How to Make your Blog Look Stunning

Blogging - the word itself describes its meaning. Today, blogging has occupied a major part of the web world. Millions of people today earn their livlihood through blogging. A well personalised blog with productive content attracts lots of people. In this article I am going to tell you how to make you blog look good. 

A blog should be as simple as it can be. 
  • Remove unnecessary contents like blog community buttons and links. Putting blog community buttons doesn't make any sense, they just eat up space. Insert links those are important and relate to your blog content. 
  • Remove ads which make you site run slower. Choose ad sites which gives you profit in earnings. Google Adsense is a better option.
  • Choose a theme which looks simple, rather than uploading highly designed ones. Themes are the one which attracts a new reader. 
  • Remove widgets which slow up your site. Readers are interested reading your blog contents, not in viewing which widget you use.
  • Avoid using videos and slideshows which are not related to your blog contents. Firstly, they make the site more sluggish and secondly, they take too much time to load. Visitors aren't so patient.
  • If you want to know who visited you blog then use just one widget for that. I have seen lots of people use more than one widget like feedjit, blog catalog and more. One is enough to keep you informed about your visitors.
  • Keep your articles short and precise. 
  • Want to show your readers how much your blog has been ranked? Keep only one widget for that. Multiple blog rank widgets ruin the image of your blog. I suggest Google page rank button for that.
  • If you are using then do not keep more than 7-10 articles in the homepage. Or else your blog will keep loading and loading and it never ends loading completely.

These are a few tips to a good looking blog. Hope that helps you.
Happy Blogging!!


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