Coorg Eco Adventure Trip

We organised a weekend trip as part of a celebration of our tenth marriage anniversary. We hail from Bangalore and love nature and adventure. Keeping our personal trait in mind, our friends suggested we visit Coorg. With the help of some travel sites, we had prepared an itinerary and also made arrangements of our stay in Coorg. While preparing for the trip I came across the idea of eco tourism which I felt was a great one. Our experiences of a weekend eco trip to Coorg are re-counted below.

Coorg aka Kodagu was originally known as Kodaimalenadu. It is basically the south district of Karnataka. Picturesque villages, endless span of forest trees growing on slopes and wooden slopes are typical traits of Coorg. The road journey is 270 km from our home city Bangalore. Along the way, we were accompanied by mountains, lots of green forests and tall trees rising to the sky. 

We being adventure lovers were looking forward to what was in store for us. We wanted to be as close to nature as possible hence had made arrangements for camping. It was something different and exciting and we could not wait to go there. We camped on the bank of a lonely river. The water flowed slowly and it was amazing to sit by it at night or listen to the birds chirp early in the morning.  

The campsite that we had chosen had a variety of activities going on there. We enjoyed stuffs like Shooting, cycling, trampoline. We also went kayaking in the water where we tried fish hunting, it was real fun! Later in the day we moved towards visiting a gorgeous waterfall. The journey towards that was nothing less than beautiful. We crossed a coffee estate which was so lush, our eyes hurt. The smell of coffee beans wafted through the air and it was utterly refreshing! 

As soon as we reached the waterfall, we were tempted to take a dip in it. The water was cold but worth the chill because the scenery was visually very appealing. We lay wasted, wading in the water. By the time we returned back to the campsite, the sun had begun to set illuminating the beauty of the forests all the more. The night ended with a nice dinner near the camp fire.

The next day we had an early breakfast near the river. We had a great time chit chatting and observing the surroundings. After that we left for Tadiyandamol- Coorg’s highest peak. The trek to Tadiyandamol is along a clear forest path which remains lit up through the sun’s light that penetrates through the trees of the forests. The views from there were fantastic. We were mesmerised as the winds caressed our face and the surroundings captivated our senses. In the afternoon we returned back for lunch. It was unreal but we had to believe that two days had passed by so quickly. It was already time for us to go. 

The two days spent at the campsite was memorable. We enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. Any day I would advise people to go for an eco trip because it not only educates you but you also encounter some of the most gorgeous nature trails of India.    


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