Visual Astrology – Introduction

The traditional system of observing transit or Gochara movement of Planets are replaced by and unique system of graphical representation through which any astrological observer can view the entire planetary changes in his/her Desktop computer at a glance. The accuracy of longitude of planets is ± 5´ arc.

People, who used to observe astrological time through yearly ephemeris, will get much help with my system of monthly longitudinal graphs of planets based on Nirayana planetary data offered by the Positional Astronomy Center.

It had been actually developed by me in 1994 to observe the relation of planetary changes with daily business events by eyewitness. In 2008, I was able to make such longitudinal graphs in an ordinary personal computer with color monitor, which gives a great convenience to view the slightest planetary movement and Moon’s daily Transit path. Thus the below longitudinal graphs for January 2010 is given with a few dates extended for February 2010.

The graph below has been made from the data of Lahiris Ephemeris 2010 edition. The vertical column represents each day of the month. The horizontal line indicates planetary longitude at 5-30 hour IST or  zero hours GMT in a particular date. Thus on 0 line the longitudes of all the planets on 1st January marked and on the 1st column the longitudes of 2nd January were marked. In this way the Tulyansa or equivalent longitude of the all the planets thus created individual planets transit graph line. Since Rahu-Ketu (true) is always lies in same longitude, the line of their transit is always in same line.

In the left and right side of the graph the Orange color divisions from 1L, 2L,…. 9L are the nine Navamsa divisions of every Zodiac signs. Different planetary graphs are represents by different color lines Sun orange, Mon light green, Mars red, Mercury ash, Venus blue, Jupiter violet, Saturn black, Rahu-Ketu brown Uranus royal blue, Neptune deep green, Pluto pink etc.,

Each planet’s path of equivalent longitude, in respected zodiac sign is shown at the starting point of the path by the zodiac sign where they transit now.  All planetary signs and zodiac signs are internationally approved signs used in Astrology also in Astronomy. I do believe some day in future Western astrologers also for its great convenience will be adopt this graph of transit planets as they can be easily fix in a single display page of any PC.

Except Moon’s transit (which is shown by the vertical green line started at any particular date with moon’s symbol) as her deviation of longitude in a day is much higher than all other planets. On each day moon’s transit line the zodiac sign of that particular sign is marked to identify about its rasi status. All the planets relation with moons transits like conjunction, trine, square, sextile, opposition etc are marked t the crossing point of moon such that learned astrologer can assume the daily events far in advance.

The date of retrogression and direct motions of planets are marked with capital R and D respectively. At just below of the graphs the quarters of moon, full moon and new moon dates are written.

Thus the graph is reality represent every aspects relations of planets themselves and with moon and all the navamsa of all the zodiac. If anyone add the exact ayanamsa of the year to the planets, this graph will be useful to western astrologers also.

This graph with navamsa of transit planets and dasa of moon and daily timing of rising ascendant of any particular place is capable to observe the earthly events with heavenly events what any true astrologer need every day.

In future, this graph can be rich with further data hyperlinked with certain important points of the graph. But since I am not a software expert, I am unable to do so.

My objective to create this Tulyansa or equivalent longitude graph is to verify the astrological truths of different systems including my invented methods of last 30 years. 

My approach is very rational as my forecast systems are proven reality event to predict every 10-to15 minute events, which I developed and observed first in 1994.

The Advantage of this system:

  1. One need not check ephemeris every time round the month to find the nearest longitude and Navamsa of planets.
  2. From the starting of every planet graph vertical column the zodiac sign and where the planet is currently situated can be identify.
  3. Any planet when comes in parallel longitude with other planet in all the 12 signs can be noticed instantly. Thus the exact aspect point and duration can be observed.
  4. In every day transit , longitude of moon in any sign clearly exposed with changes of navamsa.
  5. Lunar cycles first quarter, last quarter, full moon, new moon dates are clearly mentioned in the bottom.
  6. The planetary symbols and the signs re internationally accepted in Astrology and in Astronomy.
  7. The graph can be made by any individual with any ephemeris whether in Hindu Nirayana or in Western system or any other system where current planetary longitude is required.
  8. Due to lack of space, weekdays are not endorse with the dates. But this can be done by adjusting  the boundary.
  9. The monthly graphs is the true picture of our solar systems planetary transits through the zodiac in equivalent longitude expression.
  10. A whole English calendar month planetary longitudes can be defined in any personal computer of the world in a single visual space of any Pc. Thus the students of this subject from now can record earthly events of their every day observation with consecutive time graphs. Astrology is now enhanced for any scientific study or research with this style of graphical interpretation.  


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Comment Sir my name suresh Kumar my age is 49 my date of birth is 26-05-1970.m y rasi magaram my nathram avitam 2,patham laghnam dhanusu birth place chennai pallavaram I am married my wife selvi I have no child my working nature is shop daily salary so I want to know about clear details pls guide me sir I have own house with 2, feet way so I want know about carrier and lot of credit in family what problem I didn't facing due to reason my father adopted by garnd father

M.suresh kumar
22-Feb-2019 06:38 AM

Comment Dear Sakpal,
I need your consultation.It will be great if you share your contact details.
Keshav S.

Keshav Sawant
14-Nov-2018 02:06 AM

Comment Dear Saibal,

You have made undoubtedly a recommendable task in astrology but the querist in astrology wish to know the particular time of an event like marriage, service, promotion in service, recovery of illness etc. etc. Could those events be pinpointed by the graph you have given here. Methink you should better to highlight how to pinpoint the timing of different events in astrology. Throughout my life I find no system is correct still now. Although transit in Navamsa in traditional astrology is correcft to some extent. Could you make a search light on that system.

KP researcher

08-Feb-2011 10:27 AM

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