Voluntary Power Cut at Raj Bhawan

The Hari Putar Dialogues - 4

(The Tribune, Kolkatta, May 8
In view of the acute power crisis in the state, Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi today opted for voluntary power cut at the Raj Bhawan for two hours daily. Gandhi said it was his small attempt of sharing the great ordeal and sufferings with the people of the state, who had been experiencing power cuts almost every day.)

Putar: The Tribune headlines today said that the Governor of West Bengal has decided to switch off power at the Raj Bhawan for two hours daily.

Hari: That's right, putar. 

Putar: Because he wants to sweat it out like the masses who are reeling under power cuts in hot and humid weather.

Hari: That's true, putar. He wants to identify with their problems ' like Gandhiji.

Putar: And he is already a Gandhi. G.K. Gandhi.

Hari: That's true, putar.

Putar: What about the Left Front Government, papaji?

Hari: The Power Minister says this will not ease the power crisis in the State, putar. And some others say that if the Governor feels so much for the people he should vacate his palatial bungalow and let poor people live there instead. There is even a suggestion from some quarters that he should donate seventy five percent of his salary to the poor since he feels so much for them.

Putar: But he is only BK Gandhi, papaji, not MK Gandhi.

Hari: That's true, putar.

Putar: The CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat says that if someone wants to save electricity, it is a good thing.

Hari: That's true, putar. It is a good thing.

Putar: The Governor has made a symbolic gesture.

Hari: I guess so, putar.

Putar: And symbols carry deeper meanings.

Hari: That's true, putar.

Putar: Is he trying to say that people in power should try and identify with the weak and the powerless?

Hari: That may be so, putar.

Putar: Tell me something papaji?

Hari: Bol, putar?

Putar: Do you think a politician would be easily willing to give up any kind of power?

Hari: I'm not so sure, putar.

Putar: Even if it's only a couple of hours of power supply.

Hari: I don't know, putar.  


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