Stop Treating Kashmir Valley with Kid Gloves

The state of Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of the Republic of India like any other Indian State. Yet in the last 63 years in which the Congress Party has been in power at the Centre for most of the time and even now, the Congress Government treats it with kid gloves and deferential approach.

The reality on the ground is that J&K State comprises of three major regions namely Jammu, Ladakh and the Kashmir Valley which is only a small part of the State. Successive Congress Governments have greatly over-exaggerated the importance of the Kashmir Valley which is the playground ground of Pakistan Army’s proxy war and terrorism against Indian security forces, simply because Indian Governments have allowed a whole bunch of Kashmir Valley treacherous secessionist organizations and leaders to abound without check and who are manipulated by Pakistani intelligence agencies.

The Kashmir Valley has been on a boil for the last one week because the Congress Government has been sending ambiguous signals of not being stern enough to impose its writ in the Valley. It is high time that the Congress Government stops treating Kashmir Valley with political kid gloves.

The Congress Government must explain as to what prevents it to extern the secessionist leaders from the Kashmir Valley and confine them in a distant Indian State? If Sheikh Abdullah could be held in protective custody for years what hold back the Government from taking action against those who espouse Pakistan’s cause? The Congress Government must explain as to why such secessionist leaders are given access to the Pakistan High Commission and more significantly when Pakistani Presidents, Foreign Ministers and Foreign Secretaries are visiting New Delhi? The Government should also explain as to why Western diplomats are given access to these leaders in Srinagar and as to how Hurriet leaders like the Mirwaiz etc are seen visiting Capitol Hill in Washington or attending OIC meetings?

The questions above are equally applicable to BJP leaders as to why when they were in political power in New Delhi they too pussyfooted the same way and as to why the did not live up to their promise of repealing Article 370?

It is strange that the present Congress Government should be preaching peace with Pakistan with a fervent evangelist approach when Pakistan all along is following a dual strategy of espousing India-Pakistan peace while at the same time keeping Kashmir Valley on the boil through their co-religionist accomplices in the Kashmir Valley. 

The Government of the day has all along been timid in its approaches to the handling of the Kashmir Valley troublemakers from the extraordinary delay in hanging of Kashmiri Afzal Guru to now clamping hard on the handful of Pakistani manipulated troublemakers inciting the present turbulence in the Kashmir Valley.

The Congress-NC coalition Chief Minister was not checked and restrained by the Central Government when in terms of competitive politics with the seccessionsts he started making noises against the security forces, their withdrawal from the Valley and alleging human rights violations allegations leveled by the secessionists without awaiting detailed enquiries.

Why could the Central Government not able to anticipate and take preemptive actions against the breakout of turbulence when the Prime Minister’s Office abounds in Special Envoys specializing on Pakistan and Kashmir Affairs specialists?

Or is it that they give the requisite advice but the Prime Minister ignores it to follow his own agenda based on political expediency?

Whatever be the case the strategic reality still pervades that India to protect her National Honor and her international image must be seen in handing the Kashmir Valley without politicizing security issue and not handling it with kid gloves. 


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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Comment The points enumarated By Brig(Dr) Subhash Kapila are very apt and cogent in this article.But my opinion is, as we could not resolve this issue in 63years after having faught two wars with Pakistan, I do not see any possibility of a solution.If at all some thing is worked out,keeping in view our resolve that, Kashmir is integral part of India, and there cannot be a second partition, then how there can be any compromise solution. Solution cannot happen with out give and take which may not be accepeted by the public from both countries.

11-Nov-2010 09:30 AM

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