only vrushabaya only) and vasthu related issue and best for construction house.

Nagendra Rao M
25-Oct-2014 07:29 AM

Comment Hi Sir,

I am planning to buy apartment.
Kindly let me know which face is sutiable for my name

Avinash Vemuri
8:05 pm
Meena lagnam
Bharani nakshatram

Avinash vemuri
12-Oct-2014 23:58 PM

Comment Dear Sir,

Is purchase of a house facing south west direction is good for my son Revati Nakshatra and daughter in law swathi nakshtra in USA..


padma ramakrishna
01-Oct-2014 19:46 PM

Comment Dear Sir,

My name is Praveen. poorva bhadrapada nakshatra , kumbha rashi DOB: 03/01/1979.
Now i planned to purchase a apartment where the entrance is @ North -East, and the Kitchen is @ North - West.

So please suggest me weather i should purchase this or not.

Thanking you

Praveen S. Ganachari

Praveen S Ganachari
20-Sep-2014 11:34 AM

Comment My name is bheemappa i have 15*40 area site west facing + road pls send me correact ayaa sir

12-Sep-2014 04:35 AM

Comment @anuja@udayakumar@pavitra@skgrao@madhavi@hiremath@govindaraju@sharanaprasad@shivakumar: You can write to us
@Chandramouli: As a rule, for any orientation, Dhwajaya is always the best. Use the Yoni formulae - the remainder of width x 3 divided by 8. Remainder 1, 3, 5 and 7 indicate Dhwaja (east), Simha (south), Vrshabha (west) and Gaja (north).

Bangalore Niranjan Babu
11-Aug-2014 08:26 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

Kindly give me your mobile number and contact address immediately.

My Mobile Number is 9740836360


10-Aug-2014 22:53 PM

Comment dear sir
we r planning to purchase flat which is fullfeeling our needs . its fonrt door is in west south corner but door is feacing long wall leading a passage to hall. rest of the thing in the house are asper vasthus 2nd results kicthen in NW one BR is in NE one Br is in SW along other side of the passage. we liked the flate it is in our bugdet . is it advivible to buy it what remedi can remove this dosha. please guide me as earli as possible. if possible send your mobile no. so that we can consult you directly.
thanking you
Your's Faithful


anuja g
10-Aug-2014 13:48 PM

Comment Sir,

We have a site dimention of 55Ft. North to South 35Ft East to West. At what dimention Apx 10 Square building we can construct. Please guide me. Whether we can construct house by SIMHA aya? My Nakshatra is Makha and Rashi Simha.
DOB is 27/06/1971.

Waiting for your reply.

21-Jul-2014 10:04 AM

Comment Hi Sir, My Name is Pavithra Please provide me building aaya


We already completed basement for this dimention in last 2 months back. is that good for us.

Guddali pooje is done with from my mother. name is Vijayalakshmi Siddegowda.

If this not good aaya please provide me alternate Solution

Pavithra V S
07-Jun-2014 01:15 AM

Comment Respected Sri Niranjan Babu ji,
It was indeed a miracle I saw your article and was amazed how you have such gift by god to help people by freely publishing the information to vastu engineers.Kindly post permit me for having copied with my gratitude after giving my compliments in the blog to your good self in my blog the text as given above.If you have any objection I shall delete the same from my blog.Kindly give me post permision by e-mail.
Respectfully yours,
S K G Rao.

S K G Rao
01-Jun-2014 13:11 PM

Comment Please provide me building aaya for my 30*46 site.
My DOB is 24/10/1983 ,Friday 09:30 PM.


26-May-2014 00:15 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

We are planning to shift to south side facing entrance home and the building is west face. Please reply Is it good for us or not?
My husband name: Ramesh
My Name: Madhavi

07-May-2014 05:22 AM

Comment Sir I am Irayya from Dharwad i want t construct my house, site size is 60x40 south east road is suitable for me my Nakshatr Aaridra Mithun rasi what shoud be the aaya kindly advise me

Irayya M Hiremath
06-May-2014 03:38 AM

Comment Dear sir,

My name is Govindaraja.G and my pet name is raghu,
my orginal date of birth is 09.02.1991 but my id cards, marks card, dl other documents are 28.03.1990 is there.

sir, we have our site dimention is 50feet (north to south) and 40feet (east to west)
road is at north side facing roads Please recommend me a good aaya.

we have alredy 1old house is there in site, very problem is there this dimention is aproximetly
37 x 27 feet my house dimention.

05-May-2014 06:16 AM

Comment Dear sir,

My Name is Sharanuprasad H Shivaling,Devasugur raichur karnataka
date of birth 30.11.1979.meena rashi, revati nakshatra.
I have site of 48 feet length X 30 feet breadth
we are planning for 2 house of 722 square feet each,
Details are as follows,
Site Facing : East face
Main door entry : East Face
Main Gate entry : South Agneya.

pl suggest the aaya for the foundation of house

05-May-2014 00:15 AM

Comment date of birth:01/02/1957
time of birth: 20 Ghalige; 38 vighalilige
Place of birth:Harapanahalli Davanagere
I am facing lot of difficulties. how is my future?

Dr W M Sivakumar
17-Apr-2014 01:20 AM

Comment @ Janardhana, Thimappa. The articles posted here are self explanatory. As a rule you can work out the yoni as dhwajaya which will be valid for all orientations.
@Krishna - Thank you for your kind comments. We wish you all the best.

Bangalore Niranjan Babu
28-Feb-2014 08:26 AM

Comment I am having site of south face measuring with 21*42 (L*W).I have plan to build under ground for vehical park and on that commercial complex.(three or four stalls). What should be the costructed aya.

28-Feb-2014 02:34 AM

Comment Dear sir,
We have already constructed the factory size 15000sqft out of that main Building is 148.6" X 48.5" Please guide us in Ayas.Now Aya is Sihmaya.Please guide us in diffrent profitable Aya.

26-Feb-2014 12:00 PM

Comment My name is Janardhana.K
D.O.B : 03/05/1964, Birth Star : Uttarashadha 1st paada, Rashi: Dhanassu
I am planning to construct a house in Mysore,
Site Dimensions are as follows:
North to South: 44.28 ft (13.5 mts)
East to West : 22.96 ft (7.0 mts)
Site facing north.
(Corner Site- North West)

What should be the suitable Aaya (Foundation Dimension) & which is the suitable direction of the main door. Waiting for your advice,please guide us.

Thanks & Regards,

Janardhana K
23-Feb-2014 05:28 AM

Comment Shri Niranjan Babu gave me dimensions for my house construction, I had already read his books and had some basic knowledge of AAYA computations, I brought an issue back to him in next vastu consultation that one of the 6 parameters NAKSHATRA is not compatible for both of us, he changed the dimensions again and then again this time it was compatible for me, but danger for my wife, when I asked him he had said it gives Sampath,i,e, wealth, I dared to question him how he calculated and obtained Sampath, he gave me a piece of paper and asked me to calculate, he too calculated along side, finally both of us got same results and same process of calculations. He agreed that it was calculated as danger, but, still did not tell how he wrongly predicted Sampath.

what if I were a common man with zero knowledge of Vastu and had listened to him simply ? what would have happened, I don't know.

This time, I took the matter in my hands and made new calculations with changed dimensions and got all 6 parameters as favourable for both me and my wife, i.e, the AYADI SHADVARGA parameters, when I wrote an email to him, he simply ignored me and continues to ignore me on phone and emails too.

During the meetings he was telling if we follow two vastu parameters it is more than enough, I was shocked, this is the least I can expect from a vastu consultant.

Basically, he did not do a good job of giving good calculations, please, hence, read his book and do your own calculations, in the best interest of my fellow Indians I am writing this comment.

Any comments or questions please SMS or call me at 8892663202.


18-Feb-2014 04:25 AM

Comment Hello Sir,

I am planning to construct my home in a land measuring East to West (26+27)/2 Ft, and North to South 50 Ft, in all measuring 1325 Sq.Ft. The site is south facing. My raashi is "Mithuna" and 'Punarvasu" nakshatra. Our plan is to construct ground floor with 2 car parking space and 3 BHK house. Please suggest how to proceed.

Thanks in Advance !

08-Feb-2014 00:00 AM

Comment My name in shankar i have a site in warje malwadi pune estate
site measurement 22.10 feet north to south 85 feet east to west, road is at west facing roads Please recommend me a good aaya.

16-Jan-2014 09:44 AM

Comment We have a plot of 30x55 south road. we are a brother and two sisters. we want to construct three floors with 2BHK 2 nos oneach floor. Pls suggest us the plan for the building

sudhir kumar
16-Jan-2014 02:54 AM

Comment Dear Sir

My name in sathyaprakash i have a site in kammagondanahalli near hmt indl estate
site measurement 55 feet north to south 25 feet east to west, road is at west and south facing roads Please recommend me a good aaya.

19-Dec-2013 01:31 AM

Comment sir, namaskar
I have a plot measuring (S-N)length 43 feetX ( W-E)bredth 18 Feet south facing . Pls advise me in what length and bredth area built for house means aya, i want to built 15 X 39 how it is?

my nakshatra is uttara
my husband's nakshatra is uttarashada

14-Dec-2013 05:14 AM

Comment I want to purchase a house which is having WEST face. Is it good for our health & wealth. My rasi is SIMHA. please clarify.

M. Manohar Reddy
02-Dec-2013 02:26 AM

Comment my name is khadar my plot size is 39'0"x60'0" and builtup size 31'0"x47'0" east road face, east and west said size 31'0", north and south said 47'0" .
what should be the the foundation dimention and the ahayaa. REGARDS - khadar

13-Nov-2013 09:40 AM

Comment Hai sir
this is ajay from bangalore. we have 33*33 east facing site and east road. pls tell me the Aaya.....
owners name... munirathnamma

thank you

Ajay kumar
25-Oct-2013 07:58 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

I am planning to construct a house on plot size of 60 x 40 east facing.

Am looking forward to get the vastu based plan with the following requirement.

1. Basement Car Parking
2. Ground Floor 3 BHK with open kitchen, pooja and 2 toilets with spacious Living Room
3. 2BHK - 2 Units

Please let me know how to reach you for advice.


Ravishankar BV
16-Oct-2013 01:06 AM

Comment My name is Manoj . I want to built factory . my Plot size is (93 North & 233 South ) Kindly Guide me whether Plot calculation is good or not

11-Oct-2013 10:48 AM

Comment sir,
we have an existing east facing house and rooms having in each direction of this house but i want to open a beauty parlour in my house ,so i want to know which direction room ihave to select to open the beauty parlour which will give me very very good result.
thanking you

07-Oct-2013 23:36 PM

Comment We are constructing a house and its aayam is 23X37 gajayam my nakshatra is revathi meena rasi and my husband nakshatra is uttarra phalguni does it suit to us

30-Sep-2013 06:25 AM

Comment @Agarwal, basically Vastu highlights the importance of orientation to the cardinal directions. Whether it was the devalaya or the manushyalaya, great attention to having the building oriented to the cardinal directions was given.

Imbalances created by a tilt, as given by you, can be minimised by proper construction and location of the various rooms based on the astro data of your birth. Texts have also suggested creating depressions and installation of copper deposits to minimise Vastu inappropriate energies created by the wrong tilt.

@Kiran, you can get much information from articles in, our website and in our books which you can get at and at all leading bookshops of the country.

Niranjan Babu Bangalore
16-Sep-2013 11:05 AM

Comment Respected Sir
my specific question is as we know tilt plot is not so good,
what will be the remedy for tilt plot.

(dimention north to south 146 feet / east to west 73 feet)
which is north (tilt to west).

this is about 55 degree tilt house. (exact north become N/E)

rajendra agarwal
16-Sep-2013 06:04 AM

Comment sir my name is kiran kumar. when i searched this it is very good information i got from u sir, thank u..i like to learn about the vastu regulations.plese help me to learn this thery concept.. thank u sir.

31-Aug-2013 15:09 PM

Comment Pallavi, as a basic rule allow a minumum of 1/9th all around free for energy flow. This one ninth is called the paisacha and should not have the main construction. This means on the shorter side 3 feet 4 inches should be free on either side. On the longer side of the site, 4 feet 6 inches should be free on either side. Based on these available space for construction, work out the ayadi and arrive on the right dimensions

Niranjan Babu
27-Aug-2013 10:07 AM

Comment east facing plot 42n-s /60 e-w new house aayam please 1. kiran kumar 2.appaiah raju

kiran kumar
27-Aug-2013 02:51 AM

Comment Hi Sir,

We're starting construction in another 10 days. And the site a corner southwest, & measurement is 30x40 (30 - north to south and 40 west to east). We're building house in that. Measurement of the building (excluding staircase) 23.5 x 30. Linear Staircase will be built in South of Southwest (2.75 x 15) and towards North we've left 2.75x40 empty, West side 1x30 empty & East side we've 8x30 space for parking and other purposes.. Planning two doors, one in the North and one in East. Gates are at South of South-east and West of North-west. Inside everything is built according to Vastu except Bathroom & Toilet (It'll be built in South of South). Please advice if any corrections required. This is my first house.

Hope you'll help.


Pallavi Vijaykumar
13-Aug-2013 06:41 AM

My name is Murugan.S I have a site of dimension 36' * 71' West facing at Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu. My dob is 03.02.1972 my nakshatra is Utthiram, Kanya rasi, My Wife name is M. Hemalatha dob is 27.06.1979 nakshatra is Poosam, Kadaga Rasi. please advice which facing i can choose for main entrance door and ayaadi, Thanks & Kind regards

11-Aug-2013 11:26 AM

Comment Sir,

I want to construct my house in site measuring 30ftx40ft North facing. My Raasi is mesha and naksthra is Bharani. Please advice what should be the Good aaya for my House

30-Jul-2013 05:12 AM

Comment Sir
I have purchased a plot measuring 73x36 plot north facing . Pls advise me what is the ideal built up area as per my nakshatra. My nakshatra is chettrai, My date of birth is 25.11.1970


Thanks & Regards

24-Jul-2013 06:56 AM

Comment I am staying in south facing door. My nakshatra is Bahrain and rashi is mesh rashi this house i can stay or not please let me know sit.


18-Jul-2013 10:46 AM

Comment My Name is Kalyan Chakravarthy born on 28th July 1972 Kumbha Raasi Dhanista Nakshtram please let me know which face of house will be suitable to me

My Wife's name is :K.Jyothirmayee 07.07.1980
Mesha Raasi Aswini Nakstram

05-Jul-2013 01:06 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

I have a site 30x40 north face comes road to construct house ground floor with a stir case in side to go top small one room kitchen house in rear name is narayana swamy anuradha nakshtra,vruchik rashi.vishnuvardhasa gothra.
No w tell me want to keep east face door.
what should be the details of plan considering vasthu.


s narayana swamy
05-Jul-2013 00:00 AM

Comment Priya Shivakumar, Your query can be answered professionally by us. Email us at

Anil, east and south are compatible

Sushma, south facing site is in order.

As a rule for everyone, when designing your home, see that there is good ventilation in terms of windows on all sides, particularly north (mercury - finance, intellect), east (Sun- health, physical and mental) and south (assertiveness and courage, younger generation)

Niranjan Babu
28-Jun-2013 09:11 AM

Comment Respected Sir,

Pranams! We have proposed to construct our home in our farm land.

My husbands nakshatra is sadayam kumbha rashi and mine is chitrai -rasi

is kanni facing the north direction..He is doing business.

After due calculations we have arrived at this measurement. Plot

measures 91 x 79 and building to be constructed measures 45 x 45.

Can I go ahead with this measurement for planning ? Its a duplex i.e G + 1

what should be the ht. of the building.

After the basic planning I shall seek audience with you sir.

valuing your expert opinion I stand.

Thanking you,

priyaa sivakumaar

28-Jun-2013 08:48 AM

Comment Sir,
My name is anil from Bangalore; Dhanista Nakshatra, Kumbha Rashi.
I am planning to buy a site measuring 30x40 which is East facing.
According to my nakshtra and rashi, is it OK or advisable for me
to by the East Facing Site.
Please reply to my mail.

thank you

25-Jun-2013 07:17 AM

Comment Hi,

we are taking a south facing site 30 X 40. East, west and north directions have other sites.

My nakshtra is shathabisha 11/07/1982 10.10 AM
My husband nakshatra is bharani 19/04/1977

will our nakshatra support the south facing site. shall we buy that site


24-Jun-2013 22:31 PM

dear sir,

We have old twin house in 30X40 feet site ,door south facing at Davangere in Kb extension . it is in name of my wife. her rasi makara, and my rasi also makara . wheather we can live in south faceing house or not. I want make to alter house by demolishing twin house to single house.Shall we alter with the same walls or we should demolish full and built. pl.clarify
my date of birth-12/12/1961 time :5:30 am. birth place Davangere.

My wife date of birth 6/1/1973, time: 3.30 pm bangalore.

with regards,

Bharthi Murthy
07-Jun-2013 03:25 AM

Comment sir,
suresh here from Hoskote DOB 21 06 1978 time 2.05pm at Bangalore.
Planing to build house. i am having east facing site.
Dimention north to south 40feet
east to west 69 feet (to south west corner)
east to west 67.9feet (to north west corner)
pls get me aaya for this and aspecies time to start construction.
planning to cunstruct duplex 4 bedroom house.


Suresh babu (Balasubramanya)
06-Jun-2013 12:24 PM

Comment I have a site measuring 50 x 30 north facing which aaya is suitable for me please send the details

hemanth kumar N
04-Jun-2013 06:56 AM

Comment Requested Sir ,

My name is Kandepi Padma , satabhisha nakshatra , kumbha rasi . I had a site at Tumkur , Karnataka State measuring 55' West to East and 35' from Noth to south . The site having West facing 30' road and south side having open place ( park area ) . I have born on 03.10.1968 Thursday night 11.30 at Veeravalli village , Krishna Dist., A.P. This site is registered in my name .

My husband name Kandepi Srinivasa Rao , Hastha nakshtra , kanya rasi born on 05.04.1966 at Kurnool town of A.P .

We request you kindly advise me which AAYA is preferable and which direction suites for us the most. Please advise.

Thanks & Best Regards

Kandepi Padma

02-Jun-2013 12:14 PM

Comment My name is Nagarjuna.Chitroju ,my date of birth is 30-01-1984, Bron in India,Planning to build a house in 30x40 site Facing West in Bangalore,I born in 'Moola' Nakshatra,(Dhanu Raasi) My wife Manasa.Rangu born in Makha Nakshatra (Simha Raashi) Which Entrance is preferable and which direction suite me the most. Please advise.

30-Apr-2013 03:38 AM

Comment Sir, I had site at Chitradurga measuring 35' from West to East and 50' from North to South (North facing site/plot). I want to built a house in that site/plot.
My Janmanaam is Halappa and real name is Sangappa and calling me as Sangamesh, and I have born on 14.08.1966 at abot 5.30pm to 6.00 pm in the evening at Kalaghatgi, Dharwad district.

I request you to kindly inform me a Aaya and foundation dimesnion.

Sangamesh Y Tippanagoudati
19-Apr-2013 06:01 AM

Comment Sir

We are planing to buy the house is USA, we want to know what site facing is suitable for us.

My husband details; Name Jaayaram, Purvashada nakshtra and
Mine : Madhavi, Pubba nakshtra.


18-Apr-2013 10:15 AM

Comment Sir,

Ihave purchased a plot measuring 34X19 Feet north facing 34'. Pls advise me what is the ideal built up area as per my nakshatra.

DOB : 25-12-1978 8:10am

Thank u sir.

15-Apr-2013 11:00 AM

Comment Sir,

Ihave purchased a plot measuring 26X43 Feet north facing 26'. Pls advise me what is the ideal built up area as per my nakshatra.

DOB : 12-02-1972 4pm

Thank u sir.

27-Mar-2013 13:11 PM

Comment i have site 30'X50' facing east east to west is 50' north to south 30' and my raashi is kanya uttara nakshatra and i consume non veg which aya is suitable for me please mail me


25-Mar-2013 05:01 AM

Comment sir, my date of birth is 14-04-1979, place is Arsikere. Veshika nakshtra; now i planning to built a house in my site. that is in my father name Govindappa dob 10-8-1949,
planning to built a house in 35 length (north-south), and 30 width (east-west). and the enter door is in south direction. The road is East direction. Is this messurment aaya is good for me or not. please suggest me...

04-Mar-2013 04:22 AM

Comment I sent a mail with wrong e-mail id by mistake: Description is same. This is my correct mail Id. Please help me in this regard.

sreenath m v
21-Feb-2013 10:21 AM

Comment I built a house on sir m visvesvaraya nagara, 8th block(Further Extension), in 2006. Site is 30x40 facing south by road. main entrance is in east of north-east. mbr in south-west 10x12 with 3x6 attached bathroom, cbr 10x10 attached to it with door in north of north-east,by the side of cbr , common bathroom 5x7 with indian toilet inside in in east of south-east .cooking slab facing east. sink is towards north of gas stove. outside staircase in east of north-east corner from south to north with a turn from east to west with landing in north of north-west.

Now I am plaaning to build 1st and 2nd floor on this, please guide me in this regard.

sreenath m v
21-Feb-2013 10:16 AM

Comment Sir
I am Lakshminarayana, I have site 45 x 45 north east corner (both side road) in that i have to construct house 36 x 30 please provide aaya ( I want only vrushabaya only) and vasthu related issue and best for construction house.

08-Feb-2013 02:35 AM

Comment Respected Sir,

I have Purchased a Plot in greated cummunity by size 50 ft by 36 ft.
Now i require complete Vastu Consultancy for the above Plot with your Terms and Conditions.

Radheshyam Lohiya
Mobile No.09291438474.

Radheshyam lohiya
23-Jan-2013 07:08 AM

Comment Hello, Sir, M.Venkata naganasathya sai srinivasa rao this is my complete name, my Date of Birth is 28-05-1975, Time of Birth 5 A.M to 6 AM, My wife name is Radha rani, We are plan to Purchase a Residential land, which type face and L X B. please guide me.

M.Venkatanaganasathyasai srinivasa rao
17-Jan-2013 09:26 AM

Comment Dear Mr. Niranjan Babu,

My name is Nagaraj, Kanya Rasi, Chitta 2nd pada nakshatra. I am planning to buy 3 BHK west facing flat in Basaveshwarnagar, Bangalore. I tried to see which face will suit me best and it sounds like south for my rasi. I want to know what will be the problem i am going to face if I face West faced flat. The builder says the flat is vastu compliant. Please provide your response to

Thanks for reading my mail..

07-Jan-2013 08:42 AM

Comment Sir, i have a site of dimension 30*50 south facing at shimoga, my dob is18-10-1971 my nakshatra is Hastha, Kanya rasi, pl advice me which direction can i choose for main entrance door and which ayaa.
With regards.

Thirthappa T
24-Dec-2012 03:11 AM

Comment My name is Thirthappa T i have a site of dimension 30*50 south facing at shimoga, my dob is18-101971 my nakshatra is Hastha, Kanya rasi, pl advice which i can choose for main entrance door and ayaadi, with regards

Thirthappa T
19-Nov-2012 02:20 AM

Comment Sir, what side should i keep the door our site is facing to south and I want to construct building which side door is suitable for men

07-Nov-2012 08:00 AM

Comment Dear Sir,
My name is Sisira & I'm from Sri Lanka.

My land is not orienting the cardinal directional. one boundary with 12ft road orienting to the NE and another boundary with 15ft road orienting to the NW. if we considered NE is front the front boundary is narrow than the back. If NW is considered as front front is broader than back side. slope is oriented towards south east. Land is not rectangular.
sir, I would like to know whether this site is good for construct my house. my rashi is Thula

Is it possible to send survey plan pdf format by mail.

Thank you

24-Sep-2012 22:04 PM

Comment The new building construction South entrance is correct or no for kanni rasi

23-Sep-2012 13:14 PM

Comment sir, We have our 30' * 40' Rectangular site, where Breadth 30' facing perfect North -by road & North to south 30', East to west 40' .
I'am concerned that ,is my site facing right vastu side. and there is drainage gutter running in frontage roadside border & right AYA

Now we have planned to build a Stilt + 2 floor home. pl advice with right vastu plan for my building.

With regards


15-Sep-2012 12:10 PM

Comment sir, We have our 60' * 30' Rectangular plot, where Breadth 30' facing perfect south-west Direction.
My plot (frontage is tilted 45 degrees from south to west in clock wise direction.) I'am concerned that ,is my plot facing right vastu side. and there is drainage gutter running in frontage roadside border.

Now we have planned to build a Stilt + 2 floor flats. pl advice with right vastu plan for my building

With regards

B.Srinivas Reddy

09-Aug-2012 03:45 AM

Comment Dear sir,

My name is prashant uttara nakshtra kanny rashi Planning to build a house in 23x42 site Facing North situated north road & i want to build a house of area 19x35 (foundation dimension). Is aaya is correct or not. if it is changed what should be the dimension. please mail me on my email address

Thanks and regards

14-Jul-2012 03:18 AM

Comment Dear Sirs,

My name is R.V.Suresh Gowda. 35 years. Planning to build a house in 30x30 site. Road facing to south and the doors can be make arrangements as east face.My wife Name is Varalakshmi. Which AAYA is preferable and which direction suites me the most. Please suggest the correct ayaa.

Thanks and regards
R.V.Suresh Gowda

R.V.Suresh Gowda
07-Jun-2012 07:08 AM

Comment I have a north facing site with area 50' X 80'.

My Details are:
Dhanista nakshtra Khumba rasi;

My wife B R Nirmala (siri): Anuradha Nakshtra, Vrushika rasi;

My Son W M Suman Shivashankar Shivachar: Pubba Nakshtra Shima rasi.

What should be the the foundation dimensions and the ahayaa.

REGARDS - Dr W M Sivakumar

Dr W M Sivakumar
19-May-2012 03:55 AM

Comment My name is vijaya. I want to buy a house. I do not know which direction do i need to buy house. I am Rohini star Rishiba rasi. Please advise which direction of the house is best for me.

02-May-2012 21:25 PM

Comment Hi,
We are constructing one house.Hw to consider the vasthu width and lenght?we saw the vasthu size in website in

feet.should we consider full building size or only room sizes as per vasthu sizes.what about it included in the vasthu size?we are under assumption that over all building size (without portico) should be as per vasthu it correct?our overall building length comes to roughly 50 feet.but no good points for this size.otherwise if we consider only room size for vasthu, we can fix our Hall room size at 33 then good points on this size.
pls advise me.vasthu will be considered for room wise or full building wise?

Thanks in advance.


22-Mar-2012 07:45 AM

Comment hi,

i have a site 22 x 30. East west 30. North south 22. Please recommend me a good aaya. road is at west side. i need to park car.
Rashi - vrushaba (kritika).

m s ananda
14-Mar-2012 23:33 PM

Comment I am based in Bangalore and I would like to consult with Niranjan Babu some issues presented above with respect to Ayadi, Vastu etc..
Kindly provide contact details Telephone / email

Thank you

Sachi Ganesan
12-Mar-2012 10:33 AM

Comment Hi,

My name is Satish and i am planning to build a house measuring site(40Sx 52N), and my Nakshatra is Chitta, Tula Rashi, Kindly advice how to proceed with,

Satish H.N

10-Feb-2012 23:09 PM

Comment sir
i am lakshmi, we have 30 x 40 measurement in bangalore (south face) already we have constructed one single bed room house same south face, but it is good or not? please advice. Then we construct two bed room in east facing.

total site should occupy in upstairs and have to build full. please clarify the measurement of rooms and pooja room & hall & which face should be good. my husband mesha raasi, aswini nakshatra & mine rishaba raasi rohini nakshatra.

01-Feb-2012 23:11 PM

Comment Dear Sirs,

My name is Prasanna Kumar. 46 years. Planning to build a house in 30x40 site Facing North situated on 3 acre farm land. This site also can be made faced to East, since there is a scope to change the direction of site area kept for house building. I born in 'Hasta' Nakshatra, Kanya Raashi. My wife Veena born in Vishakha Nakshatra, Tula Raashi. Which AAYA is preferable and which direction suites me the most. Please advise.

Thanks and regards
Prasanna Kumar

24-Jan-2012 12:18 PM

Comment sir i plan to construct home in 60 X 40 site fasing east 49x33 aaya is it ok for me moola naxtra 4 pada dhanassu rasi please tell me about ayya

sowmya p n
16-Jan-2012 22:03 PM

Comment My name is suneetha.makha nakshatram,simha raasi.i have site in ongole dimensions is 59X36 sqft.west road.what should be the foundation dimensions.

30-Oct-2011 12:22 PM

Comment My name is vinutha i hv a site area is 30' x 30' north facing & i want to build a house of area 25' x 24'.5" (foundation dimension). Is aaya is correct or not. if it is changed what should be the dimension. please mail me on my email address

17-Oct-2011 01:36 AM

Comment My name is Prashanth. pushya nakshatra , karkaata rashi. i have a site in Tumkur and intend to build the house. site dimention is - 55 (North + Road), 45 South, 45 west.. 46.5 East. what should be the the foundation dimention and the ahayaa. REGARDS - Prashanth.
14-Oct-2011 20:43 PM