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Logic is analysis, not just a method of reason. It is a concept of reasoning. It also purports to a fascination for a process - a process that works.  This is what Vastu shastra, which is as ancient and/or akin to the Chinese art of feng shui, is all about. Besides, it has to it more than conviction alone. 
This ain't all. If the cornerstone of conviction is belief, and vice versa, Vastu shastra is more than what makes the why, and how, of 'science' a reliable barometer.  It may not have readymade scientific answers, yes, to everything you'd want, or wish to know, or correct - but, it is no mumbo-jumbo.
For Vastu shastra, whose origins are not exactly known, the fact is: many believe in its usefulness, or remedial effects - a graph, or road-map, for better living. And, the fact is: it works!
Agreed that the import of Vastu shastra, as an avenue for happiness and prosperity, is debatable, yes. It cannot be conclusively proved nor disproved. Because, proving its scientific parameters, and implications, as Sri Sudhindra, a Vastu shastra scholar and consultant puts it, is as good as proving the existence of God.
"There is a growing demand, or need, or even awareness for constructions / residential houses, flats, industrial and business establishments - broad-based on the basis of Vastu shastra principles," says Sri Sudhindra. He adds, "The application of Vastu shastra parameters has been a boon in a majority of cases: a definitive change from some of the worst patches of personal and business life to happiness, sustained prosperity, and fulfillment."
The Bangalore-based Sri Sudhindra practices what he himself terms as 'astro-Vastulogy.' A combination of Vastu shastra, feng shui, and astrology, which he finds to be more than practical and 'scientific,' with one balancing the others 'deficiency,' if any. Says Sri Sudhindra: "There is no system that is all-encompassing, or exclusive. This includes Vastu shastra. It's best to balance what you have in a given area with another and vice versa."
Human beings are largely influenced by planetary movements, and the impact of these movements is reflected by way of astrology. The basic purpose of astrology is to help one take precautions against possible mishaps, if at all it's possible. "The very same plank holds good for Vastu shastra," avers Sri Sudhindra. He elaborates: "A close relevance may be observed with the solar system, and cosmic rays: they have implications in relation to us, our life, our homes, plots, buildings, amidst a particular location, or area, not to speak of what type of a compound wall, for instance, you have built around your home."
The Vastu shastra expert adds that water, fire, air, land, and the sky, have great influential potential in everyone's life. And, he notes, "These five elements may not, universally, prove to be the foundation of all plans, or vision, in one's destiny. However, the nine planets play a major role in every sphere of human activity."
Sri Sudhindra is not oblivious to what astronomers have to say by way of existence of a few new planets, or more that may have remained untapped. He says, cheek-by-jowl: "You cannot 'bribe' your planets to charting a new course, every time, in your life." Because, a few things in life cannot be changed? You bet. All the same, prayer/meditation can be helpful to reduce the impact of certain planetary influences; however; one has to have trust in them. In addition, you'd also think of simple temple archanas/ashottharas to 'appease' planetary negativity, or imbalance, if any.
Notes Sri Sudhindra, "Vastu shastra, in a way, is more than useful: it is a tool, or solution, that can enable you to change the course of your misfortunes, to the extent possible. It is definitely not Universal Medicine that can cure all ills. But, it is a handy remedy you can reach out for - with good effect."
According to Sri Sudhindra, "Vastu shastra is universal directional strength. This is something that can help bring about positive changes in your life, in spite of its limitations." He adds: "Everything is not subject to change in this world, though it is! Some things are predestined: graha bala, or planetary strength, and griha bala, or home strength. He notes with a tinge of humor. It is quite like a 'constant:' you can't change your mother, sister, or daughter, for instance. Wife? Maybe, but even this is something which is not within your diktat!"
"Vastu shastra," says Sri Sudhindra, "can alter, even change, your griha bala sometimes with amazing effect. Take for instance, the planet Jupiter: it is too heavy a planet. The planet governs the north-east. So, make sure the north-east area of your house is 'burden' free. What does this mean? It simply means that instead of erecting something heavy out there. For example, it is much better to have a water tank, at the ground level: this will reduce your burden. Likewise, it is better to have heavy structure/s in the south-west, where the ruling planet is Rahu (South-West Node). Why? Because, south-west should not be a weightless area."
"By reducing the weight in the north-east, and increasing the weight in the south-west, you will be able to provide the 'balance' required to your building, site etc., This important point may also be put to good use by having your entrance, or main door, in the north-east, besides the puja room, or place. This will ensure that you are enriched by the good cosmic rays of Jupiter."
What would be the most ideal location for the bedroom/s or storage place, you may well ask. Says Sri Sudhindra, "South-west. This area is good for sound sleep, good marital life, and burden-free status in finance/business/careers."
"Your kitchen should be in the south-east, where the ruling planet is Venus. The stove's fire, burning at the corner of the eastern south-east area, will bring down tension, or stress, if any, among family members."
The north-west is ruled by the Moon, and Sri Sudhindra is convinced that this is the best place to position your bath-room/s, and keep the place cool. The east, governed by the Sun, is also good for the main door, gate, or bathroom, says Sri Sudhindra. The west, which is governed by Saturn, the so-called 'lazy,' 'grieving,' planet, which it isn't, is okay for rest-room. The north, governed by Mercury, the intellectual and commercial planet, advises Sri Sudhindra, is good for business.
The list is not complete; so, also the locations.
Sri Sudhindra also practices what is called as poster therapy: a part of his Vastu shastra ammo. For those having financial problems - who is not exempt? Sri Sudhindra has his own remedy, or remedies. He advises fixing, or pasting, posters such as the Rising Sun, in the east, lamp/fire poster on the south-eastern wall, elephant, or picture of hills in the south-west, and lakes/snowfall pictures on the north-west of south-west wall. He also urges people not to have too many photographs of gods, and wild animals. The elephant, with its trunk facing the north-east, and a horse in its galloping form, are best suited for your kids studying in school/college/university. This helps stimulate, or vitalize, their brain/mind.
This is not all. Here is Sri Sudhindra's handy check-list, specially designed for those of us who, without knowing the nitty-gritty of Vastu shastra, can make the best use of it ; to improve our family/business life and/or health, wealth, and spiritual wellbeing: 
  • Buildings/homes etc., should preferably have more open space in the north-east/east.
  • The height of the building, in terms of elevation, should be higher in the south-west.
  • Windows, the broader they are the better, should be placed in the north-east, and east of the hall/drawing room.
  • Use green curtains for windows in the south-west. In south-east rooms, cots to be placed at least two feet away from the south-east corner (south of south-east, or east of south-east).
  • Choose orange curtains for your windows.
  • Your balcony should face the north-east/east.
  • Your study room, dining area, and drawing room, should ideally be located in the east; west is best suited for dining area.
  • The head of the family should sit facing west. North-west, or south-west, is best suited for garage/parking. It should, however, not 'touch' the main building wall.
  • North-west is best suited for wash-basin/s.
  • Avoid placing your door facing the east. It may cause health problems.
  • West/south is best place to keep your furniture/sofa.
  • You should face either north or east when you sit.
  • Place your wall-clocks on the eastern wall: time and Sun rise/tick together.
  • Kitchen is best located in the south-east. Place your fridge in the north-west, with the contents facing the east.
  • South-west/south is good for storeroom/storage. East/west is best suited for bathroom/s.
  • Avoid as far as possible attached bath-rooms for master bedrooms.
  • Avoid having swimming pools - especially, in hotels - in the south-east. The location is not safe for swimmers/people.
  • South-west/north-west is best for your stair-case. Make sure your south-east stair-case does not 'touch' the compound wall. The same holds good for north-west stair-case. The stair-case of the house should not be in 'contact' with the compound wall - this may create difficulties to whoever resides in the house.
  • Toilets should be located in the east/north-west/south.
  • Meter boards/electrical points? The best place is south-east.
  • The best place for coconut trees are west/north-west/south/south-west up to south-east (corner). North-east is not ideal for planting coconut trees.
  • Do not have an underground water tank in the south-east area of your house - it ain't good. It may lead to litigation, major health disorders, or life-threatening hazards for the owner/family, including financial loss. The location may also have adverse effects on women; this may include divorce and career problems.
  • Place mirror/mirrors in the east, or west. This will 'open-up,' or 'expand,' the house, bringing in positive energy. It will also bring good balance, and good luck.
  • Place your feng shui plant/s on table/s facing the door. Creepers should be placed on the south-west wall, and 'plummeting' to the floor. This brings freshness to the house, quite like what we call 'greener pastures.' It will also bring good luck, and good fortune.       


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Comment Greetings! My humble obeisances Sir!


1) I have a coconut tree in the north-east of my house / plot.
2) I also have a big underground water-tank in the south-east of my house/plot.

My date of birth is 6th May 1967, Time 11-15 hours, Place: Dibrugarh (Assam).

Are there remedial measures which can be applied to negate the ill-effects of the coconut tree in northeast, and also the effects of water-tank in southeast.


Rati Ranjan Roy
23-Dec-2014 22:58 PM

Comment hi sir i have one chatrapati shivaji maharaj rajyabishak poster with good frame i wont fix in wall it good poster and what is direction of poster

pravin malusare
27-Oct-2014 08:59 AM

Comment Hi,

We have 2 coconut tree in my house. my house is South facing. one cocnut tree is in South East corner. Can the tree be placed there or shouldnt. can you please help me in this....

18-Nov-2012 09:12 AM

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