Hrithik Roshan to enact Jesus Christ

The Hari Putar Dialogues - 61

(Zee News ; Mumbai, June 09: With his Greek god looks, fervent temperament and a physique toned to perfection, Hrithik Roshan has stirred many comparisons with international hotties. But now the actor's look in his upcoming flick 'Kites' has left Hollywood buzzing with comparison between the actor and Jesus Christ. 

Ever since the multi lingual film 'Kites' was showcased at the Cannes Film Festival, Latin American distributors are astounded by the actor's resemblance to the Lord. 

Story goes that the foreign distributors, who saw the fist look of 'Kites' at Cannes were much too amazed by Hrithik's look in the film. So much so were they smitten by Hrithik's bearded avatar that they started to comment on the uncanny resemblance between him and Christ. 

A daily even quoted a source as saying "Western distributors were reportedly taken up by the searing intensity in his eyes, his lithe frame and Adonis-like tan. Some of them were heard commenting that Hrithik would be the ideal actor to play Christ in a western production". 

Well with Hollywood vying to cast Hrithik, one never knows if he lands a role to play the almighty.)

Putar: There is a report in Zee News today that Hollywood and Latin American distributors may wish to cast Indian actor Hrithik Roshan in the role of Jesus Christ in a film.

Hari: Why would they want him in particular? Surely there is no dearth of Hollywood or Western actors for this kind of a role.

Putar: That's true, but none of them look as much as Jesus as Hrithik looks.

Hari: Does Hrithik really look like Jesus?

Putar: Absolutely. Especially, as he appears in the film 'Kites'. The distributors saw him in the multilingual film 'Kites' which was shown in the festival at Cannes and were astounded by how much resemblance he bears to Jesus Christ. 

Hari: Amazing.

Putar: If you stop to think a while, it is not really so shocking.

Hari: Why do you say that?

Putar: Well, Jesus was born a Jew in a Jewish family, wasn't he?

Hari: As the story goes, I suppose yes.

Putar: And Jews are not as fair as Europeans, are they?

Hari: Some Jews can be very fair.

Putar: All right, but most Jews are not blond.

Hari: No, they aren't, although I'm told that some Jews have light hair.

Putar: Yes, but statistically speaking, in terms of probability, images which show Jesus to be blond with blue eyes would be far less likely to be historically accurate as compared with others that show Jesus with dark hair and brown or black eyes.

Hari: Fair enough. Who are the other actors who have played Jesus in recent times?

Putar: In 2004, Mel Gibson's controversial film, 'The Passion of the Christ' was released. The story was based on the New Testament account of the arrest, trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. In the film, the Hollywood actor, James Caviezel, played Jesus.

Hari: And how does James Caviezel look in the film?

Putar: He has dark hair and doesn't have blue eyes. People said Gibson thought this was a more authentic image of Jesus.

Hari: And otherwise did he look like Jesus and act well?

Putar: He made a good Christ, but in terms of appearance Hrithik looks far better. If you take away the blond hair and blue eyes that you find in some images of Jesus, which was done by Gibson in 'The Passion', Hrithik would make a perfect Jesus, looks-wise.

Hari: How strange. And interesting.

Putar: Tell me something, Papaji.

Hari: Bol, Putar?

Putar: Recently Hrithik played the role of Emperor Akbar in Jodha Akbar very successfully, didn't he?

Hari: Yes, I think so. The film and he both won many awards.

Putar: So he can play historical and larger-than-life characters quite well.

Hari: I would say so.

Putar: What are the chances that someone may cast him in the role of Lord Ram or Lord Krishna in a Bollywood production?

Hari: More than likely, I would say.

Putar: If you chop of his hair, maybe he could even play Lord Buddha.

Hari: Less likely thought, but certainly possible.

Putar: In some years from now Hrithik, an Indian and someone from the East may end up playing the roles of Lord Jesus, Lord Ram and Buddha in different films.

Hari: Yes, that's possible.

Putar: Is this because the different Gods as portrayed in different religions are actually the same? Or is it because all the world's religions originated in the East?

Hari: I don't know, Putar.  


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