The Oceans of Tao

The Ocean of Tao
Cannot be called an ocean
For there is nothing else to give it name.
There is no sky above it,
No earth below it,
No shore that surrounds it.
And so it "is".
And yet, "it" is not.
For what is "it" if there is nothing else?
And so there is only "one".
And yet, there is not.
For "one" to be, there must be "two".
And there is not.
There is only entire.
And yet, there is not.
For to be entire is to measure complete.
And can there be measure of what has no beginning or end?
Void of name; Void of substance; Void of measure.
Such things define nothingness -
But only if such things "are".
And, since they "are" not, What is?
Everything and Nothing -
The Ocean of Tao
That cannot be called an ocean,
or even Tao.


More by :  Ch'onsa Kim

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