The Legend of Srikalahasti

Srikalahasti is located near the pilgrimage town of Tirupati and is visited by thousands of pilgrims. This temple is also associated with Rahu and Ketu. It is located 38 km north of Tirupati central. It is reachable by road from Tirupati, Chennai or Gudur. It is on the Renigunta-Gudur section of Guntakal (GTL) Division of the South Central Railway (SCR). 
Access and Accomodation: Tirupati (30km) is the nearest airport and is perhaps the most convenient base for visiting Kalahasti as it (Tirupati) is endowed with several modern lodging facilities. The local transport is by taxis or autorickshaws and city buses. Shuttle buses between Tirupathi and Srikalahasti run every 10 mins.
Andhra Pradesh State owned Bus services (APSRTC) are available from Tirupati central bus station, at a frequency of 10 minutes and other tour operators provide religious tour package visits to the temple in Srikalahasti from the City centre at Tirupati. Taxicabs are also available from Tirupati.
Architecture: The vast west facing Kalahastiswara temple is built adjoining a hill, and on the banks of the river Swarnamukhi. At some points, the hill serves as the wall of the temple. The temple prakarams follow the contour of the adjoining hill and hence the temple plan is rather irregular.  North of the temple is the Durgambika hill, south is the Kannappar hill and east is the Kumaraswamy hill.
The Tamil Cholas and the Vijayanagara Rulers have made several endowments to this temple. Adi Sankara is said to have visited this temple and offered worship here. There are Chola inscriptions in this temple which date back to the 10th century CE.
The Srikalahasti Temple occupies the area between the river bank and the foot of the hills and is popularly known as Dakshina Kailasam. The three lofty Gopurams of the temple are remarkable for their architecture. This temple was built during the period of King Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagar. A huge hundred pillared mantapam is another important feature of this shrine.
There is an underground Ganapati shrine in the outer prakaram, while in the innermost prakaram are the shrines of Shiva and Parvati.  The temple is open from 9 am to 6 pm.
Legends associated with this temple:
Shiva is said to have given salvation to a spider, elephant and a serpent who were ardent devotees of the Shiva Lingam located here. The spider is said to have attained salvation in Kritayuga (the first of the four yugas in the Hindu tradition), while the elephant and the snake were devotees in Treta Yugam, the succeeding aeon. The elephant's devotional outpouring was a source of disturbance to the serpent's display of devotion and vice versa, resulting in animosity between the two, until Shiva's intervention gave both the devotees their liberation.
Kannappa Nayanaar, a hunter is said to have been a great devotee of Kalahasteeswarar. Legend has it that he offered his own eyes to the Shivalingam, and for this reason earned the name Kannappan (his original name being Thinnan), and the distinction of having his statue adorn the sanctum. 

Sri – Spider
Kala – Serpent
Hasthi – Elephant

Srikalahasti is the place where Spider, Elephant and Serpent attained salvation due to the benevolence of Lord Siva.
Rahu with a snakes head and a human body, and Ketu with a human head and a snake's body are regarded as celestial bodies - shadow planets, or the node positions at which eclipses are caused. Rahu is the ascending node while Ketu is the descending node.
Thousands of pilgrims visits the temple to have darshan of the almighty Sri Kalahasteeswara and Sri Gnanaprasunambika Devi. Sri Kalahasteeswara showers grace to wipe out the sins and obstacles of devotees.
Worshipping Sri Kalahasteeswara results in dispelling all worldly miseries and attaining marvelous spiritual happiness.Goddess Gnanaprasunambika Devi received the Panchakshara mantra from the Lord Himself.The Goddess arrived at the place and started her penance here.
The Sarpadosha Pooja
The Rahu-ketu sarpa dosha puja is a frequently performed activity.

  • The Rs.1000/- ticket is highly recommended, since they give you "5 star" service (like holding the pooja right within the temple). It takes around 25 minutes to perform the pooja.
  • No advance booking by telephone or money order is allowed.
  • You can book the pooja only if you are physically present at the temple. And your pooja ticket must be used up on that day itself.
  • If you are particular that the pooja be conducted during Rahukalam (for maximum effect) be at the temple at least an hour or two before the start of Rahukalam and buy your ticket from the appropriate counter located within the temple walls.
  • After climbing up an interminable staircase near the car park we were told that another entrance @ gate level could have been used !! So look out for this entrance especially if there are aged/ handicapped persons in your tour group. Since this entrance is some distance away from the car park, use your mobile phone (outside the temple please !) to summon the driver for your return journey.
  • Though there are other minor poojas also, the Sarpa Dosha Nivarana pooja is classified as a combination of all the other poojas(rituals). So there is no need to buy separate tickets for each pooja if you are buying the Nivarana pooja ticket.
  • Astrology regards Rahu and Ketu as the only two "planets" which has varying degrees of malefic ( some benefic effect is also present) effects on ALL human beings. Which means that the Nivarana pooja at Kalahasti (for removing the bad effects of Rahu and Ketu) is good for ALL human beings.
  • A good astrologer may guide you to select the appropriate day and time to visit the temple. Hopefully he may select a week day when no festival is being conducted (as the crowd may be unmanageable at other times). Also check and see if any visit by high profile VIPs are scheduled. Temple entry may be temporarily barred during such visits for security reasons.
  • CAUTION : Do not purchase pooja materials from the stalls outside the temple. Along with the Rs.1000/- ticket, you are also given all the materials that are needed for the pooja. This ticket also entitles you to an exclusive darshan (glimpse) and archana (special pooja) of the main deities within the temple. (I.e. There is no need to stand in the queue since you are taken right into the inner sanctum of the main deities within the temple).
  • Keep this ticket carefully and don't lose track of it. Also keep track of the materials given to you for the pooja. And don't hesitate to ask for clarifications when in doubt.
  • The pooja itself is not a fire ceremony. You are only expected to carefully drop first some flowers (little by little) and then coloured ash on the metal representations of Rahu and Ketu while the priest chants the mantras. (After the pooja, these metal representations MUST be deposited in a special box @ the temple AFTER you give them to another priest in the main sanctum and get them back in a few minutes). The priest (conducting the Nivarana pooja) will want the names (only family members) and nakshatras for conducting the pooja).
  • Upto five members of a family (for Rs.1000/- ticket) are allowed to be physically present at the pooja though you are allowed to give a long list of other family members who are not present.
  • Tipping is inevitable and you may fix a fair amount at your discretion. Reserve your main tip for the priest condcuting the Nivarana pooja. (He will ask you for "dakshina").
  • Though there is a dress code for the pooja, the temple does not seem to be implementing it rigorously. But it is good if gents wear dhoti and angavastram. 

Sarva Mangalya Mangalye Sivesarvartha sadhike
Sharanye Trynbake Devi Narayani Namosthuthe

Post Script
  • The temple can give you lot of benefits in your personal life only if you pray with a pure heart and 100% faith and devotion.
  • Kalasarpadosha pooja has brought lot of warring couples together.
  • Light a lamp in front of the Goddess every Tuesday and Friday evening ...and experience the positive effects in your life.
  • The temple premises have a bathroom and toilet – that is fairly clean and well maintained.So those on a short trip can have a bath here and then proceed to the temple.
  • Do perform the pooja of shani bhagwan inside the temple.
  • The pathala vinayaka temple located underground within the premises is a wonderful temple.The Lord Ganesha here is very powerful and if you notice, his face [especially eyes] is very similar to an elephant.Those who are obese are advised not to venture out ,others can definitely try.It is an experience worth it.
  • Do not miss the frame of Lord Dakshinamoorthy after the darshan is over.This Lord is very powerful for those who are looking for a job or for aiming to improve their career prospects.
  • When you walk around the temple, you will find lot of inscriptions and also understand the rich cultural heritage of South India.
  • The idols of 63 nayanmars within the temple is a treatise to watch.
  • After the darshan, when you come out of the temple, you can buy the lamp and ghee near the entrance and light the lamp there itself.
  • Home made buttermilk is what you can have after the darshan.
  • Milk for abhisekha  is also available in the temple at a price.
  • Srikalahasti has got good eateries now unlike the 70’s and 80’s but most of us who come from Tirupathi prefer to go back to Tirupathi and have lunch/dinner there.
  • The darshan of Lord Shiva[Sri Kalahasteeswarar and Lord Parvathi (Gnanaprasunambika Devi) is an experience only those who have a spiritual bent of mind can enjoy and relish.Months after the darshan you will still experience the bliss.
  • Shops in and around the place do charge a premium, but you can negotiate.
  • Leave your chappals and slippers in the vehicle itself.
  • Srikalahasti is a blissful place which will keep on beckoning you forever.
  • If you perform the kala sarpa dosha pooja, you are advised to directly return back home after the pooja to benefit from the positive vibrations that result from the pooja.
  • In the end, what matters is faith.So, visit the place with an open frame of mind and be ready to soak in the spiritual experience....    


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Comment What kind of power the vayulingam have?
Any cosmic energy coming out from vayulingam?
Can we rectify by praying vayulingam in this temple for vastu defect in vayumoolai?
Any vastu parikarma mantra plate for vayumoolai defect?

25-Mar-2022 09:08 AM

Comment Are you looking for Srikalahasti Rahu Kethu Pooja in India? Then you are in the right place, we will talk to you about Srikalahasti temple. Visit this website for more information

Srikalahasti Temple Website
23-Oct-2020 05:54 AM

Comment Dear Sir, My wife is suffering from Psychosis/Anxiety since so many years in spite of medical assistance she is not able to come back to normal position. Sir if I come and perform the pooja at srikalahasti will it be helpful for her health and if so what kind of pooja has to be performed ? please advice in this regard.
Thanks and best regards
Murali Y N

Murali Y N
19-Aug-2019 06:11 AM

Comment Hello sir ,i had visited sri kalahasthi temple last week and i forgot to offer 101rs for hundi as i wish to offer but somehow i had forgot so i cant go back to that place nw can i offer that money through e hundi? I mean online transaction

21-Jun-2019 09:14 AM

Comment Hi Venkatesh sir,

I am looking to visit Srikalahasti Temple from Uttar Pradesh for Kalsarpdosh Nivaran Pooja/Rahu-Ketu Pooja, abhishekam to Rahu-ketu, abhishekam to shiva and kumkumarchana to goddess Parvati. But someone told me that i will have to stay near temple for atleast 3 days in some nearby lodge or hotel. So that Pooja can take it's full effect. Is this true? Or I have to go back to home? Please guide.


Abhinav Srivastava
16-Feb-2019 16:11 PM

Comment my marriage is not taking place I am 28 years old.I am cancer ascendant and Rahu and mars are in 8th house from ascendant .Wish to perform pray lord kalahastishwara and perform rahu-ketu pooja along with my father. Please advice.


08-Jan-2017 02:47 AM

Comment could you please let me know about kujadosha nivarana i alone ok for pooja or else my parents are also need for the pooja and date timings and fees for the kujadosha nivarana.

manjunath s
25-Aug-2016 01:44 AM

Comment Dear sir,
Which temple have to visit first Sri Kalahasti and Tirumala

20-Jun-2016 09:55 AM

Comment Sir,
We are planning to go to thirupathi, kalahasthi and thiruthani with my family members on this month. I need to do rahu kethu pooja in sri kalahasthi temple. We are planning to go to the temples in the order of thirupathi, Kalahasthi and Thiruthani. Is this right or wrong sir...
We are don't know which temple we will go first (thirupathi or kalahasthi).
Kindly help us please do the needfull...

Thanks in advance

25-May-2016 13:17 PM

Comment Hi All,

I believe most of you are facing issues in your life due to some or the other dosha. Please do get in touch with me over mail ( I will tell you what dosha you all have and how it can be rectified. I don't charge nor ask for any money from anyone. Willl try to help you all come out of the sorrow and problems of life

12-Apr-2016 06:50 AM

Comment Dear Sir ,
I need some information sir, I am Visting SriKalahasti Temple afetr thirupathi and i dont know what pooja to attend. I want to do all remedies like job ,marriage,success, wealth illness and happiness for 3 members. I have Date of birth , Birth place and time and Zodiac Signs .
one person is my mom she is widow . I want to perform Indivudl pooja for all 3 members sir pls giuide
Thank you .

Hari Prasad Chandran
06-Apr-2016 03:04 AM

Comment Namasthe sir

could you plz tell me , if there is any rule that we have to visit tirupathi first and later kalahasthi?
i heard that we are not allowed to visit kalahasthi first without visiting tirupathi..


19-Mar-2016 09:50 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

I am coming to Kalahasthi in May 2016 to do prayers for DOSHAM relief.
Do I have to visit the PATHALA VINAYAGAR. I cannot go into small areas as I have a FOBIA.

I am 64 years old.

Muniappan Thangavelu
06-Mar-2016 21:40 PM

Comment Dear Sir
I am from Malaysia and My brother would like to perform Rahu Kethu Pooja in end of July 2016. Can you give us the good time and date for the pooja in Kalahasthi Tample.
DOB 21 August 1982 anf time 2.56 pm Malaysia Time. Thank you.

11-Feb-2016 05:04 AM

Comment sir,
My name is adiseshu and my wife name is srivani

My Details:
DOB: 04-01-1974
Birth time: 8.25 PM
vaikunta ekadasi night

My wife Details:
DOB: 03-08-1981
Birth time: 12.50 PM

Marriage Details:
Date: 19-03-2008
Time: 10 .15 AM

after marriage i suffered a lot..lost job..financiallly mentally leading miserable life.
Please tell me any if dosha and suggest me remedies to getting bright future.

thank u sir

30-Jan-2016 10:37 AM

Comment Rahu Ketu Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja with family or we can do pooja alone.

Jithendra M K

Jithendra M K
29-Jan-2016 05:58 AM

Comment On 26.1.2016 me and my husband performed the Rahu-Keta Pooja me and my husband we both had dosham.

After attending the pooja we think all our dosham had vanished.

Please revert.

27-Jan-2016 02:12 AM

Comment Sir,
We are planning to visit srikalahasti and thirumala.We didnot know about our dhoshas. Our motivate is only visit these temples.We would like to know the details of the pooja/timings and to know abouT prarthana .kindly reply.

with regards

08-Jan-2016 03:47 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

I am planning to Tirumala visit next month with family. Well before that one day time is there.
So can I visit Srikalahasti and then visit Tirumala or one temple in a trip like either tirumala or srikalahasti.

Please do the needful Sir.

Thanks & Regards,

Irappa C
24-Nov-2015 05:22 AM

Comment My name is Sreenuvasarao and my wife name is Lakhmi Prasanna.

My Details:
DOB: 15-09-1984
Birth time: 5-19AM

My wife Details:
DOB: 13-11-1989
Birth time: 3-08AM

Marriage Details:
Date: 09-02-2011
Time: 8-03AM

Please tell me any dosha and suggest me remedies to getting bright future.

05-Oct-2015 00:13 AM

Comment Hello Hema

To have a comfortable darshan, please plan for a 2-day stay in Srikalahasti.

12-Sep-2015 05:13 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

I am hema from Malaysia & first of all thank very much for such a wonderful articles and explainiation regarding the kalahasti temple.

Sir, I as per your article you written that the visit to Patala-vinayaka, lighting ghee deepam to Goddess and darshan at Daksninamurthy gives very good results. But, my question is can we do it on the day where we are planning to do the Kalasarpa dosha pooja????

Otherwise, is that ok to make our trip 2 days stay plan so that on the first day we do the darshan in Patala-Vinayaka, to the Goddess, and Dakshinamurthy and then the second day is the Kalasarpa dosha pooja.

Please verify me regarding this as I, dont want to end up doing wrong thing.

Thank you very much

07-Sep-2015 04:49 AM

Comment Hi All,

I believe most of you are facing issues in your life due to some or the other dosha. Please do get in touch with me over mail ( I will tell you what dosha you all have and how it can be rectified. I don't charge nor ask for any money from anyone. Willl try to help you all come out of the sorrow and problems of life

CV Vasanth kumara
19-Aug-2015 08:15 AM

Comment Respected Sir,

Name: Shilpa.p

DOB: 14.01.1986

Timings: 2.45 AM

BIRTH PLACE: Palace Guttahalli - Bangalore.

Please help i have too much of problems in life , recently got divorced, health issues and no peace of mind. Please me .. one of the astrologer informed me that i have sarpa dosha & kujja Dosha,, Please tell me wht has be done further

26-Jun-2015 05:53 AM

Comment Respected Sir,

My birth date is 31st Dec 1978 Born timing 8.30 am. i have a kala sarpa yoga. now i am in rahu dasha. i had been to kala hasti with my dad & family. we performed puja of kala sarpa. in 2012. I Lost my father last month in 12th feb 2015. I really loved him very much. I was not able to see hime during his death time. He was born in uthradam & died in vishakha nakshtra in krishna paksha morning in between 4am - 5am. is there any problem with his death timing. please guide me. I was really in pain for few days thank you.

23-Mar-2015 09:05 AM

Comment sir,

for me and my husband this year i.e 2015 we are entering into elnati shani.
So what kind of pooja we should at kalahasthi.

Please iet me know about this

04-Mar-2015 05:37 AM

Comment I have to do Rahu kethu pooja.Can my wife accompany me to the pooja who dont have to do pooja

21-Jan-2015 01:16 AM

D.O.B - 08 OCTOBER 1991
I have a dought please reply me sir....
My most one of the common dream at 3 am to 6 am is ''I am killing snakes in dreams''.
In that day any work can do unsuccessful And also some time snakes are appear on the across the road in that day also I did my work unsuccessful... ...
One day Smamijee came to my home and told to my mother your son has NAGA DHOSHAM because of he did not get any mother was worry about this incident.
I am also attempting many job exams and did not qualify.......FINALLY MY JOB IS COMING TO ENDS OF MY LIFE

11-Jan-2015 07:50 AM

Comment My daughter has some prob because of position of rahu and kethu in her astrology. so, her wedding has to take place before 30th apr 2014 or else, it will be delyed I am told. Is there any way out to help hr? She is also having some mental disturbance and I am scared about her future. Where can I get a remedy and peace of mind. How can I save my daughter? Will position as per astrology change if we do any pooja. Pl help.

01-Jan-2015 08:25 AM

Comment can rahu ketu pooja done even if one does not have rahu ketu dosha? Some years back, me and my friend had killed a snake. Since then, I'm feeling guilty. So can I do pooja as parihara?

24-Dec-2014 04:20 AM

Comment Hi i have kujadosam Plz tell me details regarding details how much cost and which day is good

20-Dec-2014 04:30 AM

Comment Hi I am from Bangalore i Have two doubts
1- can i shave my head in Sri kalahasthi
2- i want to take bath after rahukala pooja

19-Dec-2014 05:10 AM

Comment Dear sir

Thanks for such good information.
Sir I am visiting the temple on 05 january 2014 and plan to performe R-K puja during 7:30 till 9:00am . can I book puja online. Is temple open as in tirupati on 4 Jan sevas,accomodation etc.are closed.sir I have written a query earlier also about my gotra after my husbands death as it is imp in puja.(8/30/2014)
waiting for your response.

06-Dec-2014 02:07 AM

Comment Hi Sir,

I have read thru your blog and the replies to peoples queries.

I have few doubts to clear.

I have KalaSarpha Dosham and my father has passed away. Its been 13 years since his demise.

Can I do the KalaSarpha Dosham Parigara Pooja on my own with my mother watching over me? From your replies, I noticed that you mentioned that it must be done only by couples. I am not married and I am already 36 years old.

Is KalaSarpa Dosham and Rahu-Ketu Pooja is the same?

Please assist to enlighten me from this doubts.

Thank you Sir.

27-Nov-2014 02:42 AM

Comment Respected Sir, My daughter is going through some difficult times at her college and she is not living in india. Can some one perform rahuketu pooja on her name from family at your temple?

radhika maddela
29-Sep-2014 18:24 PM

Comment hello sir,
may i know which is the perfect day to perform rahu nivarana pooja and which ticket i want to buy to perform a pooja in rahu timing

26-Sep-2014 07:45 AM

Comment Sir,

I performed rahu ketu sarpa dosha pooja on 1//9/2014 along with my husband at that time I was 4 months preganant . Pls. reply can we perform pooja when I am preganant , will it effect my child, what pariharam I should do for the wrong committed by me. ?

sir Pls. reply waiting for your reply. I am very tensed.

seema pradeep nair
05-Sep-2014 07:10 AM

Comment sir,

I am really tensed, as our astrologer told my husband to perform rahu ketu sarpadosha pooja at sri kalahasti temple and said husband and wife has to perform the same. we visited the temple on 1/9/2014 and enquired with a priest that I am four month pregnant and can I join my husband for the pooja and he reply was yes and accordingly we performed pooja successfully and visited all idol along with patala ganapati and returned home. But, from here and there I am came to know that pregnant ladies cannot perform this pooja, it will have negative effects on child. Pls. reply my query as I am pregnant I am very tensed and what parhiharm has to be done. If I am not wrong NAGA DOSHA NIRVANA POOJA can not be performed by preganant ladies. Pls. sir reply I am very tensed what can I do now or after delivering my child what should I do..

waiting for your reply.

seema pradeep nair
05-Sep-2014 06:50 AM

Comment Before marriage my gotra was kaushik. After marriage "Bhardwaj'.After death of my husband in an accident ,my in -laws has denied even respecting me and my daughter[2 years] as human.I have chosen to live with respect and dignity instead of cats-fight and frequent quarrels.Although legal case is filed for justice. Again nothing is expected from here also.No problem .I am living my "prarabdh"-resultant of what i did in my previous births.Visit to shri kalahasti and Tirupati is suggasted for Rahu -ketu puja.What gotra i should actually use for me and my daughter in puja.

30-Aug-2014 07:57 AM

Comment Maniktala,
That is fine. You can come back to hotel, pick up luggage and come back home.

If you are doing dosha pooja, then visit Kalahasti first, do the pooja, come back home. After some improvement in your situation, you plan a separate visit to Tirumala. It may involve some expenditure but that is small compared to the benefits

19-Aug-2014 04:11 AM

Comment Sir, I am visting Tirupati on 7th and 8th August 2014 and shall be moving Srikalahasti temple on 8th August and staying in a hotel. We will be performing Rahu ketu Puja on 9th August 2014. Can we go back to hotel afetr Puja to pick up the luggage and then go to catch a train at Renigunta or we have to directly go to the station to catch Train for our home in Mumbai ?


SP Maniktala

S P Maniktala
04-Aug-2014 14:19 PM

Comment sir,
thanks for the information.supposedly there is some dosha in my husbands horoscope and so we were advised to visit kalahasthi and do rahu kethu pooja in rahu kaalam. following which we were asked to visit thirumala and seek the blessings of lord balaji... he specifically said ppl will say don visit balaji temple after kalahasthi don't listen to it.. :-) now we read everywhere they say after kalahasthi we shud come home.. we are so confused. please advise

19-Jul-2014 08:38 AM

Comment Hello Sir,

We performed this pooja yesterday, July 10, 2014 but due to limited time, I could not go to Ganesha temple

Further, a very strange thing happened, when pooja was about to get over, one small cat appeared and run through my right side

My question, is it good or bad?

Please please advice


11-Jul-2014 09:33 AM

Comment I am facing problems since last so many years. My husband is no more. I have 12 yrs old son. I wish to do Rahu Ketu dosh nivaran puja. I need guidance from you. Can I do this puja alone? My son and I have to this puja . Can we do the puja separately or together?

Bhagyashri palande
02-Jun-2014 12:17 PM

Comment Hello Sir,

Me and husband recently visited SriKalahasthi for Rahu Kethu Pooja. After completion of pooja we came back to Hotel and take nap after that we take bath and return to our home directly from the Hotel. Is it OKAY!

And my astrologer didn't tell me regarding Non Veg after pooja or before pooja. So, please clarify this query also.


27-May-2014 01:14 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

we are planing to have a trip on this sunday to SriKalahasti. as per our astro me & my sister having problems so they adviced us both me & my sister have to do pooja.. whether we can do pooja on same day at the same time . i got married and having boy baby and my son age is 1.5 years. i too have a doubt wheather i shall bring my son along with us to do pooja... is it good to bring a child with us while doing parigara pooja. is it good for my child or it will affect some dosha to my child. pls help us. could u please reply immediately since we have only 2days time..

please help us sir..

thanks in advance

Lavanya M
08-May-2014 03:32 AM

Comment thanks u sir such a nice and dont at srikalahasthi.

indira pati
02-May-2014 02:13 AM

Comment Thank you Mr.Venkatesh for this wonderful and detailed article. Me and my family are planning to come to Srikalahasti temple in June and we were looking online to get some guidance. Your article is extremely good and was detailed to a point that we felt we know what we need to do.

Thank you for taking the time to share this and help other devotees who want to visit Srikalahasti temple.

Thanks you,

Ramesh Subramanian
18-Apr-2014 19:19 PM

Comment Dear Sir,
My wife is pregnant. Can I go and do kala sarpa dosha pooja in Kaalahasthi during this period. Please advice me, since I struggle a lot in finding a good earning. I have Kaala sarpa dosha

With regards,

17-Apr-2014 22:34 PM

Comment today i very praise of lord sreekalakasthee, before i visit tirupati. longagoback i visited in tirupati very peaceful and nobody waiting and easiest dharsan in lord elumalai. towards, i very bad experienced in tirunala area. always complete change. more than walking in one place to another place inner campus.dharsan timing is very short level, more than devotees arenot standing in q?? long time. so, the DEVOTEES LEFT THE TEMPLE.SO, devastanam decided the long ago follow the box locking and page to page, dharsan lord elumalian follow and allowed to them. but, kalakasthee is very peaceful dharsan and not to return this temple. very rush and rush but, devotees are happiest in thier face v are watch. very good and services. another miracle for padalavinayagar. it' s good happy experienced.

14-Apr-2014 09:09 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

This post is really very very useful

I have a question that after the pooja can I stay in Hotel since my flight back home is in the morning at 9 am

Though I have checked from the Temple that it starts pooja at 5.30 am so I am not sure if I can complete this pooja by 7am & can reach Airport by 7.45 am

Please advice

14-Apr-2014 03:35 AM

Comment Hi sir,

I am having kala sarpa dosha, i have done pooja in kala hasthi. this dosha has gone or not how i come to know. I prayed for job and marriage . past 6 months back i have visited that temple till i have not get marriage. so i am fearing this dosha has gone or not. Please let me know


09-Apr-2014 04:20 AM

Comment I am going to Kalahasthi temple on sunday .I may reach there by 7.00 a m.Can I have darshan and will i be able to perform Rahu-Ketu Pooja in evening betweem 4.30and 6.00 p m. can i visit tirupati temple in the same visit .some says that after perform pooja we should directly return home.can i visit tirupati first and then visit kalahasti to perform pooja

11-Mar-2014 11:05 AM

Comment Sir,
i am having Sarpadosham so i am planning to perform "kalsarp dosha nivaran puja with my family, in the meanwhile we are also having a plan to visit Tirupati temple. so i booked the ticket for dharsanam on Saturday (15.2.14) night 10pm. my friend are confusing me regarding this trip. My questions are:
1. Shall we visit Tirupati temple after performing Sarpadosham at Srikalahasti?
2. After performing Sarpadosham at Srikalahasti shall we go to Tirupati Temple?
3. Are we have to visit any one of the temple ie. either Tiripati or Srikalahasti at a time and return home?

Please give your valuable suggestion for this situation
Thank you sir,
with regards,

05-Feb-2014 07:03 AM

Comment dear sir,

This is Janu,
I am having kala sarpa dosha, i have done pooja in kala hasthi. this dosha has gone or not how i come to know. I prayed for job and marriage . past 1 and half year back i have visited that temple. and i got job. till i have not get marriage. so i am fearing this dosha has gone or not. Please let me know

31-Jan-2014 05:13 AM

Comment Hi,

I will be visiting Kalahasthi next week.
I understand that we dont have to perform pooja if we do not have any dosha.
But my astrologer said I should do pooja because I my raasi Kadaga Raasi and my tongue has lots of mole. It looks like a black tongue.
Im confused if I should perform the pooja or not.
I am also pregnant at the moment, can pregnant ladies perform pooja in Kalahasthi?
Please advise, thank you.

27-Jan-2014 05:45 AM

Comment Hello Sir,

Myself and my-wife are planning to visit Kalahasti for doing pooja - since our astrologer has mentioned that we both must visit Kalahasti without fail. My Dad is accompanying us for the travel. Recently, one of the astrologer mentioned to my sister-in-law (not married - age 22) that she has to go to Kalahasti as well.

Now my question is - Can we take my sister-in-law as well along with our trip ? OR She has to go with her parents (my in-laws) only ?? (my in-laws are living in a different city)

Since I read that respective Parents has to be accompanied for unmarried people - I have this doubt.

I am travelling from abroad to India and I want to do things right - without any mistakes. Please advise.

11-Jan-2014 23:55 PM

Comment hello sir,
im from malaysia
my fiancee and i are getting married next year and we were asked by our priest to do kala serpa pooja and mangalyam thosa pooja in kalahasti then visit thirupathi then few other temples?

my question is it ok if i go kalahasti and then proceed to other temples as told or should i make kalashasti as my last visit?

second question, do the have pooja for mangalyam thoosam as well in kalahasti temple?

my trip is next month, would be really helpful if u could provide us this information.

17-Dec-2013 06:02 AM

Comment Hello Sir,

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I am outside of India and have KaalSarp dosha which is leading to major problems in my married life. My parents are too old to visit the temple and perform the puja. And I too, cannot travel to India due to visa constraints.

Are there any services that would perform the puja on my behalf ? and later when I visit India, I can perform the puja?

Please help me.

Thank you for your time,

22-Nov-2013 13:46 PM

Comment Sir,

I am a kuja dosha in 12th. It is low manglik. I want to do kuja dosha pooja. I heard in srikalahasti they are doing only rahu-Ketu Pooja or Kalasarpadosha pooja they are not doing kuja dosha pooja. If they are doing or not; it they are doing how much ticket at which it is good and timings. what we have to eat before pooja and after pooja.


26-Oct-2013 06:33 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

Please let me know if brother and sister can sit for the Rahu-Ketu-Kalasarpadosha pooja as I am visiting Srikalhasti with my brother.


22-Oct-2013 04:27 AM

Comment Dear Sir
How many days v must avoid of non veg food after visiting and performing pooja in Srikalahasti

09-Oct-2013 05:20 AM

Comment sir,

I have a doubt in darshan, I planned to go to tirupathia and srikalaisthir, to which temple I should go first and workship..

Thanking you.

30-Sep-2013 06:05 AM

Comment Respected sir,

We have performed Kalasarpa dosh shanthi. Thank u for your guidance.

I have doubt to be cleared that is In a life time if once kalasarpa dosha shanti is performed is it sufficient or has it to be repeatedly performed after certain years?



pratibha r.
28-Sep-2013 02:35 AM

Comment Sir,

Thank you very much for all the information you are providing about Srikalahasti.

Sir am over 30 and unmarried and my father is expired. I was advised by my astrolger to perform Rahu Ketu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Puja as my marriage is getting delayed. My mother and I are visiting Srikalahasti on 21st of Aug.

Please advise me whether me and my mom can perform the puja or on whose name it has to be performed.

Thank you very much for your suggestion


V K Dubasi
19-Sep-2013 05:43 AM

Comment Sir,

Can you please tell me is it necessary to go and take bath after the Rahu Ketu pooja and leave your clothes there only. Some sites have suggested this.

Also, is it necessary to do the pooja on sunday and tuesday only. We are suffering with lot of problems in our life. So we dont want to do any mistake about the days and timing of pooja. Kindly advise us on this.

Thank you very much.

17-Sep-2013 05:35 AM

Comment Dear Truster,

Article provided is an excellent one for the devotees. It's very useful for the understanding the knowledge about the temple & there culture. Pls come out with also acceptance of online registrations for the pooja & also send the prasadam to the devotees. Recommend the best days & time for performing the Rahu-Ketu Pooja regularly. Suggest the pooja / parihar for performing immediately in there own place nearby temple because, due personal problem they couldn't perform the pooja in Sri Kalahasti temple but, later they can perform once all problems are cleared. Means right now devotees can't come to Sri Kalahasti temple but, later a months they will perform pooja. Until that time period to over come the circumstances suggest the immediate Pooja. It would be really helpful for all devotees. Your quick response would be highly appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Ramya Lakshmi .K

Ramya Lakshmi
10-Sep-2013 06:41 AM

Comment Sir,

I have been advised by my astrologer to go to kalahasti temple and do the sarpa dosha puja.
The problem is that I will have to do the pooja alone as my father is no more...but my mom will be accompanying me.

So can I do the pooja alone.

08-Sep-2013 12:00 PM

Comment Hi, We want to visit to srikalahasti for pooja. My wife is carrying, now 3.5months.
1.can we travel to temple? - From Bangalore.
2. Is it must to visit Tirumala during this trip?

Please guide us.

01-Sep-2013 13:35 PM

Comment Ramesh

Ideally you should visit the shrine only 12 months since your father's sad demise. Please postpone your visit, complete annual rites of your dad and then only visit the holy shrine. Your sister's marriage will surely be fixed. Do not worry.

30-Aug-2013 02:13 AM

Comment sir my sister is planning to visit srikalahasti temple to perform rahu kethu puja in srikalahasti.So that, my sister want to perform rahu kethu puja for her marriage purpose .one thing i want to clarify is recently my father has passed away now 7 months completed . shall we visit and perform the rahu kethu puja ?, planning to visit with in few days only my sisiter allow to enter the temple premises or shall i enter the temple premises . my sister and i, both are planning to visit srikalahasti ... please suggest me

29-Aug-2013 11:26 AM

Comment Sir,
I am male .My marriage is getting delay ,now i am 32 year old ,we tried a lot of thing but all went in vain.I believe i have dosha.please let me know what pooja should i do.whether i can go myself alone to kalahasti or with parents.which is preferable day and time for this pooja,what would be the total pooja expense.Also let me know what type of dress should i wear during pooja..............

Awaiting for your valuable response in this regard.


25-Aug-2013 03:16 AM

Comment dear ramarathnam sir
thanks for ur advice. one more thing. is there any buses going from chennai to khalastri now?(due to seemandra bundh) if not how can we reach khalastri by train? from chennai. is there any share auto at renigunta? if so how much they charge for each person?
I will be happy if u give upto date information abt this.

24-Aug-2013 14:07 PM

Comment Ranganath

There is no need to fast before the pooja. But you should abstain from liquor and non veg food some days before and after the pooja.
There is no point in fasting and thinking about food.
So, have a light breakfast before you do the pooja


23-Aug-2013 23:20 PM

Comment dear sir,
Is it necessary not to take food before performing raghu kethu pooja at khalastri?
please explain me.

23-Aug-2013 10:41 AM

Comment Hello sir :- DOSH NIVARAN KARANA HAI

sadiq kamaal
13-Aug-2013 15:52 PM

Comment Dear Mr. Ramarathnam

Many thanks for those clarifications.

We decided to leave our daughter behind as she is not used to so much intensive travel (flights, trains, cars) within such a short span and we don't want to take the risk of her falling sick due to change in water/food, etc.

As advised we intend to switch the temples by visitng Tirumala first on Tuesday and Sreekalahasti next on Wednesday. We understand that rahu kalam on Wednesday, 21st August is between 12:00 - 1:30 pm.

We are highly obliged for your assistance and clarifications.

Yours truly,
Shan & Ana

Shan & Ana
07-Aug-2013 02:10 AM

Comment Mr Shan
1. You can take your daughter along as she is 10 years old. No issues. She will be made to sit in a corner until the pooja is over.
2.I am not sure about new garments, but men have to compulsorily wear dhoti along with inner garment. You may have to remove your shirt (if asked to) while performing the kala sarpa dosha pooja. No compulsion regarding new clothes. Ladies have to wear sarees.
3.Astrology is a science but the way it is misused we don't recommend that you fall into a trap.
4. Yes, we suggest that you move from Srikalahasti directly to your relative's home as you have to travel overseas. Make Srikalahasti your last visit if possible.
5.If you are going there for a normal visit, then your present schedule looks fine but since you wish to do the sarpa dosha pooja. it is better to keep it as a last leg.
6.Tryambakeshwar is good place, but we are unaware about the rahu ketu pooja there.

Have a nice trip.

06-Aug-2013 10:44 AM

Comment Yes, you can do rahu ketu pooja, if possible take your parents/ family elders along

06-Aug-2013 10:37 AM

Comment Hello Mr. Venketesh & Mr. Ramarathnam

First of all, please accept our thanks for your wonderful community service and patient, detailed replies. We have a few queries which we would be highly obliged if you could answer. We are a married couple living in Sharjah (UAE), planning to offer the Kalasarpa dosha nivarana puja at Sreekalahasti temple in 2 weeks time. To the best of our knowledge, neither of us have the dosha but an Indian jeweller saw my wife's hand recently and instantly recommended her to visit Sreekalahasti and offer the puja.

1) After a family function in Ahmedabad, we will travel via Chennai to Tirupati and stay 3 nights at the ISKCON temple there. We have planned to leave our 10-yr old daughter with her paternal grandparents during this trip, which seems to be a good idea from what we read here?

2) A family friend who recently visited the Sreekalahasti Temple reported that one has to wear new (unused) clothing. There was also some doubt about whether inner garments should be worn or not. Can you shed any light on this?

3) Our original plan was to arrive in Tirupati on a Monday, make a day trip to Sreekalahasti on a Tuesday (as we were told Tue & Sun are most favorable), then go on Wednesday to Tirumala before finally leaving via Chennai to Bombay on Thursday for a few days with friends before visiting our parent/in-laws in Pune. We will eventually return to Sharjah in early Sep. So the question is, (a) should we or should we not offer the kalasarpa dosha puja (from what we read here it seems we should go to Tirumala on Tue then visit Sreekalahasti on Wed and (b) is any day fine for the the puja as there seems to be a specific timing for Rahu kalam every day which might work just as well. What is your opinion on this?

4) Last query - have you heard of the Trambakeshwar Temple near Nasik in Maharashtra which is also supposedly renowned for the Rahu-Ketu puja? And what is your opinion about the importance of the location of the two temples?

Many thanks for your time and efforts in answering these queries.

God bless!

Shan & Ana
05-Aug-2013 11:15 AM

Comment iam from hyderabad can i perform rahu ketu poja single in srikalahasti it is possible pls refer me

thanking you,

yours faithfully

ysr karthik
29-Jul-2013 09:42 AM

Comment Ritu

I am sorry that you have not read all the comments below - if you have read the comments you would have already got the answers.

Kalasarpadosha pooja is a pooja that is generally done by couples - your parents have to do this on your behalf and on your dada's behalf. So, buying a Rs.1000 ticket should be enough but do check with temple authorities.

Ideally, your parents can do it twice - because these poojas are done throughout the day. So, buy two tickets Rs 1000 each. First let them perform the pooja for your dada, then in the next batch let them perform for you, this is most ideal.

Yes, if there is no option but to stay in a hotel, it leaves little recourse.
Generally, what people do is after the pooja, they refresh in a hotel and leave immediately for their hometown - they book the tickets accordingly. If you have not done that, then there is little option left, isn't it.

26-Jul-2013 23:12 PM

Comment we have planed our trip on 11 august
we will reach there on 12th
will perform pujo on 13th
and our returning ticket is on 14..

1 as its discussed the we need to come back directly to our place.. but in our case we will spend 1 night at tirupati hotel.. is it fine...?

2 me n my brother both have kalsarp dosh.. so in that case we have to pay that Rs1000 fr each or it willl be a combine puja.( mom dada me n my brother are going )

26-Jul-2013 14:25 PM

Comment 1. Kalasarpadosah pooja only by couples as it is meant for couples.

2.After visiting Tirupathi, you can visit Srikalahasti for normal darshan, pray to Lord that if things become normal and your husband comes back to you, you will do kala sarpa dosah pooja.

22-Jul-2013 11:22 AM

Comment Respected sir
Thanks for your article
I have some que
1 me & my husband not live toghther. He lives with another lady & litigation is going on.My inlaws did kala jadu on him so he do't want to see our face So he is not with us. So sitting with couple is not possible. Then what can we do for kal sarp dosha pooja

2. According to nadi jyotish my younger son has to do puja at tirumannamalai. So we do first than. Wants to visit tirupatiji after that kalahasti .then our trains r next day morning at around 4 a.m from tirupati railway station
Plz advice

22-Jul-2013 06:32 AM

Comment If it is a normal pooja that you are doing, you can visit Kalahasti first and then visit Tirupathi. No issues. As regards tickets etc, how can you expect a blog to answer your queries? You have to visit the temple , isn't it? By the way ticket prices at Srikalahasti are nominal.
Please read all the comments below in the blog and you will get answers to your questions.

17-Jul-2013 23:10 PM

Comment I'm from Punjab & visiting Tirupati in Aug'13 along with my family. Me & my wife have been told to do abhishekam with milk according to our age (no. of years).
Otherwise, no specific pooja is told to us. I've planned to perform pooja at Srikalahasti on 16-Aug, Friday morning and then move to Tirumala for overnight stay and Balaji darshan on 17-Aug, Saturday morning.
Want to know if the pooja at Srikalahasti may be performed before darshan at Balaji temple? Also if I have to buy 4 tickets for all family members?

Naresh Wadhwa
17-Jul-2013 06:54 AM

Comment Hello Gopi

Rahu Ketu Pooja, if I am not mistaken, is done in Srikalahasti temple throughout the day. You can reach the temple in the morning and accordingly a slot will be allotted to you. Moreover, Srikalahasti is a small town and peaceful and much less crowded than Tirupati. Mondays I think are generally crowded, so you can plan a visit on days other than Mondays.

07-Jul-2013 23:12 PM

Comment Dear sir,
I am looking for the rahu ketu pooja timings..Different sites have different info on the timings and the temple authorities are not picking the phone.If you know the exact timings please let me know...

06-Jul-2013 01:14 AM

Comment at least 21 day abstinence from non veg ideal

04-Jul-2013 04:24 AM

Comment hollo sir ! i visited the temple on 30/6/2013 n did Rahu-ketu sarpa dosha puja in the morning , for how many days i should't eat non veg ? please help

vinod kumar
03-Jul-2013 01:01 AM

Comment Dear Readers

Before posting a query, please read the article again so that it will save time and effort. It is clearly mentioned that after doing the puja, you have to return home. If in doubt, please contact temple authorities. When you have a query, at least read all the previous comments so that you get an idea.
What you can do is -plan a separate trip for the other shrines.

m r r
12-May-2013 23:18 PM

Comment Sir,

please please tell me After performing Rahu-ketu sarpa dosha puja it is mandatory to return back home and do not visit any temple meanwhile ?

I have planned tirupati balaji, kanchi-kamakshi devi and srisailam trip after Sri-kalahasti,

So If i perfrom Rahu-ketu sarpa dosha puja or not ??


Shipra Mishra
12-May-2013 16:56 PM

Comment Yes Selvam, you can do the Rahu Ketu Pooja. It will be better to take your family along. If your kids are small, someone can accompany you and your wife to take care of the children when you and your wife sit for the pooja. If it is too difficult to take your family then you can do as you have suggested. For kala sarpa dosha pooja, your wife must accompany you.
Also please try to have a more positive outlook. Count your blessings.

17-Apr-2013 06:19 AM

Comment Dear Mr.Rama and Mr.G.Venkatesh

The day I was born till the age of 21, everthing when on fine. I 've been always a spritual person. I was doing my prayer almost very day. My life was going smooth and happy. Then all a sudden things changes. My luck was fading away. Financial I was down. Debts all over. Unexpected expenses and waste. Happiness gone with the wind. But thank god, still have my job going on.
Everybody have their goals to achieve, same goes to me. But till now at the age of 46, I have not achieve mine. Thats so sad. I m still struggling to come up in live. The best news, I got married and i'm a father of 2 lovely kids. I'm just wondering why my life is full of financial problem. I m working day and nite, but money not to be seen. Just nice to settle my debts. Just nothing is happening for me . Why???....I m a Mesha rasi. Recently an Astrologer told me... “Mesha is wonderful for 2012 and 2013 and Shukran and Guru is rite beside me. Not to worry.” But I feel nothing good is happening for me. Full of stories to say. Well, I dont blame him...
Its already been 26 years I hv not still achieve my goals. What shall I do?...And another few more years to go to kick the bucket. So I hv decided to hv a second opinion on my wonderful horoscope...well the word horoscope reminds me of horror. So one fine day , I met this guy, he is a Astrologer. After checking my birth chart,....he told that Mr.RAhu and Ketu is not in favour. He ask to do the Rahu Ketu Sarpa Dosha at Sri Kalahasti Temple . So i've made up my mind to go. Just wanna ask you, can I do special prayer( Rahu Ketu Sarpa Dosha) just me and the priest and how much will that cost. And aslo step by step procedure to conduct this Kala Sarpa Dosham. Do I hv to pray to Gnana Prasunambika Devi after the dosha prayer or before that or any other prayer that I need to perform beside Kala Sarpa Dosham. Do I need to bring my family members for the prayer? Because my kids are still small. Can I give the priest my kids and wife nakshatras without their present?

Many Thanks,


16-Apr-2013 02:44 AM

Comment Dear Mr M. R. Rama and Mr. G.Venkatesh

Thank you for a very informative article and for Mr. Rama's patient replies to the many questions.

Ive been asked by an astrologer in Malaysia to do the Sarpadosha pooja because I had "kadaga rasi". He also said I should visit Thirupati and the Kali Ambal temple in Chennai.

The article says do the Kalahasati temple last. Will it be okay if I did it first? However, your idea sounds like a good one. Do Kalahasti last, then head for the airport for my flight or stay near the airport for the flight.

My issues are many - over a long period of time in my life- relationship loss, job loss, health etc. By God's grace I haven't fallen apart. I wish I could do every single pooja possible to remove every little karmic, planetary, ancestor issue, just wipe the whole slate clean! Of course that may not be realistic. So I shall at least do the Sarpadosha pooja. Would you know what pooja's I should do at Thirupati and Kali Ambal? (I wasn't told what pooja). I also would really like to do tarpanam for my parents and 3 siblings. Could you please recommend where I could do that?

What pooja can I do for people who are 1. Depressed 2. Stuck and stubborn in their ways and refuse to reach for god for help. I have 2 relatives in this mode and short of hitting them on the head and dragging them to the temple, or therapist, I don't know what else to do. 1. is on all kinds of medication for depression. 2. is on all kinds of medication to numb phanthom pains she conjurs or manifests. A druggie of sorts.

Having said that, I am addicted to food! Of course that is a symptom of a deeper issue I suppose- perhaps lack of self worth? Is there a pooja for that? I mean that seriously.

Like I said, I really want to clean out all the junk on a psychic and karmic level.

Thank you for your kindness, patience and advice.


Ms. Krishnan

Ms. Krishnan
14-Apr-2013 09:57 AM

Comment Yes Karthik, you can visit definitely,

m r r
02-Apr-2013 04:22 AM

Comment Hi Sir,

I am planning to visit sri kalahasthi temple on the same day after visiting tirumala venkateshwara temple. I am not doing any pooja in kalahasthi temple. Just to visit the shrine.
Is it ok to visit kalahasthi temple after tirumala darshan.
Please advice sir.

Many Thanks,

01-Apr-2013 17:12 PM

Comment Sir,
For pooja husband and wife is compulsory, but my husband is no more . It is possible I did pooja with my two kids. My birth details are below , please give me your valuable suggestion.
DOB - 4th Dec 1979, Time - 6.50 a.m. , Place - Baroda (Gujrat). now i m live in Poona.

20-Mar-2013 04:19 AM

Comment Neeti, this is ok. Fine.

m r ramarathnam
14-Mar-2013 00:06 AM

Comment Thankyou sir for all the helpful information. Since i will be visiting the srikalahasti temple for kalasarpa dosha nivarana pooja and i am from hyderabad, coming back home immediately will be very hectic journey can we just stay at the hotel for the night after doing the pooja and start our journey back to hyderabad the next day as this will be a trip back by road in a taxi. Thankyou sir.

12-Mar-2013 17:54 PM

Comment Anu you can visit the temple but if you do not have a dosha, why do you want to perform the pooja. Logic is simple. You should not do what is not needed. But yes you can certainly visit the holy shrine, as visiting this Rahu-Ketu kshetra (temple) itself is a big blessing. Visit the pathala vinayaka, propitiate Lord Shani within temple premises, look at the different forms of Lord Shiva, soak in the divine grace of Mother, also look at Guru Bhagwan as you come out of the temple after darshan. You will experience lot of positive changes just by visiting temple

m r ramarathnam
07-Mar-2013 06:16 AM

Comment I would like to know if one can visit srikalahasti and do this pooja without having any dosha or is it meant only for those with dosha? Please do reply.
Thank you

06-Mar-2013 16:01 PM

Comment Dear All,

for me its a miracle...i've visited Sri kalahasti temple on Dec13th (on that day its a amavasya) and we performed pooja @ rahukalam. my wishes was granted withinin am planning to go once again and perform pooja on Dec 22nd friday....please not expecting any thing ...But praying the god with whole hearted wil definitely give u the results....


19-Feb-2013 02:53 AM

Comment If requested, can the priest perform pooja in Hindi?

I am not so sure about this. You can check with temple authorities.

2. From where to get special private/individual pooja ticket. Is there any pre-booking required?

Tickets from the temple itself. No pre-booking needed.

3. Is saari and dhoti a must attire or can we wear Suit and Shirt Trousers

Yes, sari dhoti must. You can't wear western outfits.

4. Do we have to discard anything after the pooja
No, the authorities will advice you, not to worry, but in case of any doubt, ask them

5. What is the ideal time to reach temple

By 9 am in the morning.

m r ramarathnam
31-Jan-2013 22:46 PM

Comment Dear Sir
My husband and I are visiting the temple on Saturday for getting a pooja done for padmakalsarpdosha. We are from Delhi. Few things I wanted to ask

1. If requested, can the priest perform pooja in Hindi?
2. From where to get special private/individual pooja ticket. Is there any pre-booking required?
3. Is saari and dhoti a must attire or can we wear Suit and Shirt Trousers
4. Do we have to discard anything after the pooja
5. What is the ideal time to reach temple

Thanks for your help and sharing your experience.

31-Jan-2013 07:21 AM

Comment Sri Kalahastiswaraswamy vari Devastanam
Chittoor District. Andhra Pradhesh
PIN: 517644
Telephone: 08578-221655, 222787

Temple Executive Officer Info:

Phone: (8578)221140, 221185, 221336, 222430, 222510

Pragya - Kindly note that the pooja expenses are quite nominal.

Ramya- Not to worry at all, you didn't do it intentionally, right ? So, pray for forgiveness from Lord and give food to someone who is poor/needy/ physically handicapped. God is large hearted, so don't worry at all.

Karthika - To the best of my knowledge, you can do that. Your parents can do the pooja for you praying that your marriage should be fixed fast. Later on, once you are married, you can, along with your husband, come back to Srikalahasti and do the pooja again. One of our friends, whose son's marriage was getting delayed, did this pooja for his son along with his wife. Within 1 year, his marriage was fixed. But try to avoid eating non veg 1 month before and after the pooja.

m r ramarathnam
28-Jan-2013 22:47 PM

Comment hello sir,
i performed raghu kethu pooja recently.....after d pooja got over,i stamped on some1's pooja materials ( that red n black cloth with flowers) accidentely.....does dis create ill effects???? pls clarify my doubts......

28-Jan-2013 11:05 AM

Comment Hello sir,
I'm not married and my age is 22. I'm having sarpa dosha and chevai dosha in my horoscope. My parents are alive. Can i do sarpadhosha pooja before marriage, will it clear my dosha?

21-Jan-2013 03:13 AM

Comment The information provided is really good. You come to know what's it all about. Thank-you very much.

Abhijeet Kamble
26-Dec-2012 12:23 PM

Comment we 3 people want to do puja plz hel us.
we need address and phon number of pandit ji


22-Dec-2012 10:08 AM

Comment Respected Sir,
I have already gone through the site,i want perform kala sharpa dosha puja.
kindly conform me the details and provide your contact no so that before coming I want to know about kala sharpa dosha puja and total Expenditure.

Santosh kumar prusty

santosh kumar prusty
19-Dec-2012 10:13 AM

Comment Please check with temple priest or with family elders. You can also contact the temple authorities directly

M R Ramarathnam
16-Dec-2012 01:15 AM

Comment Superb article. Ample information with log of detailing.....thank you somuch...

I have a query please answer me.... i am married for past 12 yrs and have a kid and now pregnant again.. but mariage hasalways been disaster even though we love each other.. i came to know its because of kaala sarpa dosham. Please sir help me now my husband has turned his back on me... can i do this kaalasarpa dosha nivarana pooja while I am pregnang... now its my 6 thmonth.

sree jyothi
13-Dec-2012 23:51 PM

Comment Sunita/ Patil

Yes, it is ok to do it alone, though ideally the kala sarpa dosah pooja is done by couples only. You may however check up with the temple authorities too.

m r ramarathnam
07-Dec-2012 22:26 PM

Comment dear sir ,
my huband is having kalasarpa dosha is it ok if my huband only goes for puja coz im on date ,so plz advice me what i should do.....

07-Dec-2012 05:20 AM

Comment Dear Mr. Venkatesh,
Thanks for the wonderful information about Srikalahasti.
My age is 48 years. I don't have Sarpa Dosha in my horoscope. But several years back unknowingly, on two separate occasions, my motorcycle ran over two snakes. I don't know whether they were killed.
Now since the last three years I am facing lot of domestic problems. My wife and I have quarelled and we both went through a painful and violent Separation. We both trust each other anymore. I also don't have any job. However hard I try, every effort of mine gets wasted. I am a dejected man.
Now I want to know whether I can perform Rahu-Ketu Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja all alone? (without wife)
Kindly reply for which I will be thanful to you.

Patil HV
16-Nov-2012 13:02 PM

Comment dear kannan

after doing the kala sarpa dosha pooja, it is better that you return to your home. You should not go anywhere else, not even your relative's home. If you are staying in a hotel, do the pooja, return to the hotel and come back home

m r ramarathnam
08-Nov-2012 01:08 AM

Comment Om Namshivaya sir tkank uyou for the deep information please address my query,we will be coming for the darshan of lord with the grace of him , we wanted to perform rahu ketu sarpadosham pooja for which kindly reply is it compulsory to stay , if yes please inform whether it is prior to day of performing pooja or after the pooja ,as my relative advised me to stay one night
kindly reply as we also dont know .
please guide as we will be coming there next week with the grace of god

06-Nov-2012 16:53 PM

Comment Yes Richa, you will. Faith is everything in this world. People who have reposed their faith in Srikalahasti have never ever been let down ! I am confident that things will turn out to be better. Be optimistic. Faith can move mountains. You have already experienced the cosmic energy, the best is yet to come!

M R Ramarathnam
05-Nov-2012 10:16 AM

Comment Dear Mr Venkatesh

Many thanks for sharing so much valuable information.

I am a manglik but do not know if there is sarpdosh. I am 40yrs and went thru a bitter divorce.

I visited SriKalahasti this Dusshera (25th Oct 2012-Thursd). I had heard so much about it so i was very glad to have received darshan-God is very kind. I had good darshan of Lord Shiva's temple with the Priest explaining about the spider/serpent and elephant and the shiva linga..thereafter Goddess Parvati where I saw the serpent wrapped around her waist and we could see this for good number of minutes.

All this while i prayed and begged for their grace on me and to take away all my doshas and bless me with happiness in my personal and prof life- more personal than anything else!

Later we did the parikrama where i did namaskar at the Lord Dakshinamoorthy and i think, KaalBhairavi and right next to it are the lingas and i think Shani idol.. I did namaskar there as well.

All thru i was feeling like a cosmic light was moving thru me and i felt very light and nice.
I even have a laminated framed pic of the Lord and Goddess that is in my temple. Post this i left for Balaji Darshan at Tirumala...

My query is simple: Though i did not perform any puja, the pundit at temple did do a small archana (i think) as he took my name, my fathers name and the star nakshatra etc.
I would like personal happiness and companionship in my life..Do you think i would see this soon now? I have promised to return with my partner, when that happens.


05-Nov-2012 04:07 AM

Comment Absolutely no issues at all. Wish you a Happy Pilgrimage

M R Ramarathnam
11-Oct-2012 12:23 PM

Comment sir,
I am planning to visit tirumala and srikalahasti temples.No special pooja are it ok to visit srikalahast first in the evening and go to tirumala the next day?
Pls advice.

11-Oct-2012 04:46 AM

Comment It is okay if you can't light the lamp everyday but see if you can do so early morning at least on Tuesdays and Fridays. LAMP is the embodiment of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Lamp is where Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh reside,.so please pray to the lamp - "As I light you, o, lamp, please remove the darkness in my life".
Practice auto suggestion. Write in a notebook at least 10 times that - " I am happily spending time with my husband". Do it for 21 days non stop and you will see the benefits.

These shlokas and daily prayers are good enough. You don't have to do separate pooja as whatever is done in the name of your husband - the benefits will come to you too. But please remember the kalasarpadosha pooja is always done by couples. Pray to Lord Shiva and Mata GnanaPrasunambika that once things ease out, you and your spouse will come & do the pooja together.

Communicate with your husband by letter or Email. Send him a few old snaps - of your marriage or any happy moments shared together. If he is not talking to you, see if any of your friend or relative can talk to him and find out what is bugging him. But most important - be patient. Do your best and leave the rest to God !

M R Rama
29-Sep-2012 10:34 AM

Comment Thank you Mr. M R Rama

I have been praying to Shivji & Bappa. I positively believe and have faith in God that my husband will come back because I love him a lot.

Due to my work schedule it is not possible to light a lamp every evening. Is it possible to only chant the shloka without lighting the lamp?

Another question is how do I remind my husband of the good times, as he is not even talking to me and we are living separate right now since the last few days. I am positively visualizing that he himself will come to take me back home and I have full faith in Bappa as he knows it all.

I have completed the kal sarp dosh puja on his behalf. Since I am married to him and the dosh has transferred to me too, is it required that I do the puja for myself too?

Is there anything else that I require to do, like a puja or any other jaap or shloka?

Thank you for your positivity once again.

29-Sep-2012 04:24 AM

Comment Thank you Mr. M R Rama

I will surely do so but due to my work schedule lighting a a lamp is not possible. Also I mentioned that he does not even want to talk to me, how should I remind him of the good times?

I am being very positive and praying to Bappa and Shivji everyday and every moment. I believe he will come back to take me home.

Can I say this mantra without lighting a lamp too?

I have completed the Kal Sarp Dosh puja on his behalf. Do I also need to do it for myself since the dosh has come into my kundli too? Or is one puja for him enough?

Please also do tell me anything else that comes to your mind that I can do.

29-Sep-2012 00:46 AM

Comment Saanvi

Faith can move mountains. If you really love your husband, let go of your ego and indicate to him that you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati are very intimate as a couple. Chant "Om Namah Shivaya" at least 25 times every day.

You can also chant this shloka 12 times every day by lighting a lamp every evening -

"Sarva Mangalya Mangalye Sive Sarvartha Sadike
Saranye Tryambike Gauri Narayani Namosthuthe"

Also, remind your husband about the good times that you shared with him and positively visualize that your problems are resolved. I am sure this too will pass. Time is a great healer. All the best.

M R Rama
28-Sep-2012 01:28 AM

Comment Thank you Mr. M R Rama.

I have been abstaining from non veg and alcohol completely since the time my husband has spoken of the divorce. He is not able to see clearly or even think clearly. I know we love each other a lot and understand each other too. But this misunderstanding brought about by my mother in law and sister in law has killed the relationship to a great extent. I dont want a divorce. I pray to Ganpati Bappa & Shivji too. I observe the Monday and Tuesday fast for Shivji and Bappa. I wish to know if there is any other jaap or mantra that I can use in order to bring happiness back into my life by changing my husband's mind.

27-Sep-2012 22:36 PM

Comment Ratan, if you are not having the dosah, why do you want to do pooja ? A visit to Srikalahasti is good enough.

Saanvi - Pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi from the bottom of your heart. Your problems will fade away for sure. Be hopeful. Let go of your ego. You should abstain from non veg food or alcohol but can always have a simple breakfast. Even after the pooja try to have normal food only (no non veg)

M R Rama
26-Sep-2012 05:24 AM

Comment I am a manglik. My manglik puja has been done. I had a love marriage after 3 and a half years of courtship. My husband has the kaal sarp dosh. Everything was fine for the initial 2 -3 months. But things went bad and then worse and are worst. Conditions are such that we have come to the point of a divorce. One pandit told me that the kaal sarp has been transferred to me too hence my husband and I have been fighting a lot and none of our work is happening as per the efforts put in. I am performing a kaal sarp dosh puja alone as he doesnt even want to talk, hear my voice or see my face. What do we need to eat before and after the puja?

25-Sep-2012 22:22 PM

Comment can the ksd and rahu ketu puga be done even if i do not come under this dosh.... please inform as soon as possible.... thanking you for all the details.....

ratan vikram
25-Sep-2012 13:20 PM

Comment Kogila,

Yes, you can do that as you are only visiting the temple for darshan. Please do not forget to visit the Pathala Vinayaka.


After Kalasarpadosha pooja, you should go home.Only then you will get benefit. If you have to go to Tirumala at the same time, visit the temple beforehand. Or else plan a visit to Tirumala at least a month later

M R Ramarathnam
23-Sep-2012 11:09 AM

Comment Sonika,

Ideally when you go for the kalasarpadosha pooja / rahu ketu pooja, you should go only for that purpose and return back home so that positive vibes stay with you for a long time. Generally it is advisable not to club the visits with other temples when you are doing kalasarpadosha pooja at Srikalahasti.

However, if you are visiting Srikalahasti only for a darshan, then it is okay to club the visits along with visits to other temples.

Yes, you can do shani pooja at the temple. When you come around the temple precincts (pradakshina), you will find that there are different types of lingas. Pray to these lingas from the bottom of your heart. At one stage, you will find that there is a specific place for Shani pooja. You can pay to the priest Rs.10-Rs.50 and ask him to do shani pooja for you. You should be ready with your name, star, gothra.

Chant this shloka when the pooja is done -

" Neelanjana Samapasam Raviputram Yamagrajam Chhaya Marthanda Sambootham, Tam Namami Saneeswaram"

Rahu-keta pooja is done to correct the problems in the Grihas. As we all know there are 9 Grihas - which we equate with 7 days of the week. Like Sunday is for Sun God, Monday is for Moon, Tuesday is for Mangal, Wednesday is for Budh, Thursday is for Guru Dakshinamurthi, Friday is for Shukra Deva (the griha that offers you wealth), Saturday is for shani bhagwan.

Over & above these 9 grihas, you have the Rahu-Ketu.

If there is a problem in Rahu, many persons suffer from loss of prosperity like loss of job, loss in business etc.

Srikalahasti is one of the oldest, ancient and rare temples in South where "parihara" or remedy is done for Rahu-Ketu. Srikalahasti is called as Rahu-Keta shetra for nothing. Ideally, you should deposit all the metal offerings in the temple hundi itself. If in doubt, ask the temple authorities.

Kalasarpadosha results if there is a sarpadosha in your horoscope -this can lead to lots of problems - depression, mental sickness, loss of peace pf mind etc.In some cases, the dosha may be a result of sins in previous birth or may be one of your ancestors would have caused harm to a snake. So, doing the sarpadosah pooja relieves you from all these sins and believe me, this pooja is very beneficial. You will start realising it as you do the pooja. But couples should maintain hygiene when they are doing the pooja. It is better to take bath and come to the temple with pure thoughts in the mind.

M R Ramarathnam
23-Sep-2012 11:06 AM

Comment Please contact the temple authorities at the address below for the kalasaradosha pooja, please read the article thoroughly.

Sri Kalahastiswaraswamy vari Devastanam
Chittoor District. Andhra Pradhesh
PIN: 517644
Telephone: 08578-221655, 222787

Temple Executive Officer Info:

Phone: (8578)221140, 221185, 221336, 222430, 222510

M R Ramarathnam
23-Sep-2012 10:50 AM

Comment Sir,
We are planning to visit srikalahasti to perform Kalasarpa dosha pooja.We would like to know the details of the pooja/timings.kindly reply.

with regards

B.Chandra shaker Rao
23-Sep-2012 09:09 AM

Comment Sir
Kindly suggest me that after kalhasti puja we may go to some other place or we should return directly to our home only. and can we go to tirumal desthan after the sarp dosh puja at srikalhasti .
thanka u sir ji

Ratan Singh
18-Sep-2012 14:10 PM

Comment Dear Sir,

Is it ok if i do pooja/bath in Kalahasthi after my darshan same day in Thirupathy? I am doing pathai yatra in Thirupathy.

kogila devi
28-Aug-2012 03:13 AM

Comment Dear Sir,
My husband needs to perform the kalsarp dosha nivaran puja at Srikalahasti.
Is it ok if we visit the Tirupati Temple before we come to Srikakahasti temple for the puja.
Can we also do the shani puja.
what is the difference between the rahu kutu puja and kalsarp dosh puja.
what do we do with the metal representation of rahu and Ketu after the puja at srikalhasti is completed.

Looking forward to your guidance

Sonika Bagaria
05-Aug-2012 12:11 PM

Comment Kalahasti Temple is a place with lots of positive vibes. You can speak to the temple treasurer or peishkar regarding the type of pooja to be performed. Rahu-keta dosha, sarpadosha - for all these you can do pooja at the Sri Kalahasti Temple. Please go through temple ticket entry counters only.

You can perform Kalasarpadosha pooja. Women should maintain proper hygiene while visiting the temple.

Go on an auspicious day. Mondays, Fridays excellent.

When you pay the requisite fees in temple counters, they will advise you.

Gents and ladies should wear traditional clothes. Based on advice given in the temple, you can sit in the pooja, but take care to return home directly after the pooja.

M R Ramarathnam
05-Aug-2012 08:28 AM

Comment Sir,

I am not married, I and my parents are having sarpa dosha. I am having sarpa dosha, rahu & ketu dosha and shani dosha. I and my family having lot of problems like, financail problem, not getting succeded with any of the godd things, health issues, job problem.
Could you please suggest the pooja need to for all the above doshas and best day to perform pooja.
Please help

Manjula Timayya
04-Aug-2012 23:19 PM

Comment yes, in God's darbar there is no distinction between man and woman. However, you should not forget the basic tenets of hygiene and purity of mind and body. You are requested to please contact the temple authorities for more details.

M R Ramarathnam
29-Jun-2012 00:00 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

Can we do any prayer or remedy for kalathera dhosa for a lady at the Sri Kala Hasti temple?

Thank you.


28-Jun-2012 10:40 AM

Comment If you consult 10 astrologers each of them will give you different advice. So, please do not go by whatever they say. Believe in God. Believe in the Almighty.
Since you are coming from Malaysia, what you can do is to break your journey. First visit all the temples like Tirupati and then visit Srikalahasti on the last leg of your journey. After doing the Kalasarpadsoha pooja you can come back to the hotel and proceed home. For the pooja, please approach the temple officer or ask for "the peishkar" and they will definitely help you. If you so wish you can have a guide and pay him Rs.100 to Rs.200.

All the best


M R Ramarathnam
23-Jun-2012 09:09 AM

Comment Hi,

I'm from Malaysia,i am planning to visit SriKalahasti to perform pooja,i would like to know that after finish that pooja can i visit Thirupathi on the same day or must return back home or hotel where maybe im going to stay.My next Question will be do I have to ask for a priest to perform the pooja if yes roughly how much the Thachina will be or it depends to the priest and my last Question some priest says that i got thosham and some says no so im confused here now my planning is i want to see Astrologer over there and if yes wanted to find what type of pooja i must perform do the temple have any particular priest or astrologer who guide me.Please someone help my doubt.

Thank you.

23-Jun-2012 08:39 AM

Comment Sir,

i need to know the information that after Ruhu ketu pooja, we have take bath and leave our cloths there ? or after returning to home can we do?

Kindly help me sir,

18-Apr-2012 02:11 AM

Comment Hi Sir,

Is advisable to visit pregant women to shani temple.

17-Apr-2012 11:53 AM

Comment Hi Sir,

I got married in march last year.. from one month after my marriage too many problems..confusions both in marriage, personal and professional life. lost most of the things, More than that.. my wife became pregnant and delivered baby in Feb 5 this year.. till now she is not feeling well.. has one or the other health problems. but doctors says everything fine and there is no issues to her. Wife used to perform Rahu ketu pooja in kalahasti temple for every 6 months.. after marriage we performed only once immediately after marriage. we were adviced to perform Rahu ketu pooja/kalasarpa dosha nivarana pooja in kukke but my wife prefers kalahasti as that is where she thinks she gets permanent relief. more than that I was told this pooja has to be performed only by elders or people whose parents are no more. is that true.. you said it needs to be performed by couples but my wife delivered baby just 2 months before and she is not in position to come travel , sit and perform pooja. Can I alone perform pooja if yes.. which would be the good day/time to perform pooja. If I should not perform can someone else perform pooja on our behalf. Please suggest.


09-Apr-2012 01:22 AM

Comment It is okay

21-Feb-2012 00:32 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

i'm from Malaysia, planning to fly to India to visit Kalahasti temple for the pooja, is it ok if i return back to the hotel once i finish my pooja since my permanent home in Malaysia.

20-Feb-2012 20:53 PM

Comment Srikalahasteswaralayam is the Power of Sarpa Dosa niwarana Temple.

M.Mahesh babu
14-Feb-2012 07:19 AM

Comment Srikalahasti is a powerful shrine. There are no restrictions as regards food. But general practice is avoid any sort of non veg or spicy (tamasik) food one week before and after the darshan. On the day that you are doing the pooja, there is no requirement of fast. You can help yourself to a simple breakfast and later on a simple meal. No issues.

Maintain hygiene, go to the shrine with full faith and devotion -this is more than enough. Things like fasting etc though good, eventually depend on the individual.

Pray well and leave it to Sri kalahasteeswarar and Mother Gnanaprasunambika. They will come to your aid.

09-Feb-2012 00:06 AM

Comment Hello sir, Thank you very much for your reply.I would also like to know that,Can we eat any food before and after doing puja? or there are any specific conditions about that.If so,please let me know sir.Thank you sir.

08-Feb-2012 03:44 AM

Comment Hello Priyanka,

Thanks for your appreciation.

No, there is nothing like that - you do not have to discard anything like that.

If you are not intending to do the Rahu-Ketu Pooja or Kalasarpadosha pooja, then it is okay to club visit to Tirupati temple and Srikalahasti temple.

Otherwise, if you are planning to do this pooja, then you should visit kalahasti directly and return home after that. yes, you can visit the hotel room to pick up your luggage etc. before proceeding home.

Do consult elders in family too. Please note kalasarpadosha pooja is generally for couples. Children have to be seated separately. Traditional attire is a must.Sari, Dhoti. Yes, it is important to follow the normal practices like taking bath etc.

The temple authorities are friendly and helpful. They have put notices in the temple. You can follow the instructions.

All the best. I am sure that Sri Kalahasteewarar and Mother Gnanaprasunambikadevi will guide you appropriately so that your wishes are fulfilled.

05-Feb-2012 08:37 AM

Comment Dear sir, Iam from vizag.iam asked to perform rahu kethu puja in srikalahasti.So that,iam planning to perform rahu kethu puja in srikalahasti,and also planned to visit tirupathi balaji after doing puja.But,after reading your article,i have changed my that,I can go direcly to my house.That is,instead of going tirupati after puja,i have decided to go before,so that,there would be no problem.But i am still having doubt that,can i go to tirupathi before doing rahu kethu puja or i have to only visit srikalahasti.I also heard that after doing puja we have to discard everything we wear at the time of puja.Is that true sir?or just getting bath is enough?for doing that we have to go to some hotel room after puja instead of going to our house.Is that okay.please give your valuable suggetion as soon as possible.waiting for ur reply sir.Thanks for such a useful article sir.

04-Feb-2012 11:35 AM

Comment Dear Mr Raghav

It is okay to visit both temples of Tirumala and Kalahasti on a pilgrimage with family. Absolutely, no issues. However, if you are planning to do a Rahu-Ketu Pooja or planning to perform Kalasarpadoshapooja at the Sri Kalahasti temple, then the advise from elders is that you should go to the temple directly , perform the pooja and then return back home. You may also consult elders in your family regarding this.

A temple is a place that has lot of positive energy. When you visit a temple or a religious place, the positive vibrations emanating from the place are such that they need to stay with you until you return back home. This is the logic.So, when you are travelling far and wide to temples, it is a good idea to return home after the visit.

All the best for your pilgrimage and I hope that you have a splendid darshan of Lord Venkateswara- Mother Padmavathi as well as Sri Kalahasteeswarar- Mother Gnanaprasunambika Devi.

All those visiting Srikalahasti please do not forget to visit the "paatala-vinayaka".

01-Feb-2012 00:16 AM

Comment Sir, We are from Bangalore and plan to undertake Tirumala followed by Srikalahasthi darshans soon. Is it advisable to club both temples together? I personally feel visiting multiple temples on say a piligrimage , like visiting multiple vishnu/shiva or vishnu/vishnu or shiva/shiva temple are absolutely fine. SrikalaHasthi being a Rahu-Ketu Shiva Kshetra as mentioned is the only thing which makes me think twice. Do let me know soon, if poss. Thanks for the beautiful article. Sri Kalahasteeswarar ki Jai..

24-Jan-2012 05:13 AM

Comment No.

When you a visit a religious place, it has an abundance of positive energy and the vibrations there give you immense benefit.In case of Kalahasti, as it is a Rahu-Ketu Kshetra, if you are doing such a pooja (Kalasarpadosha) then it is better to go back to your home or place of stay.
If you can't go back to your home and have to go to a friend's house. then look for another time when you can visit the temple, do the pooja and then return back to your home directly.
Look, all the poojas will only give benefit to you - but if you follow certain norms, then the benefits will be immediate, isn't it ? So, plan your trip, pray well, follow the norms, go with immense hope and faith and I am sure that your wishes will be fulfilled.

10-Dec-2011 01:55 AM

Comment I cant return to my own house after kalasarpadhosha pooja...i have to stay in my friends house this fine?

09-Dec-2011 04:31 AM

Comment Nice Article. surplus information given about temple and poojas. Once Thank you for providing good information.

30-Mar-2011 01:31 AM

Comment Respected Sir,
Your article is very useful to me
thanking you sir

With regards

01-Feb-2011 23:56 PM

Comment Temple Address:

Sri Kalahastiswaraswamy vari Devastanam
Chittoor District. Andhra Pradhesh
PIN: 517644
Telephone: 08578-221655, 222787

Temple Executive Officer Info:

Phone: (8578)221140, 221185, 221336, 222430, 222510

15-Nov-2010 02:41 AM

Comment Dear Sir, Your post is really very useful and appreciable if you could add the pooja timings and temple contact details it would help us more.

With Regards

15-Nov-2010 01:30 AM

Comment Article is excellent. It is giving full information of the do's and don'ts at SriKalahasti.I was searching for such sort of thing in the net and I got it.

a bala murali krishna
09-Nov-2010 00:26 AM

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